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   Chapter 209 I Am Going To Take Your Precious Daughter Away

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"Your father has been worried since you were a primary school student, then middle school and high school.

That's why your father was so angry when he heard Grace and Teresa say that you were with that gangster. You are the apple of our eye. We have been spoiling you since you were born. We always think that only the best boy deserves you. The boy may not be very rich or very handsome. Or he may not spoil you unconditionally like us. But at least, we won't let you be with an ignorant hooligan." As she spoke, Helen slowly revealed memories, which were getting deeper and deeper.

Becky leaned on Helen's shoulder and listened quietly.

"Later, your father slapped you in the face, and you ran away from home in a fit of anger. He blamed himself for several years. We don't know how you are doing. We don't know where you are. We don't know if you have money, if you have a place to sleep, or if you are bullied. We can't sleep all night.

It was not until Maria saw your news on the Internet and saw you appear on the show of 'Echoes' that we finally got your news.

We'd been waiting outside the company of 'Echoes' in T City for several days, but we hadn't seen you or found you. But fortunately, more and more news about you gradually came. We saw you on TV and on the news.

Although we're not sure you're really doing well, at least we're not so blind to worry about you. We see that you are recognized by more and more people, and that you are becoming more and more popular in the fashion circle. We feel proud, but at the same time we feel sad, because none of us can participate in your experience. We don't know how much you have done behind our back. We don't know if you will be bullied or wronged. We don't know what you have experienced before you appear in the eyes of the world. We are afraid that there is no one to rely on when you are tired, and there is no one to say when you are wronged. We always have all kinds of worries, because you are not with us." It was the first time that Helen had told Becky so much about her feelings after Becky ran away from home.

Helen's sobs made Becky sad and Becky's eyes turned red.

Helen breathed a sigh of relief, adjusted her mood and continued, "Fortunately, my daughter is blessed by God. Becky, dad and mom can see that Darrow really loves you." She said, "That's why your father and I trust him so much." Helen and Peter saw how Darrow treated Becky.

In addition to the news and media, Helen and Peter also felt that during this period of time, Darrow's tolerance and love for Becky were limitless.

Becky's eyes were red, but she still smiled. "Yes, I love him very much, too." In front of her mother, she made no secret of her feelings for Darrow.

"Mom, I always feel that I'm so lucky to meet Darrow." Beck

ld, I sent her to kindergarten for the first time. I was afraid that she would cry, make trouble, and be bullied by other children, so I secretly stayed outside the door for a week after sending her in. My Becky is beautiful. She has been beautiful since she was a child. When she was seven years old, she was in grade one. I attended a parent-teacher conferences for her. It was her first time to get the first place in the exam. The teacher praised her for her cleverness, beauty and politeness on the platform. I was very proud to sit down there.

I've been worried about her for more than ten years, from primary school to middle school and high school. It can be said that before she was eighteen years old, I had never let her suffer any grievance." But in the end, he still slapped Becky in the face.

Speaking of this, Peter still felt guilty.

"I was so angry at that time.

The boy Teresa mentioned was just a gangster. Becky was in a bad mood at that time, so we had a quarrel. That was the first time we had a quarrel, and also the first time I slapped her.

Of course, that is also the only time." Following Peter's narration, Darrow went through the growth process of Becky.

He imagined what Becky looked like at that time and thought she should be the same as now, but there would be a little more childishness on her face.

In the past few years, Becky's personality had barely changed.

She was still delicate, arrogant, innocent and kind-hearted.

"Darrow, I'm glad that Becky met you and Carla when she left home." Peter continued, "I can't imagine what she would have gone through if she hadn't met you." "I'm also glad to meet Becky." Darrow refilled Peter's cup, "I think you should know that our family is different from others'.

My sister and I grew up abroad. Because of our family, we may be weaker in love than others."

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