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   Chapter 208 My Daughter Has Grown Up

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"Yes." Becky said with a smile.

It was dark when they got home. The street lights in the garden had already been on, which was a perfect match for the gray sky.

Wendy stood at the door and waited for them. When she saw Darrow get off the car with Becky in his arms, she quickly walked over. "Mr. Ji, Miss Ye. Mr. Ye and Mrs. Ye have been in the house for quite a while." Hearing this, Becky was stunned. She looked at Darrow, "My parents are here? Why didn't I know that?" She called yesterday and told her parents she was fine, so they didn't have to come to see her.

"They must be worried about you." Darrow walked into the villa with Becky in his arms. "Let's go inside first."

The couple didn't call Becky before they came here. Fortunately, the doorman recognized them and let them in, and also informed Wendy to come out to welcome them into the house.

As soon as Darrow walked into the house with Becky in his arms, they saw Peter and Helen at the porch.

"Uncle, auntie." Darrow greeted politely.

"Dad, mom, why are you here?" In comparison, Becky's question was much more direct.

"Um." After answering Darrow, Helen continued to answer her daughter's question. "Of course I come here to see you. You have suffered such a big thing. How can mom and dad be relieved if we don't see you in person? Come here, let me have a look. How's it going?" Helen came over and looked at Becky. Her face was similar to Becky's. There was worry and love for Becky. "Wendy told me that you had sprained your ankle. Do you have any other injuries? Is it painful? Is it serious?" "I'm fine." Becky hurriedly explained, "I just sprained my ankle. The swelling's almost down." "That's good." Upon hearing this, Helen heaved a sigh of relief.

Helen had been holding her heart ever since she read the news. Although Becky had called back to tell Helen that she was okay, Helen was still too worried to sleep.

Only when Helen saw her daughter sitting in front of her safely could she truly rest assured.

Jean took Becky to the sofa in the living room and sat down. She looked up at her parents and asked, "Dad, mom, when did you arrive? Why didn't you call me?" "Your mother was very worried after watching the news last night. She didn't sleep well all night.

We've been at home for half a day. After much consideration, we decided to come to see you." Stated Peter.

"I'm sorry, uncle, aunt.

We are late. Sorry for keeping you waiting. " Said Jean.

"It doesn't matter. We didn't inform you before we came here. It should be said that we took the liberty to come here." Helen said with a smile.

"Not at all, auntie." "Alright, alright." Becky interrupted their polite greeting with a smile. She held her mother's arm and leaned on her shoulder. "Mom, I miss you so much." "Silly girl, didn't you see me through the video a few days ago?" Helen smile

to the sofa at the end of the bed and sat down. "I just want to say something from the heart to you. After all, you haven't been with me these years.

Now you have grown up and you have your own life. What's more, you have your own business to do. I can't always be around you. So when I get a chance, I will make a few words of complaint. Don't get angry with me."

Darrow walked out of the bedroom and was about to go to the study. But on second thought, he changed the direction and went downstairs directly.

Helen went to see Becky. So Peter was sitting alone in the living room watching TV to kill time, with nothing else to do.

When Darrow came downstairs, Peter waved to him with a smile, "Darrow, do you have time? I want to have a talk with you." Darrow nodded, "Yes." He came downstairs with the intention of talking with Peter.

He had planned many things himself, but it was far from enough.

Of course the marriage with Becky required the approval of her family.

"Uncle, this is not a good place to talk. Let's go upstairs and have a talk in the study, shall we?" He added.

"Okay." Peter had no objection. He put down the remote control, stood up and went upstairs with Darrow.

"How time flies! How come my daughter has grown up so fast?" Helen touched Becky's long hair behind Becky's back and sighed, "When you were born, your body was soft and only a little bit big, and you looked so cute. Your father was so happy to hold you. He held you tightly and wouldn't let you go. He wanted to bring the best things in the world to you. Even if your grandparents wanted to hold you, he was even unwilling. I've been talking about this with your father recently. We always feel that time is too fast. And you've grown up too fast." Just like a seed, it began to sprout when it was planted, and quickly plucked the branches to grow. Soon it became a tree that didn't need parents' protection.

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