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   Chapter 207 Listen To Your Tone, You're Jealous

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He didn't want to ask others to do it, so he had to wait until the work day.

"Okay, see you on Monday morning." Aaron said with a smile.

"See you on Monday." Said Darrow.

After hanging up the phone, the scene of Becky wearing a ring came to his mind.

She would blush slightly, and maybe her eyes would turn red.

But she would never say no.

He lowered his head and smiled gently. It was rare that the rejoicing and eager feelings came to his mind.

Becky sitting in the ward didn't know what he was thinking.

Seeing that Elsa had been injured in order to protect her, she felt guilty and grateful.

"Elsa, thank you." She said.

Although the three words looked weak and useless.

She had a lot to say with much emotion. However, when she was about to say something, she couldn't think of other words.

Elsa was injured in a large area and the doctor had given her a shot of pain killer, so she didn't feel any strong pain.

Elsa lay prone on the bed, her face very pale, but she managed to squeeze out a smile.

"Becky, don't take it to heart." She said in a somewhat labored voice, "It's no big deal. I'm fine.

If you were the one who was spilled by the sulfuric acid, it was really bad. " "You have to work hard. You have to do many big shows and shoot many ads. so many people like you and are looking forward to you giving a new surprise to them." "Mr. Ji is waiting for you to be his most beautiful bride." Becky's eyes reddened.

Elsa smiled again. "Don't cry. It's okay.

I want to take this opportunity to have a good rest. I have been wandering and working for life for so many years. I haven't had a good rest for a long time. " Becky's tears fell as soon as Elsa spoke out these words.

Clara also wanted to cry. She raised her hand and patted on Becky's back. But she couldn't hold back her tears any more.

"Don't cry. There is nothing to cry about." However, Elsa became their consolation, "I'm fine. I'll be fine after a period of time." "Darrow has already asked Rita to contact the famous skin surgeon, Mr. Gerard, from America. He has confirmed with his team that he will be able to fly back home at the beginning of next month." Becky wiped the tears on her face and said, "Elsa, don't worry. They will make the best treatment for you, and they will definitely make you recover to the best."

"Don't worry about the money." Becky said, "We will arrange everything well. You just need to cooperate with us and receive treatment." "Yeah, Elsa." Clara said, "Don't worry. It's not a problem." "But..." before Elsa could finish her words, Becky interrupted her. "Don't hesitate any more. Elsa, let me do something I can, so that I'll feel a little better." Hearing that, Elsa didn't refuse anymore.

"All right." She agreed.

After a pause, she continued, "Becky, don't feel guilty to me, and don't have any mental burden." She would like to pay back what she had done

was much darker than the autumn. However, the lights on the road weren't turned on much earlier.

Lying in Darrow's arms and feeling bored, Becky looked out of the window at the street view passing by.

But she thought she had gotten used to the hustle of this city.

Even in the advertising screen above the building, or in the poster posted on the street, part of them were her own face, so she was more familiar with it.

It was quiet in the car. The driver concentrated on driving ahead. Darrow held her in one hand and pinched her fingers with the other. After a while, she suddenly said, "I just met your admirer at the door of the ward." His tone was very casual, as if he just mentioned it by accident.

Becky was stunned at his words, then a sly smile appeared on her face.

"Cough..." she pretended to cough and said earnestly, "Mr. Ji, listen to your tone, you're jealous." Darrow looked down at her, neither admitted nor denied.

Becky explained, "It was a routine. I happened to meet him." Of course Darrow believed what she said.

"But why does he look so regretful and upset after he checked out the room?" He asked deliberately.

Hearing that, Darrow raised his eyebrows slightly, as if he said, "I know it.".

Becky twined her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek to please him. She said, "I don't want to attend any reunion of my classmates. If I have time, I'd rather spend more time with my big vinegar jar." "Really?" After that, she eagerly begged him to agree with her.

Darrow was amused by her words. He gently kissed her forehead and said with affection, "Okay." He lowered his head and kissed her on her lips, but he still said, "If you want to go, then go; if you don't want to go, just stay at home." "Of course not." Becky said, "I don't even remember who my high school classmates were. There's no need." "Then you don't go." Darrow touched her head, and lowered his head and kissed her again.

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