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   Chapter 206 It Just Hit The Muzzle Of The Gun

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"So I envy you, but I am also jealous of you." "You must have no idea what I experienced the night before I decided to gamble everything." Speaking of this, Ivy's mood finally fluctuated.

She was also very calm just now, as if she was introducing other's stories, and had nothing to do with herself.

While saying this, she could not help trembling as if she had remembered something terrible.

Becky saw that Ivy's face was not good, and the expression on her face was slightly restrained.

She didn't know what had happened to Ivy, but from her reaction, it should be something bad.

As expected, Ivy took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice, "That night, Ronald broke into my apartment with several men and bullied me." Hearing this, Becky's heart trembled and her face turned bad.

As a girl, she was clear that how humiliating and aggrieved it was for a girl.

Apparently, Darrow didn't expect that Ivy would say such a thing.

He didn't have any unexpected reaction. Seeing that Becky hadn't reacted for a long time, he simply held her in his arms.

"So I envy you, but I am also jealous of you." Ivy took a deep breath, her eyes getting redder.

"You live clean and carefree.

You are like the favorite of God, no matter what happens, you can get out of danger.

But I'm different. So I hate you. "

"You don't know, even that night, when those people came in, they still talked about your name." She said, "Even when I'm most humiliated, your name is always around my ears." "So I hate you." She made no secret of her hatred.

Darrow's face turned dark.

When he heard that Ivy said 'those people came in and they were talking about your name', his face took on a ghastly expression.

Needless to say, those men, especially in that scene, talked about Becky.

He didn't even have to think too much about it, because he knew how mean and lewd those words would be.

Becky didn't look well.

No matter who was discussed under such a circumstances, they would not feel happy.

Becky lightly exhaled a mouthful of air and said after a while, "So you wanted to destroy me by hiring people to smear me and bribing my aunt, cousin, and also finding Iris He and Jasmine Meng.

So you tried every way to get into the meeting, and poured sulfuric acid on me, and put yourself in the present situation, just because of jealousy." "Ivy, you don't deserve any sympathy." She said seriously.

"I don't need your sympathy. I never need it," said Ivy indifferently. "It's my greatest pity that the sulfuric acid did not splash on your face, destroying your disgusting face." She said viciously.

"You should be glad that your bottle of sulfuric acid didn't touch her." Finally, Darrow said with a cold voice.

He finally looked at he


She knew when to ask and when not. She also knew that she should only obey the superior's order and not to say anything.

What should not be known, she would never ask more.

After Darrow told Rita to investigate those dudes who had bad intentions on Becky, the unhappiness of the other half of his heart was almost gone.

No matter he was making a fuss or narrow-minded.

It was these people who just bumped into his muzzle.

He heaved a sigh of relief and looked up. Through the glass window, he could just see a small side of Becky's face.

Becky was talking to Clara, and he could not see her complete face, but he knew that she must be very gentle.

Glancing at the name on the screen, he subconsciously looked up at Becky who was sitting in the ward.

Although he knew that she couldn't hear him, he still slightly tilted his head and answered the phone.

"Hello, Mr. Aaron." He said and lowered his voice deliberately.

Aaron greeted him first and then asked about Becky.

He did not pay much attention to the entertainment circle, but he had already heard about what had happened outside the hall of "Starry World" yesterday.

"She is fine. She just sprained her ankle accidentally. And she needs to rest for some time." Said Darrow, looking up at Becky who was separated from him by a wall.

As Becky looked back, their eyes met and she smiled.

He smiled and continued, "In addition to that, she is good in all other aspects." "That's great. God bless you." Aaron let out a sigh and then went on to ask, "Mr. Ji, the ring you have tailored has been completed. When will you ask someone to take it away?" Darrow had guessed what Aaron was going to talk. Hearing Aaron's question, he answered, "I'll pick it up myself at eleven on Monday morning." The day after tomorrow was weekend. He had to be with Becky.

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