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   Chapter 205 I Envy You

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His delicate eyebrows and eyes, high nose and fingertips were only one or two centimeters away from her fingertip, which were able to draw the outline of his face from him and did not touch him.

He had no idea at all.

He gently scratched with his fair fingertips in the air. Although there was no trace on them, it seemed that every word of the painting was full of her love for him.

So deep and so affectionate.

There was no doubt that he wouldn't look inferior even if she directly painted him on the paper.

After that, she put her hand which was floating in the air back to his hand around her waist and carefully interlocked her fingers with his. With a sweet smile on her beautiful and soft face, she consciously leaned her head into his arms.

This was the first time that Becky had been the detention house.

It was the same as what she saw on TV. But there seemed to be something different.

Anyway, it was not that comfortable.

Darrow held her in and let her sit on the chair. Then he stood behind her, and held her hand with his left hand and wrapped all her little hand with his own.

Before long, Mary showed up in front of them under the guidance of a prison guard.

This was different from every time the way Becky saw her.

What impressed Becky most was Ivy's beauty. Her makeup was always exquisite, and she always wore a gorgeous dress.

Even the last time they met yesterday, her makeup was still flawless.

Even if Ivy imitated the makeup of other person's face and was no longer a rich young lady, she looked so different from the girl who appeared in front of her now.

Without any make-up on her face, Ivy looked haggard and her face was pale.

The dark circles were obvious around her eyes after only one night.

Her long hair was cut off and she looked a little messy, with the length of shoulder length only left.

The once haughty and prideful daughter of a rich family was now dressed in prison uniform, her wrists and ankles buckled, guarded by prison guard, and she was especially embarrassed.

Becky watched her from a distance and felt a little bad.

"Darrow, is it all our fault that she ended up like this?" Becky suddenly asked.

"No, she asked for it." Darrow held her hand tightly and said coldly.

If Ivy Wen didn't deliberately want to make trouble for Becky, he would not deliberately make trouble for the XR Group.

If the XR Group didn't close down, her hatred for them wouldn't be so deep.

If so, Ivy would not be desperate. Then she threatened and cursed Becky, and poured sulfuric acid to Becky.

In Darrow's opinion, all the things that had happened and the situation of Ivy today was just the reason that she had planted and what result she had in the end.

She had only herself to blame for her ending up like this.

It was a good thing that she could even be here today.

If Ivy p

opposite to them, Ivy watched their tacit interactions, and suddenly her eyes were filled with a faint touch of envy.

She raised her head and blinked her eyes, trying to hold back her tears.

"Becky, to be honest, I envy you." She suddenly said.

Becky raised her eyebrows in surprise, "Are you envious of me?" She had thought that Ivy detested her in addition to abomination.

"Yes, I envy you." Ivy said strongly, "I admire you for doing what you like without hesitation. I admire you for having such unconditional love and protection. I admire you for living a simple and pure life. You don't need to worry about anything." "But I..." with a self-mocking smile, she continued, "The identity of Miss Wen has endowed me with much glory and honor but also has given me twice as much pressure and responsibility." It was the first time that Ivy talked about her real thoughts.

Once again, she had never thought that she would say these things out aloud to the public, not to mention the audience Jean and the woman she hated and despised most.

"My father is a very vain man. In his eyes, his career and reputation are all more important than his wife and daughter, and even his family.

So in order to please him, I have worked very hard since I was a child. No matter what I did, I wanted to win the first place. I just wanted to see him to show off his daughter in front of other parents with a proud face. " "My whole life has been following the path he has arranged for me.

I don't like to learn management, but I've never told him about it. I've just adapted to his arrangement and lived my own life step by step. I don't dare to defy him, including the marriage with the Ji family and the marriage with the Hu family. " "But even so, even if I do as he said carefully.

But when the accident happened, he yelled at me and wished he had never had a daughter like me. " "Becky, you will never have this feeling."

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