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   Chapter 198 Don't Be Angry

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What's more, Becky didn't have much contact with strangers, and there was nothing bad to say about her close friends.

But Ivy kept giving Becky a hard time, which really annoyed Becky.

"Did you freak out last night?" Carla turned to Becky with a gentle voice.

This morning, Carla heard from Darrow that Becky got the threatening text last night. She was worried and angry.

She was worried about Becky, and she was angry at the person who had threatened Becky.

She felt relieved when she saw that Becky was fine and wasn't affected by anything.

"I was really scared at that time." Becky said, "But I felt better after a while.

I just threw away the phone and didn't see the details." "Fortunately, you didn't look carefully." Carla said.

Becky nodded, "That's true. So my memory of that picture is not so deep, and there is no so strong fear. I almost forget it in the morning."

"That's good."

Becky was going to shoot a makeup advertisement, which was taken at a famous theatre in T City.

The new make-up of this brand launched in this autumn and winter was vintage with dark color.

When Becky came out of the dressing room after she had made up and put on a cheongsam with the style of traditional Chinese style, all the people present seemed to be thinking that they had seen the old celebrity of SH City who passed through the last century.

Becky was wearing vintage wave-shaped curly hair, dark lips and a long embroidered cheongsam which perfectly presented her graceful and sexy figure. With the hemline, her two slender white legs could be partly seen indistinctly. All of these added to her charm.

The stage of the theatre was of the old style. As soon as she stepped on the stage and the lights were turned on, Becky seemed to blend in with that scene and become a person living in that century.

The effect of the photos was undoubtedly excellent.

Even if it hadn't been refined.

Standing behind the photographer, all Carla heard were compliments for Becky.

Cathy came out from nowhere and pulled Carla's sleeve to attract her attention.

Carla turned her head and heard Cathy whispering, "Carla, come here." "What's wrong?" Carla turned around and walked to an empty corner with Cathy.

When Cathy saw that there was no one else around, Cathy took out a parcel and handed it over to Carla. "I just received it. The addressee's name is Becky, but there is no sender's name or address on it." Thinking of the things happened in these two days, Cathy intuitively felt that this package was not simple.

Becky's fans would sent parcels directly to the company, and the fans didn't know that Becky would work in the theatre today.

It couldn't be friends.

la worriedly.

"It's okay. Don't be afraid." Carla held Becky's arm tightly and comforted Becky in a soft voice. Then she turned to Cathy, "Cathy, do you remember the appearance of the person who delivered the parcel just now, or any obvious marks of the person? And where did the person go?"

"Yes, I do." Cathy nodded immediately.

When the package came to her, Cathy took a good look at it. She didn't come back until the person left.

Carla continued, "Then you and Finn go out to see if you can catch up with that person or find out where the package is from. Find out where Ivy is." "Okay." Cathy nodded without hesitation.

Finn also replied obediently, "Yes, Miss Ji." Cathy and Finn left the theater together. Becky hugged Carla, rubbed her head on Carla's shoulder intimately and comforted Carla, "Carla, don't be angry." 'How could I not be angry? Ivy's words touched my bottom line. How could I not be angry?' "It doesn't matter. She said it. Don't mind." Becky added.

Carla took a look at the closed trash can and then shifted her eyes to Becky.

Becky seemed not to be affected at all. Even though she was the one cursed, she still wore a gentle smile on her face, as if the whole thing had nothing to do with her.

Carla touched Becky's head, and it happened that the photographer over there restarted the shooting.

"Go to work first." Then Carla pinched Becky's arm, "I'll make a call." "Okay." Becky replied, letting go of Carla.

Elsa accompanied Becky to the stage. But when Becky was about to go on the stage, Elsa hesitated and asked, "Becky, are you really sure you're okay with this?" Elsa had wanted to ask Becky about that long ago, but she was used to being a quiet assistant. Besides, Cathy and Carla were always with Becky. So she didn't get a chance to speak to Becky.

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