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   Chapter 197 Hatred In The Previous Life

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The bedroom was dark. The screen of laptop in front of Ivy was on. There was dim blue light, which made her face horrifying.

Several hours had passed since she sent that picture.

'Unfortunately, I couldn't see how scared Becky was in person.'

She thought to herself, the dark brown eyes filled with hatred and ruthlessness.

The open document on the screen of Ivy's computer showed the schedule of Becky this month.

There was a big red circle on an activity called "Starry World", which would be held two days later.

Becky woke up very early.

Perhaps it was because that she had a lot of nightmares these days, she didn't have a dream after she received such a message last night. She had a good sleep in Darrow's arms.

Darrow was still sleeping.

It was still early, so Becky didn't get up hurriedly.

She lay quietly in his arms without waking him up.

She didn't even see the photo carefully last night. Her impression of it was not that horrible after a night.

But she didn't know who would hate her so much and even threaten her.

She thought carefully about it, but she couldn't remember who had a grudge against her.

She was never the kind of person who made enemies with others. Her social circle had always been narrow, and she seldom had the chance to interact with strangers.

Then who could it be? When he woke up, Darrow saw Becky pondering over something as if she didn't know what it was.

He habitually kissed her forehead before saying, "What are you thinking about? So absorbed. " He had just woken up, and his voice was somewhat hoarse.

"Who has the motive to threaten me?" Becky said.

"I've asked Kaden to look into it. I think he'll find it soon." Darrow replied, "Don't worry. Whoever it is, I'll find it out." "Okay." She added, "I'm just curious." After the horrible part was over, she became more curious.

Darrow touched her head, hugged her and slept for a while before getting out of the bed.

Kaden was a man of his word. He sent the result to Darrow early in the morning.

It was an IP address.

After that, Darrow dialed another number and asked someone to find out who did this.

After he hung up the phone, he stood up and went to change his clothes.

When Becky came out of the bathroom after she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, Darrow was buttoning the cuff link of his shirt with his head down.

There was no sunlight falling on him. The curtain hadn't been pulled open and there was no sun outside today.

But he stood there as if he were shining on his own. Becky couldn't take her eyes off him.

She walked over and hugged him from behind.

They showed up in the mirror with undisguised infatuation in Becky's eyes.

"Mr. Ji." She tilted her head and looked at him. Her voice was soft and tender, and it was like she had got a whole galax

rrange another two bodyguards to protect her after Carla hung up the phone.

Becky watched Cathy leaving and turned to ask Carla, "Did Darrow find out who it was?" "It's Ivy Wen." Carla didn't hide anything from Becky, put away her own cellphone and touched Becky's head. "Darrow said that Ivy Wen had no trace now and he didn't know if there was any plan for the next step. So we must be careful. Because Ivy has nothing now. She doesn't fear anything. Darrow's afraid that she wants to die with you." "Tut." With a sigh, Becky got into her nanny van, "Did I owe a large sum of money to Ivy Wen in my previous life? Or did I abuse her? I might have a grudge against her, right? Otherwise, why is she always against me?"

'She first wanted to take my boyfriend, then wanted to ruin my reputation, and finally threatened me with these pictures.

She just can't bear to see me live a happy life, can she?' "Who knows? Maybe it is." Seeing that Becky was still in the mood to tease, Carla also followed Becky's words and agreed.

Becky was speechless at once.

"Why is she everywhere?" Becky uttered the same words as Ivy.

Since the appearance of Ivy, Becky's life had not been as smooth as before.

Ivy had caused Becky almost all troubles in this period of time.

"Good girl." Carla caressed Becky's head, "This is the last time, I promise." Darrow wouldn't let Ivy go so easily this time.

Carla was waiting for the day when Ivy fell into their hands.

"I even felt sorry for her when I knew that she was going to marry Ronald." Becky tilted her head and rested her head on Carla's shoulder. She continued to grumble, "What a waste of my time and sympathy." She was really pissed off by Ivy, so she complained more than before.

Becky didn't like to gossip about other people. Especially when she was with Darrow and Carla, she seldom talked about others, let alone other people's flaws.

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