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   Chapter 195 Darrow's Jealousy

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Elsa sat down on another sofa next to Becky. It was the first time that she had seen Becky in such a gentle and soft expression when she was alone with Becky.

It was as if they had been back to the past that they hadn't estranged themselves from each other, and Becky had no longer rejected Elsa in an uncaring way.

Becky witnessed all Elsa's reactions.

Becky paused and thought for a moment, "Elsa, you have come to XY Entertainment Company for almost half a year, right?" Her voice was gentle, as if she were catching up on old friends.

Elsa did not know why Becky asked this question all of a sudden. She could only guess and reply, "Yes." Becky leaned on the sofa behind herself and looked at the sunshine outside the window.

To protect her eyes from the dazzling light, Becky put her right hand on her forehead.

Then she continued, "I remember that when I saw you in the underground parking lot of l Z International Corporation, you told me that you came to say sorry to me personally." After saying that, Becky turned her head back and smiled at Elsa.

Elsa still nodded slowly.

"I accept it."

Becky said this time in a light tone.

Looking at the stunned Elsa, Becky explained softly, "In fact, it is not that unforgivable when I recalled what happened four years ago. Maybe I was too stubborn in the past, or maybe I hadn't been through too much before, so I think it was unbearable.

I said I didn't care, but before that, I have never really let go. Nicole's death alerted me.

It doesn't matter what is right or wrong anymore. What matters is now.

But I'm sorry. I figured it out too late, so Nicole had to leave with regret. I also feel sorry. I have been so mean to you for the past half year. I made you suffer so much." Elsa never thought that Becky would say something like that.

But after she thought about it carefully, Elsa was not surprised at all.

After Becky said that she forgave Nicole in front of Nicole's tombstone last time, Elsa had been wondering when she would hear these words.

Elsa's eyes reddened. When she opened her mouth, there was a lump in her throat. "Becky..." She shook her head, "I don't feel wronged.

At the beginning, it was all my fault with Nicole, and we had to pay for what we had done. I'm just happy to hear you say that. That's enough. The same to Nicole." Becky leaned over and took two tissues from the table and handed them to Elsa.

Elsa took the tissues over and wiped her tears, "About what happened four years ago.

I'm sorry, but Becky, we never thought about lying to you. I always thought that we were good sisters. The four of us were the same. No one was less important than the other. So did Nicole. She didn't mean to hurt you.

She blamed herself since you disappeared and she didn't contact Andrew anymore. She felt sorry for you. Befor

on University.

So Darrow's eyes were a little serious.

"Becky." Darrow called her in a light voice and successfully interrupted their conversation.

Becky turned to look at Darrow, with a wider smile on her face.

"I'm leaving now. I'll buy you and Yvonne dinner next time. Goodbye." When she saw Darrow who looked obviously cold, Becky hastily ended her conversation with Jonny and felt funny in her heart.

'He must be jealous.'

Seeing that Darrow was here, Jonny didn't say anything more. He greeted Darrow politely and respectfully before he replied to Becky, "Okay, goodbye." Becky waved at Jonny, walked away briskly and threw herself into Darrow's arms, like a free bird.

Jonny smiled slightly behind them, then turned around and walked away.

Till now, he really had no feeling for Becky except for friends.

He was calm and relaxed, and he had always been glad that he was open-minded.

He couldn't even give Becky one tenth of all the things that Darrow could give to her.

Besides, Becky had always loved Darrow.

He didn't have the right or opportunity to compete with Darrow. Therefore, he stopped courting Becky in time. Now it was good to be in a position like this.

It was not until quite a while later that Darrow looked down at Becky in his arms.

Becky looked up at Darrow with a smile on her face, in sharp contrast to his indifference.

"Mr. Ji, are you jealous again?" She asked with a smile in a naughty tone and a tinge of cunning in her light eyes.

"What were you talking about with him? You looked so happy." Darrow didn't answer her question but asked her another question. He didn't admit or deny that he was jealous.

Becky looked back and found that Jonny was not in the corridor.

She released her arms around Darrow's waist and held his arm. They went back to the elevator together and she explained, "We didn't say anything."

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