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   Chapter 194 I Want To Speak To You

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"I heard that Ivy loves Darrow, but Darrow is so cold and doesn't accept her." "Bah, is there anything strange? If I were Darrow, I would not accept her either.

Ivy was beautiful, but she was far worse than Becky.

Becky is really a beautiful girl. " "Speaking of Becky, when will Darrow get tired of her and abandon her? So we can have a chance to sleep with her.

I have been desiring for her for a long time. I just don't have the guts to approach Darrow's woman." "Well, that's just your thought.

Even if Darrow leaves Becky one day, it's none of your business. Besides, she still has Carla.

You still can't have her." "That's not necessarily true.

Women all like vanity. Once Darrow abandons her, she will naturally find a new lover.

So I'll marry her, and she'll be a rich and powerful lady. She must be very glad. I can do whatever I want to do then. I won't lose face if I take her out.

Besides, if she agrees, Carla won't be able to stop her." "Save it. The whole world knows that Becky is Darrow's woman. Even if Darrow leaves her one day, taking her out still means that she has been played by Darrow for such a long time. I can't enjoy that fortune." It never occurred to Ivy that she would hear Becky's name so easily at a time like this.

'Why is Becky everywhere?'

But Ivy didn't have time to think too much about it. How to get out was the question she should think about.

Glancing at the bathroom a few meters away, she turned her head and looked at the unlocked door of the bedroom. She clenched her teeth, jumped out of bed, quickly ran to close and lock the door of the bedroom, and then ran into the bathroom, closed and locked the door of the bathroom.

She had no choice.

As things developed, she had to delay the process.

She couldn't call the police or ask anyone for help.

She was so embarrassed that she didn't want anyone to see her, especially the media.

The sudden sound of door closing and the clear sound of locking came clearly to the ears of these men. They were stunned for a moment and then looked at each other.

"Huh, she's got a temper."

Someone said.

Everyone laughed instead of getting angry. They were more excited under the effect of alcohol.

"This reaction is normal. After all, she is the daughter from a rich family. It is normal for her to be frightened by us." "Mr. Hu, do you have the key? Or should we just go straight in?

Well, it's not very gentlemanly of us to break down the door, and that seems to ruin the atmosphere." "That's easy." Ronald went back to the living room. Less than a minute later, he came back with a bunch of keys.

"It's so boring. Is she playing hard to get?" The first man took the key to open the door and said at the same time.

The door of the bedroom was opened easily.

Several men walked in one after another and turned on all the lights in the room.

The whole room suddenly beca

losed the door behind her, she saw that Cathy made a gesture to encourage her, and Anne also smiled gently.

Feeling warm in her heart, Elsa smiled back at them.

Elsa still remembered that when she first entered the XY Entertainment Company, Anne and Cathy had a strong hostility and alienation to her because of Becky.

After getting along with each other for nearly half a year, Elsa, Cathy and Anne became good friends and good partners.

The door of the office was closed in front of Cathy and Anne. Then Cathy stretched out her head and took a look at Anne. She asked out of curiosity, "Anne, do you know why Becky suddenly wanted to talk to Elsa? What will Becky say?" "I don't know." Anne replied calmly as usual.

"Is she going to kick Elsa out now?" Unsure of the answer, Cathy continued, "But she didn't look like she was going to kick Elsa out. She spoke to Elsa in such a gentle voice." Anne turned her head to take a glance at Cathy. Without any hesitation, she just pushed Cathy. "When Elsa comes back, we'll know what happened. Don't guess anything. Go back to your office." "I'm just curious!" Cathy was pushed towards the office. And at the same time, she turned around to defend herself.

Anne answered, "Okay, I see." In the office.

Becky had taken off her sunglasses and put it on the table.

Instead of sitting behind her desk, Becky turned around and sat on the sofa. Elsa stood a few meters away from Becky and wrung her own fingers nervously.

Elsa didn't know what Becky wanted to talk to her. And she had no idea whether Becky would speak to her or not.

When she saw Elsa's restrained look, Becky's eyes glittered with subtle emotions which flashed across her eyes.

But it disappeared so fast that no one knew what that emotion meant.

"Have a seat." Becky said softly, "I just want to talk to you. I don't mean anything else." Hearing that, Elsa quickly looked up at her, feeling even more flattered.

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