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   Chapter 191 I Dare Not Go Upstairs Alone

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But it was still a nightmare.

Ghosts everywhere.

Those black shadows pestered her and chased after her. She tried hard to escape, but she couldn't get rid of them.

In the bright sunshine at noon, she was sweating all over, her eyebrows twisting tightly, and her arms and legs trembling slightly, as if she was tied up by something, and her head was also swinging back and forth. She looked rather uncomfortable.

"No. Don't catch me..."

"Go away! Go away!" She murmured and soon began to cry.

She was crying with panic and fear.

It seemed that she was experiencing something terrible.

"Miss Ye, Miss Ye? !" Wendy called Becky anxiously, grabbing Becky's hand with her rough hand. The warmth passed from her hand to Becky's.

"Miss Ye, wake up." "Miss Ye? !" Becky suddenly opened her eyes.

She slept for less than half an hour.

This familiar home.

As time went on, the sun at noon was much brighter than before.

It was not the darkness in her dream, nor the monsters chasing her.

"Miss Ye?" Wendy saw that Becky hadn't come back to her senses, so she called Becky again softly.

Becky turned her head slowly and saw the familiar and gentle face of Wendy.

"Wendy?" Becky called her softly in a hoarse voice. Her fear and panic from her dream were not completely dispelled.

"Oh, Wendy is here. Don't be afraid, Miss Ye. You are at home. No one will catch you or hurt you." Wendy said and comforted Becky.

Becky looked around again and felt a little unreal.

Fortunately, it was her home indeed.

Taking a long breath, Becky held Wendy's hand and sat up on the sofa.

Wendy drew some tissues with her other hand to wipe the cold sweat on Becky's forehead. She continued to comfort Becky, "Don't be afraid, Miss Ye. I am with you. No one will hurt you." "Yes." Becky answered in a low voice. She just held Wendy's arm to calm down her crazy heartbeat.

Wendy wiped off the cold sweat on Becky's forehead and gave her a glass of warm water.

Becky took a few sips and then turned to look at the bright sunshine outside the window. "Wendy, go out with me. Let's enjoy the sunshine." She got cold sweat in her dream just now. The sticky skin made her not comfortable at all, but at this time she did not dare to take a shower at all.

Even staying in the gloomy and cold room, she felt scared.

"Well, let's have a rest in the garden." Wendy replied, "The gardener has just pruned the rose bushes. It's very beautiful. Go and have a look." "Okay." Becky replied.

Although she had no mood to appreciate the roses.

At noon, the temperature outside was still a little high.

The temperature was so warm that Becky felt much more real.

She took a deep breath. The air was full of rose fragrance,.

She had been indoors before. She was wearing a thin V-Neck sweater and a long net dress. She looked casual and cozy, which fitted her perfectly in the soft room.

lot of psychological burden.

I think even if the doctor prescribes a tranquilizer to her, it will only cure the symptoms but not the root cause. Only if untying her heart knot can she get rid of this nightmare. Clara frowned.

Darrow told her that Becky had nightmares since she came back from B City. On second thought, she suddenly realized that it must have something to do with Nicole Lu.

"I remember that the daughter of our dean is a psychiatrist, and her reputation in the field has always been good. I'll contact her later." Then she asked worriedly, "How is Becky now?" After they came back from B City, everyone went back to their own life. She was no exception. She went to work as usual every day.

Although they were sad about Nicole' sudden death, they couldn't stop the life from going on.

So she had never expected that it would have such a big impact on Becky.

Becky did mention the nightmare to her a few days ago, but they all thought it was a coincidence. She just comforted her for a few words and did not take it to heart.

In the next few days, she was busy and had no time to contact Becky.

She had never expected that nightmares would happen to Becky every night during these days.

"She's at home now. My sister put off all Becky's work for the past two days and asked Becky to have a good rest for two days." Said Darrow.

"I'll stay with her after work today. When I get in touch with a psychologist, I'll take her with me." Said Clara.

"Okay, thank you." Said Darrow politely.

"You're welcome. After hanging up Darrow's phone, Clara was not in the mood to go out for dinner. She turned around and sat on the chair. Then she turned a number out of the address book to make a call

...Becky sat in the garden for a long time, until the sun had lost a small arc in the west half of the day, and became an incomplete round cake with a straight line, she still didn't want to go back to the interior.

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