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   Chapter 180 He Doesn't Want To See Her Get Wronged Again

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But if Darrow was unhappy to let her see him, she would not.

Darrow nodded slightly and said, "It's up to you. If you want to see him, just let him talk upstairs. There are so many people downstairs and it is not convenient."

When Becky saw that Darrow was not unhappy, she replied and said to Leslie, "Leslie, Could you please let him go upstairs? I'll wait for him outside the balcony." "Oh, okay." Leslie Li said yes and went out.

Becky put Bryce down, and turned around and raised five fingers to Darrow, saying, "I'll go there for five minutes." Darrow smiled.

There was an open-air balcony outside the corridor, where people could also place tables for dinner usually.

But there were no guests here today, so it was free.

As the sky just got dark, all the street lights on both sides of the street were on. The whole world seemed to have fallen into a dim old era.

Becky turned on the lights on the balcony and went out to stand in front of the railing, overlooking the traffic and pedestrians downstairs.

Standing at the door and looking at her slender figure, Andrew couldn't help but miss her.

He had thought that he would never have a chance to see her again in his life.

After that event, Nicole Lu had cried to him that Becky had run away from home and disappeared.

All these years, he knew that she became more outstanding, but he hadn't seen her go back to B City.

Becky turned around and saw that there were many memories and apologies in his eyes.

The night wind upset her long hair, but it did not cover up her beautiful face at all.

Even more dazzling than it was four years ago.

They were several meters away from each other and four years had passed. They had a bad ending.

Becky had some feeling for a while.

Andrew was also different from what he had been four years ago.

However, it seemed that she could not remember clearly what he looked like four years ago.

After a long time, Becky broke the silence. "Long time no see." With a smile on her face, as if she met an old friend whom she hadn't seen for years, as if nothing unpleasant had happened between them.

It was true that she had never liked him.

Therefore, even if she had seen that scene, she could still be so calm when she saw him again, and she could even say "Long time no see" to him in a calm tone.

But even now, he could still clearly remember her tear stains on her face, but her face was full of coldness and determination.

"Long time no see." He said as he walked out of the door step by step. "I happened to pass by your door this morning when I saw you went in, so I knew you were back." "Becky, I owe you an apology for you all these years." Becky smiled lightly and said, "It's all over." She turned around and continued to see the traffic downstairs.

Andrew came over and stood beside her, two or three peop

the corridor behind the door.

Becky had just stepped into the room when Darrow, who was talking to her father, looked up at her.

His eyes were dark and his eyesight was direct.

Maria teased Becky, "You say five minutes, then you are actually back in five minutes. Have you brought the timer?" "I have always been a man of my word." Becky said, looking at Darrow with an innocent expression.

A smile rose from Darrow's eyes slowly. He turned around to answer her father's question.

Becky smiled, and walked over and sat next to him, listening to them quietly.

Becky had been 'missing' for two days.

No one knew where she was.

The post on Becky's Weibo was still there to prove that she was not missing. There was no update. And there was no reply to the overspreading post about her.

The XY Entertainment Company and the l Z International Corporation did not make any response. Everything was in order.

Some people guessed they may want do nothing. As time passed, the gossip would fade away and the topic would be forgot.

After all, the entertainment circle was a place where news could update quickly. And once the new focus came out, it would suppress Becky's thing.

Some said that they just disdained to respond to these dirty actions and firmly believed in Becky and Darrow.

But no matter how much discussion it was from the outside world, Darrow and Becky had never shown up.

It was dark and deep over the earth, and there was a thin layer of mist floating in the air, as if it had covered a layer of gauze, isolated them from each other but connecting them closely.

It was so quiet in the dark room where no one could see anything. There was only a faint spark between them, sparkling and burning.

The choky smoke rose and wreathed in the large space, but soon disappeared in the darkness.

The sudden ringing of the mobile phone broke the silence in the room.

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