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   Chapter 172 Becky Was Missing

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"Rebecca, you have a good relationship with Becky. Do you have anything to say about this breaking news?" "Sunny, could you tell us the real relationship between Becky and Mr. Ji?" "Rebecca, do you know that Becky is such a person? Is it true that you and Sunny show up this time because of the good friendship between you and Becky?" "Rebecca, you and Adam are a model couple in the entertainment circle. What do you think of Becky and Mr. Ji's cheating and pretending to be affectionate to the public?" "Do you know about this?"

Because of their status and the format of the interview, Sunny and Rebecca successfully diverted several microphones and cameras away from Becky.

Becky took a deep breath, trying to control her anger and impulse to curse. Her beautiful face was still cold even if her face was covered by a pair of sunglasses.

Becky looked cold and intimidating.

The reporters around Becky, along with Teresa and Grace, kept asking Becky questions. Rebecca answered the reporters' questions in a vague way. And meanwhile, Sunny sidled up to Becky.

"My assistant has already driven my car in front of your nanny van. You get out of it yourself first, and I'll ask your assistant to stand in front of it for a while." Sunny whispered to Becky, "That's the light yellow Porsche." Becky looked towards that direction and saw a yellow Porsche in front of her nanny van.

"My assistant is in the car. He will get off when you get there." Sunny said, "I'll cover you. Drive carefully." "Okay." Becky replied, "Thank you, Sunny.

And Rebecca." "Stop talking nonsense. Let's go." Sunny pushed Becky and stood in front of her. Sunny looked at the reporters and said with a smile, "Of course, we have good relationships with Becky. There is no conspiracy." Cathy who had been standing next to Becky finished listening to Becky and Sunny's conversation. When it came to this, Cathy also stepped forward to block the reporters in front of them together with Sunny, and also protected Becky.

Becky lowered the brim of her hat and turned around.

Most of the reporters stopped Becky in the direction she was going. No one expected her to turn round suddenly. It was easier for Becky to move forward in another direction.

When Sunny's assistant saw Becky, he got out of the car and stood beside the car. As soon as Becky came over, he helped Becky stop the reporters who were chasing after her.

When she walked past him, Becky could only say, "Thank you." "It's okay, Becky. Take care!" The young man closed the car door for Becky and quickly walked away to stop the reporters who were about to spring on Becky.

The engine was left open, so Becky drove straight out of the airport without even a pause.

The yellow sports car was out of sight, and all the reporters chased after Becky for a while. In the end, they had to give up and felt pitiful.

Since they only had two legs and also carried their equipment, they couldn't catch up with the sports cars which had four tires no matter how crazy they were.

The repo

hile. "No. I told you this morning that Becky would go home after she left the airport." "No, Becky is not at home." Myron was worried. "Clara called Becky many times, but she didn't get through, and Becky's assistant told her that Becky went back a long time ago.

But I called Becky's home. Wendy said there were reporters all over the gate and Becky had never came home." Suddenly, Carla looked grim.

After a few seconds of silence, she spoke again, "Becky's phone is dead. If Becky doesn't go home, it's normal that Wendy can't get through to Becky.

Becky must be in a bad mood after going through so many things today. Perhaps she saw that there were also some reporters at the door of her house and thus she found a place to hide herself because of anxiety. I will ask someone to find out where she is right away." Even at this time, Carla's logic was still very clear.

"Okay. I'll meet you after I pick up Clara." Myron immediately comforted Carla, "Don't worry too much." He had known Carla for more than ten years, so he knew her personality very well.

Myron knew that although Carla was very calm, she must be more worried about Becky than anyone else at the moment.

But Carla didn't say anything.

"Okay." Then Carla stood up and walked out of her office. She called Cathy and asked her about the license plate number of Sunny's car.

"A light yellow Porsche. The plate number is MY7985. Find out where it is. Keep an eye on GPS information of Becky's cell phone, and tell me as soon as you get any news.

Pay attention to block news. Don't let the media know about Becky's disappearance" Carla gave out the order quickly and returned to her office.

She thought for a while and then called Darrow who was still abroad.

... It was just the morning in Paris. The sky was still as foggy as yesterday. There was still drizzling.

Darrow strode into the airport. His angular and handsome face was cold enough to make people scared.

But there were also worries and irritation in his dark eyes.

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