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   Chapter 135 Don't Be Too Grateful

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Myron's Weibo authentication was the most handsome guy in T City.

It was very in line with his narcissistic personality.

Then there was the news about Mr. Ling's gossip published by the famous entertainment journalist, Mr. Miao.

He wrote a few words with nine standard pictures below.

In the photo, the face of Myron was clearly visible. Undoubtedly, it was Myron.

In contrast, the woman's face was blurred, but it was easy to tell that the woman was pretty.

Myron and the woman's behavior was indeed intimate.

The photos were well taken by Mr. Miao.

Myron was supported by Sabrina on the arm at the entrance of the restaurant, and when they were back to the hotel, Sabrina helped Myron to get off the car and enter the hotel. These were all clearly photographed.

With no expression on her face, Clara clicked on the comments below.

Netizens had long been in an uproar, and some even asked if the woman in the photos was the woman who was photographed last time.

After all, the gossip about love affairs of Myron had rarely been seen in the Internet, so the netizens were very curious about it.

Some speculated that Myron might have a girlfriend and was about to make it public.

People's hearts were broken.

Someone thought that the only dream of thousands of girls in T City was going to break. Clara didn't know what the only dream was, so with the spirit of expectation, she continued to see the next comment.

She found the answer like this when she saw something she couldn't understand on Weibo.

She thought that she was not the only one who didn't know the post, and there must be someone asking in the comment area. She just needed to see a ready-made answer.

As expected, the netizens didn't let her down.

It only took her a few seconds to find the answer she wanted from thousands of replies.

Actually, the so-called only dream referred to Myron.

There was supposed to be two dreams.

The other one was Darrow, the CEO of l Z International Corporation.

Two of the most handsome and excellent rich bachelors in T City. They were more in line with the perfect lovers of thousands of girls than the idle dudes and those young stars with no principles in the entertainment circle who wanted to get famous.

So this dream was the dream of the lover in the dream.

It's just that Becky and Darrow had been lovers for a long time ago, and their love had increased a lot over the years.

One of girls' dreams was broken, so there was only Myron who had been single for many years left to be imagined.

Somehow, Clara felt like laughing. She sent a screenshot to Becky.

Becky replied a voice message with a smile, "Sometimes the netizens make it right. Their only dream is to be shattered." Hearing that, Darrow asked casually, "What is the only dream?" "According to the netizens, you and Myron are the most perfect lovers in dream of all the girls in T City.

But you are my boyfriend, so there's only one dream for them. It's Myron." Becky explained, "But according to the gossip about

e. If you keep doing this, I will fire you." The "first time" referred to the time when Myron was photographed with Clara.

However, Myron was not averse to the news at that time. On the contrary, he felt lucky that he got a chance to be with Clara.

Dustin just tucked his neck and quickly admitted his mistake. He promised that he wouldn't do it again.

Myron grunted and his phone rang at that moment.

Myron's eyes lit up, but when he saw that the name on the screen was not his expected name, he felt frustrated again.

The person who was calling was Sabrina, the heroine of the gossip. Myron didn't see her this morning.

Myron's mother had sent Sabrina to deliver some files. It was okay if Sabrina didn't attend the meeting, so Myron didn't care about her.

And now Sabrina suddenly called to test Myron's attitude? Actually, it was just a gossip and Myron didn't pay much attention to it.

He was just worried that Clara might misunderstand him.

Myron answered the phone very impatiently. Before he could say anything, Sabrina interrupted him, "Mr. Ling! This has nothing to do with me. Don't fire me! " Myron raised his eyebrows.

'So she's not surprised to be photographed last night?' "What do you mean?" Myron asked.

Sabrina was stunned by his question, and decided to tell Myron everything.

But before she confessed, she had to make a deal first. "Mr. Ling, if I tell you, will you let me go?" She behaved cautiously.

Hearing that, Myron squinted and looked out of the window at the heavy traffic on the road. In a flat voice, he said, "Say it." There was no anger in his tone. But it was still oppressive.

Sabrina grabbed a handful of her long hair for a long time and finally told Myron everything.

"Mrs. Ling asked me to do so." When Sabrina just finished the first sentence, Myron was almost speechless and felt irritable.

'What did my mom want to do this time? How could she scheme against her own son? Wouldn't she feel sorry?' "Mr. Ling, I really didn't mean to have an affair with you."

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