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   Chapter 88 No One Is Better Than Her

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There were several new white roses arranged in the glass vase beside. The petals were still with water drops. It was obvious that Becky cut them from the garden this morning.

Not much of a scent, though.

Fresh flowers single out of a few are generally tasteless, but just to look good.

He couldn't help but imagine the scene that she carefully trimmed the branches and leaves with one hand, the other hand. With a soft smile, he walked back to the bed, opened the quilt and lay down, with his eyes closed.

It was almost dusk and the sun began to set in the west.

Becky called him to inform her whereabouts when she arrived at the hotel in D City.

According to the arrangement of the crew of the program, the eight guests would arrive at D City today. But they would be arranged to live in different hotels before they could see each other tomorrow.

Because the show would be officially taping tomorrow.

Cathy packed up the luggage and directly ran to get the dress for Becky to wear for the next day.

Becky was sitting on the open-air balcony in the hotel room with the little dolls of Mashimaro she brought from home and enjoying the scenery. Her did not look lonely.

Darrow sat on the bedside and talked to her. No matter what she said, he listened and answered very seriously.

"When will you go out?" Becky asked.

"About half past five." Darrow said. He glanced at the watch on the bedside and found that it was just past half past four.

"Oh, it's still early." Becky said after she checked the time on her watch.

"The weather is good here. It's not sunny today and not as hot as T City." She added.

T City was as hot as a big stove. Even without the sun, it was still sultry and irritable with the temperature high.

But D City was different.

It was not only because the sun was not very hot today, but also because the temperature here was always not so hot, and there was a breeze, it was very comfortable.

And if she was in T City, she wouldn't dare to go outside, even though the weather was like now.

"But it's just not as good as home." She added.

As the old saying goes, "outside is never as good as home.".

T City was her favorite city even if the temperature in D City could make her happy.

Even if the T City was hot like in a stove, it didn't matter how bad it was, as long as she had her home there, and he was at her home.

It was enough for her to defeat anything in the world.

"Honey, take good care of yourself. I will pick you up at the airport when you come back." Darrow could only comfort her in this way.

"Yes." Becky replied. Then she checked the time again. It was almost five o'clock now.

She was afraid that he would be late for the dinner and hung up on him: "it's almost five o'clock. Get up and get ready to go out. Don't be late. I'm hanging up." "Okay." He looked at the time and said, "I love you." Becky smiled and said softly on the other side of the phone, "I love you too." After the phone was hung up, Darrow put down his phone and got out of bed.

He freshened up and got

humble and courteous, who was neither overbearing nor affected in front of anyone.

"She is not in T City. I'll take her to visit you another day when she comes back." Said Darrow lightly.

"So it is." Mrs. Xu smiled and nodded. "Then we can only make an appointment another day. You must tell me when she comes back." "Don't worry, Linda. our company will discuss cooperation with the l Z International Corporation. We have lots of chances to meet." Mike, the host of birthday dinner, said with a smile.

Darrow smiled faintly and clinked his glass with Mike's.

Darrow left the banquet before the end of it. Myron followed him to leave.

As soon as they left the table, Ivy followed them out.

"Darrow!" Ivy shouted at Darrow several meters away.

After looking back at her, Myron said to Darrow with a smile, "Miss Wen is quite persistent. She hasn't given up on you after such a long time." Darrow glanced at his look. Apparently, Myron felt that it had nothing to do with him, so he put the joke on Darrow. Darrow said lightly, "you like her? Do you want her? "

Darrow looked at him with suspicion.

Since when did he like a quiet and gentle lady? Didn't he like hot girls a few years ago? "Darrow, why did you embarrass me in front of so many people?" With anger and query written all over her beautiful face.

She didn't call Darrow Mr. Ji. Instead, she called him by his full name.

"I'm just telling the truth," Darrow said.

"Is Becky really so nice? Does she really deserve your love and care? Can't you see other good girls? " Asked Ivy.

"In my eyes, no one is better than her." "Whether she is worth it or not, it has nothing to do with you," said Darrow. Ivy could only gritted her teeth.

Seeing this, Myron, who was standing next to Darrow, chipped in, "in my opinion, do you know anything about Becky? In your eyes, what do you think is a good match, equal social status or a marriage arranged by parents? Come on, it's already twenty-first century. Didn't you just study abroad? Why are you still so conservative? "

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