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   Chapter 87 See You Again, Director Mo

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"No, I won't. I will go home after I send you to the plane. There is a business dinner tonight." Darrow touched Becky's hair and looked at his watch.

"A business dinner." Becky immediately twitched her mouth and told him worriedly, "Then you have to eat something before drinking." Alcohol was a necessity in business dinner, so she wouldn't say something like "no drinking", but only said, "Well, it's better not to drink too much. It's not good for your health." Darrow was hospitalized last time, and it must have something to do with these endless business dinners.

"Okay, I listen to you." Darrow replied in a spoiled manner.

He had never been annoyed by Becky's discipline. On the contrary, he enjoyed it very much.

"I'll be there for three days. You must promise me that you won't get sick again." Becky pretended a fierce look to warn him, "If you don't take care of yourself and get yourself sick, I won't come back.

I won't come back after recording the program."

Becky curled her lips, raised her head and kissed Darrow on the cheek to encourage him.

After kissing, she found that she accidentally left a pink mark on Darrow's handsome face. She smiled again.

"What are you laughing at?" Asked Darrow.

Becky reached for the tissue on the coffee table and wiped it on Darrow's face as she laughed, "I accidentally left a mark on your face." Her tone was still a little naughty.

Her movement was very gentle. Darrow held her waist, curled his lips and turned to kiss her.

"Now that the mark has stayed, we can do the cleaning after kissing." He said with his lips against hers, and then further entangled with her, which made himself reluctant to leave.

Becky still held the tissue in her hand, but she moved her hand from his face to his neck. Darrow held her tightly in his arms, and Becky raised her head slightly.

Before she went out, Becky said to Wendy who walked her out the door, "Wendy, do remember to cook a bowl of hangover Soup for Darrow tonight. When he came back, ask him to drink it before he takes a rest." "Okay, Miss Ye. I'll keep that in mind." Wendy replied, and then asked with concern, "Take care of yourself when you go out." "Yes, I know. Don't worry." Becky responded her with a smile and glanced at Darrow.

With a smile in his eyes, Darrow hugged Darrow and said, "Let's go, Miss Ye. You will miss the flight if you are late." And it was still the hot and dry day. The sunlight was very bright, shinning on the person's body as if it was going to burn the skin.

"When recording the program, you must be careful. You have to be careful when getting along with strangers. Don't be stupid to see that everyone feels like friends. Even if you are wronged, you can't hide anything. You must tell me, okay?" Darrow said to Becky while driving.

Becky laughed and said, "Mr. Ji, you look like a mother who is worried about a child when he goes out himself." Darrow chuckled and said, "You're indeed a child who will always make oth

ly to the bedroom and lay on the bed without changing his clothes.

There was still Becky's smell on the pillow, a light fragrance of flower and fruit, which smelled like the skin care products Becky used recently.

Becky's smell lingered under Darrow's nose. It was as if her body was with him.

Lying in a comfortable environment could easily relax people and make people sleepy.

It was still early, so there was nothing urgent for Darrow to deal with. He got up to take a shower and went to bed.

The business dinner had been booked at six o'clock in the afternoon, so he could sleep for a while.

At the beginning, Becky didn't know that Hubery was also in the director group of "The Goddess of Changes".

She only saw the names of the chief director and the vice director in the information she got from Carla some time ago. The rest of the crew of the program were put together later.

The program was not full of preparation and production period, which was not surprising at all.

And it was also a pleasure to see a familiar face in a strange group.

So when Becky saw Hubery in the waiting room, she was surprised.

"Hello, Director Mo. Nice to meet you again." Becky took the initiative to greet him, in a bright and kind manner.

"It's been a long time." Hubery said with a smile, "You look more beautiful now." They seemed to know each other very well.

Becky smiled and accepted his compliment calmly, "Thank you." She greeted Hubery and others in the crew of the program just as she did just now. She showed no deviation in her attitude and no arrogance.

This was Becky's first impression to the crew of the program.

After the group of people who were about to work together knew each other, they rushed to get on the plane and flew to D City to shoot the program.

When Darrow came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, he happened to pass by Becky's dresser. There were bottles of skin care products and cosmetics, which Becky used every day.

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