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   Chapter 86 My Queen

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Becky pursed her lips and pretended to be disappointed, "I thought there was something I don't know between you two." "Come on." Clara sniffed, "I've only seen him a few times. There was nothing about love." Becky burst into laughter.

"All right, all right." Becky said, "Once this kind of news come out, it will inevitably have some bad comments, whether it is true or false. Don't take it to heart, understand?" Becky's purpose of having laid so much foreshadowing in a joking and serious manner was to say the last sentence.

With a soft smile on her face, Clara felt very warm inside, but she still teased, "My Becky has grown up and she cares about others so much." "Be serious. Don't interrupt me." Becky chuckled, "I have to go to D City to record a program this afternoon. I have no time to accompany you." "I know. Don't worry. I know." Clara answered seriously, "I'm not that fragile. You can rest assured to go recording the program." "Good to know." Becky continued, "I will leave for D City for three days. You may not be able to get in touch with me at that time. If there is anything you can't solve, you can go to l Z International Corporation to find Darrow." "Okay." Clara nodded.

"Then you can go on sleeping. I have to have breakfast with Mr. Ji. Good bye." After Becky told Clara what she should say, she showed off their love in front of Clara unexpectedly.

Clara, "... Bye." She said.

Becky put down her phone and secretly glanced at Darrow.

"Miss Ye, do you still remember to have breakfast with me?" He put down the newspaper and looked at Becky flatly.

Becky reached out and grabbed his fingers on the table, "Of course I won't forget it." Even though she didn't wear any makeup, her face was still beautiful and full of obedience and eagerness.

Darrow smiled faintly, reached out his hand to touch her face and said, "Have breakfast now." "Yes." Becky replied obediently.

After breakfast, Becky sent Darrow out and went back to the cloakroom upstairs to continue packing the luggage that she had collected last night.

"The Goddess of Changes" would be shot today. She would join the crew of the program in the afternoon and go to D City.

There were not many clothes for the schedule of three days, but she was interrupted by Darrow last night. So she didn't pay attention to it.

There was half a day left, so she was not in a hurry.

In the morning, Myron had posted an update on his Weibo account, with only one simple sentence, "Let's call it a day and go home. One of my friends happened to come across me at the entrance of a hotel after the business party. I just sent her home."

This was a response to the morning news.

And then Myron just ignored the news.

By the noon, the top search list of Weibo had been replaced by the news that "The Goddess of Changes" was shot today.

Messages on this instant messaging tool were fast to update.

When the hot and popular news came out, it naturally replaced the gossip about Myron.

On the top, those who ranked lower were also some names of people.

The guests who participated in this program were all on the list.

Those names occupied one-fifth

e her.

Therefore, after Peter and Helen tried a few more times, they had no choice but to give up.

At least they knew Becky was living a good life and they could let their hearts at rest.

As for Becky's coming back.

Everyone in the family said that Becky would come back when she figured it out.

T City and B City were not far from each other. It wouldn't take Becky a long time to get there. Now that the home was there, Peter and Helen wouldn't run far.

And Becky would always be the child of Ye family. She would come back one day.

So Helen had to wait patiently, waiting for her dear daughter to forgive their misunderstanding, and for her to come back willingly.

Darrow came back home at noon.

Every time when Becky was about to go out to work, no matter when Darrow was busy or not, he would spare some time to drive Becky to the airport in person, even to see her off to the plane.

This time was no exception.

Becky sat on the sofa in the living room wearing the new pale pinkish foam skirt that "DE" had just released. She was made up, so it was obvious that she was ready to go out.

Becky booked a ticket at half past two in the afternoon and she had to go to the airport to meet the crew of the program first.

It happened that Darrow came back at the right time.

Darrow had come back home and it was time for Becky to go to airport, so Wendy asked the servant to take Becky's luggage to the car first.

Darrow walked to Becky and sat down beside her, hugging her in his arms out of habit. Meanwhile, he kissed Becky's lips with pink lip gloss.

"Is the luggage ready?" Darrow asked, "Did you bring the first-aid kit?" It was easy to crash into anything when recording the program outside. If there would be any emergency, Becky could cope with it when she brought a first-aid kit and some common medicines with herself.

"Yes, I have." Becky replied with a smile, "Don't worry." "Um." Darrow said and held Becky tightly, unwilling to let her go.

"Will you go back to your company after driving me to the airport?" Becky asked obediently in Darrow's arms.

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