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   Chapter 85 Becky Grows Up

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Clara was an intelligent girl. She soon realized that Myron was trying to take off his tie, but he was afraid that his action would be abrupt to her. So Myron immediately stopped his action even if he was not comfortable.

It was easy for a girl to like a man like him.

Clara had read a lot of news about Myron, saying that he was very polite and gentle.

Although his entertainment company had a lot of beauties, he had always kept his chastity and had never had any scandal with anyone.

Myron's information appeared in Clara's mind one after another as long as she had got the news before.

Clara was silent for a while, then she tried to shift her attention by saying, "Mr. Ling, have you known Becky for a long time?" She could see that he really had a good relationship with Becky from the way she saw him a few times and he mentioned Becky tonight.

His care and love for Becky seemed to be more than just because Becky was Darrow's girlfriend.

"About four years." Myron said, "I know about her at the first show of 'Echoes'. I think she is really stunning. I think she has much potential.

I wanted to invite her to JONA Entertainment at that time, but I was stopped by Darrow."

Myron said and couldn't help but feel funny.

Darrow once said that Myron wouldn't be able to take Becky from him. From then on, Myron would still use it to tease Darrow and Becky occasionally.

Before Becky and Darrow were lovers, Darrow had declared his ownership.

However, Myron had to admit that sometimes fate was really such a crazy and wonderful thing.

For example, before he met Becky, he had never thought that Darrow, who had always been expressionless and indifferent, would also have such rich emotions and expressions.

Or maybe, Darrow's feelings which had been vacant for so many years were just to meet and love Becky.

"Becky is a very lovely girl.

She looks soft and weak, but actually she is stronger and more stubborn than anyone else. And she is always more alert than anyone else." Myron continued.

With a faint smile, Clara said, "Not exactly.

She wasn't as strong as she was several years ago. " In her tone, she more or less felt sorry for Becky, but she was also happy for her growth.

In the past, Becky lived simply and happily. Becky could not bear any grievance and was used to relying on the people around her.

While now, Becky still lived a simple and pure life. Although she didn't have the protection of her parents, she still had Darrow's endless love and care for her.

Becky was not just that naive little girl anymore.

The change in Becky's life was more due to time, but it was also due to her sudden running away and the great influence of the entertainment circle where she worked.

"Anyway, that's good." Clara added.

Myron turned to look at her.

There was only a faint smile on her soft face, without any hypocrisy or malice.

So he also smiled and said, "Yes." The two strangers were talkin

rk and life.

Especially the powerful and mysterious online public.

People would never know what it would be like next second on the Internet. People didn't know if they would be scolded brutally, or received good wishes.

But these groundless photos shouldn't have made a big difference.

Anyone who was not familiar with Clara would not be able to recognize her in the photo.

Because Clara didn't need to go to work this morning, and she drank some wine last night and slept late, she didn't get up when Becky called her.

"Congratulations, Miss Yang. You're on the top search list." Becky's voice came through the telephone receiver immediately when Clara answer the phone.

Clara was still drowsy and couldn't figure it out. In a daze, she asked, "What hot search?" "Myron and you were shot last night when you left the WL Hotel. Now, the Internet is full of news about you two. What happened?" Becky said in a serious tone.

Darrow raised his head from the newspaper and glanced at her. Becky stuck out her tongue at him with a fawning face.

Darrow paused and read his newspaper without saying a word.

There was a smile in his eyes.

Clara, who was in a daze, was woken up by Becky's sudden serious tone. Clara was so shocked that she immediately sat up from the bed.

Becky asked, "Why did you get up so late today? Don't you need to go to work?"

"I was on duty this afternoon. I wanted to sleep until I woke up natural, but you woke me up with the call." Clara complained at first, and then asked: "What news did you just say?" "Someone photographed you and Myron together. Now the whole world is curious about who you are." Becky repeated patiently.

Clara was stunned. She held the quilt and explained, "I attended the classmate party at WL Hotel last night. When I left, I met Mr. Ling at the door. He sent me back for the sake of you." "Nothing else?" Becky asked.

Clara didn't even know what to tell Becky, so she said, "What else do you want?"

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