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   Chapter 80 He's Good To Me

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I won't marry Ivy Wen. I won't marry any other woman. You are my only wife." Darrow emphasized again.

Becky held his arms tightly and leaned against him. She nodded obediently, "Yes." She knew it all the time.

Since Becky had told him everything frankly, she had never doubted him or their relationship.

Darrow lowered his head and gently kissed on her lips.

She raised her head slightly and deepened the kiss on her own initiative.

At night.

The Charity Auction Banquet of "Shimmer" was still in full swing. A headline titled "The son of Ji family will marry the daughter of Wen family, so supermodel Becky Ye and l Z International Corporation Mr. Ji's fairy-tale love story or will come to an end" which was like a powerful bomb quickly exploded on all platforms and spread.

In the news report, it recorded the conversation between Darrow, Becky and Ivy at the gate of the hotel. In addition, in the auction, Becky and Ivy even competed for the bracelet of Rachel Su at the price of five million. The reporters even posted the processed audio clips and photos of Darrow, Becky and Ivy could be clearly recognized.

For a moment, the top ten positions on the Weibo top search were occupied by the words related to Darrow Ji, Becky Ye, Ivy Wen and other words about them.

"Darrow Ji and Becky Ye", "Becky Ye", "Darrow Ji", "fairy-tale love", "Darrow Ji and Wen family's girl", "pity on Becky Ye", "l Z International Corporation", "commercial marriage"... The above topics quickly became hot news and remained at the top of the Weibo and major media platforms.

Becky was awakened by the phone call between Darrow and Carla.

As soon as she turned on the computer and logged on the Weibo, she found that many people had left a message on her Weibo account.

Most of them were her fans, who came to ask her the truth, and they were unwilling to believe the news. Some were worried about her, and some were comforting her.

And so did Darrow's Weibo account.

However, there were many strange comments posted on his Weibo. Some people didn't believe the news, some of them asked Darrow not to abandon Becky and were concerned about Becky, and others was angry with Darrow.

Becky rubbed her eyebrow and felt upset.

She had told Darrow that they should be more careful when going out, and would not talk nonsense.

Or they shouldn't have gone to that charity auction and stirred up so much trouble.

After Darrow hung up the phone, Becky leaned against the head of the bed and asked, "What should we do now?" The news could be changeable, so she was not in a hurry to deal with it.

Carla called Darrow in such a hurry just because she was worried about them.

Carla had no chance to know about Ivy Wen before, so just now she could know the whole story.

"Let's make an official statement first to clarify it." Becky asked again.

She was busy with her

t, it's kind of a one-sided love." But it was not to this extent.

"Then what about the marriage reported in the news?" Clara asked again.

"Because Mrs. Ji wants a daughter-in-law who comes from a family of equal status." Becky didn't care about it at all and said, "I heard that she is the eldest daughter of the XR Group. She studied in America and just come back. Mrs. Ji picked her out right away." Hearing this, Clara frowned and looked a little worried.

"Well, don't worry.

What Mrs. Ji thinks about has nothing to do with Darrow." Becky comforted her, "Don't worry. She can't control Darrow. He won't marry Ivy Wen. I won't be abandoned either." It sounded like Becky was making a serious explanation and kidding at the same time.

Becky was confident and casual, as if it had nothing to do with her.

But Clara was still not relieved, "So Mrs. Ji has been making things difficult for you all the time, right? Is she as mean and arrogant as the lady from the rich family in a novel?" 'If so, Becky would be wronged? Although Becky didn't allow others to bully herself, she probably had some concerns because Mrs. Ji was Darrow's mother?' "No." Becky shook her head, "I haven't had much contact with Mrs. Ji. She won't make things difficult for me. Well, not all the rich ladies are mean and arrogant as you said." She continued, "Mrs. Ling, Myron's mother, is a very warm and lovely aunt." 'In contrast to Mrs. Ji who doesn't care about her children, Mrs. Ling treats me and Darrow more like a mother.

Mrs. Ling is a kind, broad-minded woman. Sometimes she is naughty and loves to play tricks. The relationship between Myron and her is very harmonious.

She invited Darrow and me to their house for dinner tonight.

Mrs. Ling had already sent an invitation to me before I went to shoot the advertisement for 'The Second Generation of Elf'. I also had promised to pay a visit to Mrs. Ling as soon as I came back.'

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