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   Chapter 75 Form A Matrimonial Alliance

Ecstasy Of The Heart By Xin Ning Characters: 10369

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"Yes." She answered. Holding the bouquet in her hands, she stood on tiptoe to kiss his lips and said, "thank you. I like it very much." She didn't hide the love, with bright in her light tawny eyes.

Darrow wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her soft lips.

"... Elsa is sleepless again.

Because she finally saw Becky today.

Just like what she had seen through every channel, Becky looked so gorgeous.

Becky had a nice team, friends and a good lover.

After being hurt, Becky received concern and protection from others.

However, she became an enemy to Becky, being criticized and hated by the people around her for so many years.

She knew that she had asked for it.

Then she seemed to hear Carla's words in the afternoon again, "Becky was living a good life now. If I were you, I wouldn't come to bother her again.".

She understood what Carla meant.

Carla was trying to get her to be smart enough to leave Becky.

But she had gone through so many difficulties to see Becky. She hadn't say sorry to Becky. And she hadn't got Becky's forgiveness. She wouldn't leave.

No matter being said that she was thick skinned or pretended to be a fool, anyway, she had to stay.

The temperature in T City was too high.

Even when the fan was on full blast, it blew out a muggy wind, which did little to help.

Only the sound it made could be more loud in this quiet space.

Elsa tossed and turned. She could not help but remember the day when they broke up four years ago.

It was also very hot in summer in B City. It was no exception that day.

There were many people in the milk tea shop and all the seats were full. There were also some people waiting in line in front of the counter, which was very noisy.

Then she received a call from Nicole Lu. Nicole told her that she was seen by Becky when she was with Andrew.

Nicole told her that she had had a showdown with Becky.

Nicole could no longer be Becky's friend.

At that time, she was in a daze. Without the urging of the colleagues, she called Becky first.

She meant to explain, and also wanted to defend Nicole.

But why things ended up like that? She still remembered what Becky said on the phone that day, 'from now on, we will never contact again.'.

Becky said this with tears, but she was determined as if there was no turning back.

Elsa could not help but imagine what they would look like now if that thing did not happen that year? They would still be good friends. They would have their own lives, but they still kept in touch with each other.

Perhaps she and Nicole wouldn't be like this today.

The two girls would stay in B City. Even though it was boring, at least they had enough money to live there.

Clara who was determined to save people, still was a doctor. Because this was her dream from childhood and it had never changed.

Clara was like a fixed value which never changed.

Maybe Becky would be like her, because they had already made an appointment to go to the same university, and continued to stay together in the future.

Becky had a deeper conn

he could be more generous and tolerate Becky's existence.

After all, it was normal for men, especially in the upper class, to have a few mistresses.

After all, she only wanted the position of Mrs. Ji, as well as Darrow.

She didn't care whether he loved her or not.

As long as they were husband and wife in the eyes of the whole world.

That was enough.

From the bottom of her heart, the lady Ivy believed that only a man like Darrow who was competent, good looking could match with her and match with her identity.

But apparently, this was just her wishful thinking.

Darrow didn't even take a look at her, and said in a colder and more alienated tone, "thank you.

But since you have followed my news, you should also know that I have a girlfriend. " No room for Ivy.

"I know. The world super model, Becky Ye. She is beautiful." The expression on Ivy's face remained unchanged. She even praised sincerely, "but it doesn't hinder our marriage, does it? Even if we get married in the future, I can also allow you to continue to keep in touch with her. I will not interfere with it. " Darrow's face suddenly turned even colder.

"When do I need your permission to be with my girlfriend?" He sneered and looked at Ivy with mockery and disdain, "when did I say that I am going to marry you?" Hearing that, Mary's face turned pale? Then Darrow continued," a matrimonial alliance? I don't need it.

I won't marry anyone other than my girlfriend. I won't let her suffer any unnecessary grievances or harm. " He said in a firm tone. He really didn't take her seriously.

He didn't need to rely on woman's nepotism to consolidate his business empire. The key to the success of the business empire was his ability and means.

He had a lot of confidence, and he was qualified to be so arrogant.

The eldest daughter of the Wen family? so what? Who gave her the sense of superiority and confidence to make her say that Becky was his secret lover? How could she think that she was so magnanimous and considerate? Becky didn't need to suffer this.

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