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   Chapter 70 Coming For Her

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It couldn't be.

She and Nicole Lu had done so many bad things, and forced her to leave home, which was not the same as usual.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have been gone for so many years, and haven't contacted any one of them, and were even unwilling to give any news.

But Clara did not take part in anything.

Besides, Becky and Clara had been sisters from the beginning. Their feelings were much deeper than it between her and Becky.

Maybe tomorrow Becky would just kick her out.

Just like what she said when they had a fight many years ago, "I wish we will be apart forever.".

She was furious, then she said it.

Elsa sighed slightly. Her voice echoed in the quiet small room, abrupt and empty.

She hoped that after so many years, Becky would no longer be angry with her and be willing to accept the sorry from her.

Elsa prayed.

She tossed and turned for the whole night. It was not until dawn that Elsa finally fell asleep.

Before Elsa fell asleep, Elsa was still thinking that she would go to the interview with two dark circles under her eyes tomorrow morning.

She hadn't been sleepless for a long time. She was overwhelmed by two jobs and some part-time jobs. Every time she came back, she would be so exhausted that she would directly fall asleep without thinking about anything.

But tonight, she was as tired as she had been, but she was sleepless.

The next day.

In T City, the sun was shining brightly in the sky, and it was hot, as if the midsummer was coming.

Elsa got up from her sleep after an hour's obsession from the clock.

She had only slept for a few hours. She dreamed of Becky, maybe it was because she was concerned about the interview.

In her dream, besides Becky, there were Nicole Lu and Clara Yang. In her dream, all of them were present.

They were all what they were now.

She dreamed that she went to the XY Entertainment Company to take the second round of interview and met Becky. She also said sorry to Becky.

But Becky didn't know her and asked who she was.

Then, Clara appeared beside Becky, and said to Becky that Elsa didn't deserve to appear in front of Becky and that Elsa didn't deserve Becky's forgiveness.

After that, Nicole Lu appeared suddenly and stood beside her, putting herself in an opposite position with Becky ye and Clara Yang.

This dream was a perfect reflection of their current relationship.

But it's not exactly the same.

There was not much connection between her and Nicole Lu, so Nicole couldn't stand with her side by side like what Nicole did in her dream.

They had estranged from each other for a long time. After Becky disappeared, Nicole had no choice but to drink in a night club, and she chose to survive at the bottom of T City.

They were no longer the carefree young girls.

They all had their own lives. They were dirty, dark or humble and unable to struggle, just like what they had d

iss Carla. I will work hard." Elsa made a bow to Carla and she couldn't hide her happiness.

Carla turned to her secretary, "take these new staff to get familiar with the company and arrange positions for them.

Then you took Elsa to get acquainted with the others. In the afternoon, they went to the l Z International Corporation to pick up Becky.

I gotta go. " "Yes, Miss Carla." The secretary answered. After Carla got up and left, she turned to the rest and said, "just go with me. I'll take you to get familiar with our company." 'Except for Elsa, the others were a little upset, but the result was not as bad as they had expected. They thanked the secretaries and went out of the office with the secretary.

Although these people were not chosen by Carla, they could also stay at the XY Entertainment Company as a standby. They could be an ordinary assistant.

The temperature outside was rising, and it was sweltering.

The atmosphere in the CEO Office of the l Z International Corporation was totally different from the hot sunlight.

Staying here made people feel relaxed and that everything is wonderful.

At this moment, Darrow, the young president of the l Z International Corporation, was sitting behind the desk. He held the mouse with one hand, with one hand cupped against his chin, he looked at the screen of the computer, looking through the design draft of the newly thrown resort. He wore a simple but expensive white shirt, looking neat, which matched his inherent noble temperament.

Becky's company was preparing for the second round of interview for assistant Recruitment this morning. But last night, Carla told her that she would pick in person, so Becky just ignored it and pretended as if it was none of her business. Early in the morning, she showed up with Darrow in the l Z International Corporation.

Anyway, she had Carla and she did not need to worry about anything. So it was the same whether she went or not.

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