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   Chapter 69 A Peaceful And Good Life

Ecstasy Of The Heart By Xin Ning Characters: 10061

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She answered perfunctorily and got on the bus, taking his phone. She looked depressed.

She wanted to find someone to share her current mood, but she couldn't find one.

Ada didn't know her relationship with Becky, nor could she be informed.

However, Nicole had not returned her text messages, did not contact her.

As for Clara, she didn't dare to tell Clara the truth.

She was afraid that Clara would tell Becky if she knew, then she might never see Becky again.

This was her only chance and she dared not bet.

Carla, together with Myron, stepped into the door of the Ji family.

At that time, Darrow was accompanying Becky to watch a variety show which was known for its easy and funny. Both of them were dressed up by home, casual but enviable.

"TSK, TSK. What a leisure of you two!" Myron said while he was changing his shoes. He handed a bottle of wine to a maid beside him.

Becky looked back and asked knowingly, "are you envious of me?" "I'm jealous." Said Myron. He walked into the living room and sat on an armchair.

After Becky got a satisfactory answer, she immediately had a smile on her face and simply said, "You should be envious." Hearing that, Myron could not help but roll his eyes. He said, "Becky, you are not cute at all in this way." Becky made a face at him.

Carla, who was sitting on another sofa, was amused by Myron's tone of complaining. Darrow also smiled, with a smile in his eyes.

After meal.

Darrow told Myron about the meeting in the study, while Becky and Carla stayed in the living room and discussed about their work arrangement.

"In the afternoon, Robert Wang and I have confirmed your schedule of shooting. We are almost sure that the first shooting time of" The Goddess of Changes "will be on June 20, which is the end of next month. And the filming will be in the CX Ancient Town in W City." "You'll shoot photos at the 'Pineapple TV' television station on the afternoon of the fifth day." Becky, who was building blocks on the carpet and with cross legged, looked up in surprise, "so soon?" "Yes. It is said that the ''The Goddess of Changes'' is about to follow the parent-child program being broadcast on Pineapple TV, so it is quite urgent. "" Said Carla.

"Will we be ready in time?" Becky asked, and she took out a toy block from the tower of the toy blocks in front of her.

The tower was not very stable, and it shook strongly but did not fall.

"It should be no problem.

As soon as the project was released, they immediately established a team.

As long as there are no surprises on the guest, they can make it. " Carla answered.

Becky nodded and asked, "are the promotion photos taken together by all the guests?" "No, it's separate." Carla said, "all the guests see each other during the first stage of the show." Then the audience would see the real reaction they had fought.

"Okay," Becky nodded and said yes.

"Besides, I'm not allowed to go with you when you are recording the program.

During the sh

head from the magazine and took a look at Darrow. He was calm and leisurely, even though he was dealing with piles of businesses.

He had been looking at the documents.

But every time she looked up, he would catch her eyes which were full of affection coincidentally and give her a slight smile.

Becky was easily distracted by Darrow.

It was said that the man in work was the most handsome. Although this sentence was not completely correct, it was not groundless.

Because although Darrow was always calm and elegant, he was different when he was focused on work.

He was dressed in a simple and soft home wear. His face was calm and his brush strokes were powerful, which was not the decisive and rational style when he was in the company, but also not the lazy and casual style when he was alone with Becky.

He composed herself so well as if she had everything in control.

Looking at the scene, a phrase came to Becky's mind all of a sudden, "Life is peaceful and good".

That was great.

Such peaceful and good days. He and she were together.

He was busy with his business, so she accompanied him.

Or she just found some fun by herself, or she could gaze at him quietly, and bit by bit, she would engrave his face into her heart.

Becky slowly showed an extremely beautiful smile on her face, and she felt her heart was full of happiness.

It's the dead of night. Elsa laid on her small bed in her rental house. She tossed and turned, but couldn't fall asleep.

She was still nervous about the second round of interview tomorrow morning.

She had no advantage. She was afraid that she would not be enrolled, and she was also nervous, wondering if she would see Becky tomorrow.

It was said that she stayed in T City recently. She wondered if Becky was in her studio.

Would Becky want to see her? Would she be as happy as when she met Clara again? Would she easily forget about the conflict between them as if nothing had happened, just like many times before?

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