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   Chapter 68 it's good to be envious

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She really forgot him.

"My name is Sam." Even so, he still remembered to introduce himself first.

"Sam?" Becky raised her eyebrows. She seemed to have remembered something.

Sam was her monitor when she was in high school. She remembered that he was a honest and bonhomie man, who was responsible for doing things and good at taking care of people.

But now, it seemed like more than a little.

She still remembered that on the day of the graduation dinner, he said he liked her, but she rejected him immediately.

"Are you also a doctor here?" Becky asked.

"Yes, I'm a surgeon here." Sam replied and asked, "Why are you in the hospital? Are you sick? or do you come to visit a friend? " His eyes were still as warm as before.

Becky didn't notice. She just said, "it's not me. It's my boyfriend. But now we are going to leave hospital." "Oh, I see." Said Sam, turning to Darrow next to her.

Becky's boyfriend is the CEO of the l Z International Corporation, Darrow? It turned out that he was really her boyfriend? Sam was lost in various fancies and conjectures. When he met Darrow's indifferent eyes again, he suddenly shivered and lowered his head.

Becky was amused at the scene.

Becky was held by Darrow's hand. She rubbed his palm with her index finger. There was a smile on her face.

Darrow felt his hand was itchy. He looked down at her and smiled, holding her hand more tightly.

Sam stood behind them and looked at their backs. After a while, he turned back, walked into the elevator and went upstairs.

After leaving the hospital, Carla said goodbye to Darrow and Becky.

Carla drove to the company by herself. Darrow and Becky went home directly.

In a low-key black luxury car, Wendy sat on the copilot seat, while only Darrow and Becky sat in the back seat.

Becky lazily leaned in Darrow's arms. He held her waist with one hand and held her hand with the other hand. They were so intimate.

"Does that doctor like you?" He suddenly asked.

Becky was stunned. Then she denied, "how could it be possible? We haven't seen each other for many years. I have forgotten him." "That's you." "It's you who haven't seen him for years, not him.

It's you who have forgotten. Obviously, he hasn't forgotten. " Becky often appeared in various shows or brand advertisements. That man could see her as long as he wanted.

Just not in person

And Sam could see at a glance that Becky was deliberately disguised. He must not have pure emotion for Becky.

Becky thought what Darrow said was quite reasonable.

"Maybe, just because he did like me before." Becky said, and specially emphasized, "but it happened four or five years ago." So, Sam just had liked her.

Darrow put on an astonished look immediately, as if he had guessed it rightly.

Becky explained, "Sam confessed his love to me at the graduation dinner three years ago, but I refused." Darrow glanced at her, and his cold black eyes showed helples

'll be with you. " Darrow kissed her forehead and said softly.

"Yes." Becky said. Then she added, "I have no secrets from you now." Her voice sounded sleepy, more like a somniloquy.

But Darrow knew these words were from her heart.

"Yes, I know." He hugged her tightly and his heart melted.

Becky nestled in his arms and fell asleep in a comfortable position. Then she added, "I love you." "I love you too." "Yes, I love you very much." he replied without hesitation Becky didn't say anything more. She fell asleep in his arms.

Darrow smiled, gave her a gentle kiss, and closed his eyes satisfactorily.

Carla held a meeting at the l Z International Corporation in the afternoon. Only when she was about to get off work did she ask the XY Entertainment Company to arrange the second round of interview of the assistant tomorrow.

She went back to the office and checked the time. She remembered that she promised Becky to have lunch with her in the morning. She tidied up the files on the table and was ready to go back home in advance.

But before she went out, her phone rang again.

It was from the planner of "The Goddess of Changes", Robert Wang, so she went back to her boss chair and was not in a hurry to leave.

He called Carla to confirm Becky's schedule and inform her of shooting arrangement.

Then Carla continued to talk with him about the matters they haven't discussed or they haven't had a chance to negotiate. It took them nearly half an hour before they hung up the phone.

Carla left the office without lingering more.

After work, Elsa saw the XY Entertainment Company's message, informing her to take part in the second round of interview tomorrow morning.

Her first feeling was not happiness, but tension.

After the nervous, she felt happy.

Ada also sent her a message, telling her excitedly that she also received the notice of the second round of interview, and joking that they would be competitors tomorrow.

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