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   Chapter 67 Old Classmate

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Becky was so lucky to be loved so much by Darrow.

"Darrow, thank you." Becky rubbed his arm and said in a soft voice.

"You little fool." Darrow smiled, pinched her face and held her into the elevator.

When she went back upstairs, Becky received a message from Clara. Clara said, "Becky, I asked you if he was fine yesterday during dinner.

And you said that he is a good man.

At that time, I didn't understand what did "good" mean, but when I saw the two of you just now, I suddenly understood.

Becky, I feel happy for you."

Previously, Clara had been watching entertainment programs and magazines which always talked about how Darrow, the CEO of l Z International Corporation, spoiled Becky, the international supermodel, and how sweet their love was.

But Clara always felt dubious about the news in the entertainment circle which always overstated the fact to earn audiences' attention and praise.

Yesterday, she heard from Becky that Darrow was a good man, but she didn't know what to say.

It was not until just now that Clara suddenly understood.

Darrow was really nice.

Darrow looked at Becky, like he looked at his precious treasure.

The look on his face would not lie.

He was afraid that Becky might be scared to go back alone at night, so he came downstairs to pick Becky up.

He was worried that Becky might be cold, so he put a coat on Becky considerately.

Clara thought Becky did meet the right person.

She was genuinely happy for Becky.

"I have always been grateful that I could meet him." Becky replied Clara quickly, full of happiness and satisfaction.

"Darrow, I just asked Clara about the current situation of Nicole and Elsa." Becky said to Darrow, "She said that they had a bad time." Clara also said that they always felt sorry for me." Darrow answered, "Um." And he continued to listen to Becky.

"I said since the moment they chose to hurt me, they were not my friends anymore. I will never forgive them."

Becky was still a little depressed.

"Yes, you are right." Darrow caressed her cheek and said, "They don't deserve to be your friends." 'Those who hurt Becky didn't deserve to be her friends.'

Becky exhaled heavily. She buried her head in Darrow's arms and rubbed against his chest like an unhappy kitten seeking comfort.

Darrow gently patted Becky on the back and said, "Well, let bygones be bygones." "Yes." Becky answered simply and closed her eyes.

"Have a good night." Darrow kissed her eyes and said gently.

"Good night." Becky got closer to his arms.

Finally it stopped raining.

It was after midnight that Nicole got drunk and left from the Yun Clubhouse.

The wet water of the street covered the whole ground.

As it was late at night, the temperature was a little low and a cold wind blew. Nicole did not feel warm even though she wrapped her thin coat tightly.

It was already early in the morning. On the street, there were not even a few cars on the road.

The light of the street lamp was covered with a thin layer of mist. When the car drove fast through, it could cr

the doctor's office, one door just opened from the inside. A male doctor in white coat walked out while turning over a page of case book with knitted eyebrows.

The male doctor was also about to go downstairs, so he followed Becky and others all the way out of his office. He was also waiting for the elevator in a few steps behind Becky and others.

"Ding!" The elevator door opened in front of them with a weak sound.

Holding Becky's hand, Darrow walked in. The doctor also closed the case book and looked away from it.

Becky looked up and her eyes met the male doctor when the male doctor walked into the elevator.

Becky just treated the male doctor as a stranger and looked away.

The doctor was stunned and couldn't move his eyes from Becky.

Four years had passed since they last met. The doctor had never thought that he could still recognize Becky at first sight.

The doctor didn't even think that he would have a chance to see Becky again.

The doctor's stunned eyes were so clear that Darrow soon noticed the doctor's unusual gaze.

Darrow frowned and glanced at the doctor coldly. Then he held Becky into his arms without any trace.

Carla stepped closer to Becky. Becky also put her hat down a little bit.

Perhaps it was because that they were too defensive that the doctor came to his senses.

The doctor awkwardly withdrew his sight, hesitated for a moment and turned back.

Becky just stood quietly beside Darrow, and it seemed that she didn't recognize the doctor at all.

In fact, Becky didn't recognize the doctor.

Suddenly, the doctor asked, "Becky?" As soon as the doctor stopped, all the other four people in the elevator looked at him.

Becky could tell from the doctor's tone that he wasn't a common fan.

Becky thought the male doctor was probably a familiar face. Although she looked at the doctor over and over again by raising her hat, she couldn't match the face in front of her eyes with the same someone in her memory.

Seeing that Becky was confused, the doctor felt disappointed at once.

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