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   Chapter 66 I Will Never Forgive You

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Becky might meet someone else, but not as relieved and happy as she was with Darrow.

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too. I only love you." Darrow responded to her in a low voice. He held the back of her head with one hand, his five fingers sticking into her hair and kissing her lips.

It was as if Darrow was the one who was trying to declare his ownership over others. He was so passionate and sensual, as if he was going to integrate Becky into his body.

It rained for several consecutive days, and the whole city was wet and gray.

Carla finally returned from France. After getting off the plane, she went to the hospital. After seeing Darrow and Becky, she took over all the work from Darrow and rushed back to l Z International Corporation without a single moment so that Darrow could have a good rest.

Becky was still in the hospital with Darrow.

Becky had planned to stay in France these days. After she put off the plan to return from France, she had nothing else to do and had plenty of time to accompany him to rest.

Darrow didn't have to handle so many business affairs, so he had chance to relax. Therefore, he just took this as a holiday.

The outside was still overcast and rainy, without the sunlight at all, which was just suitable for a leisure life.

Darrow leaned against the bed, reading a financial book at random. Lying in his arms, Becky looked through the cover photo taken half a month ago of the magazine named "VOgirl" which was sent to her just now.

The two people were doing their own things without verbal communication, and even their eyes couldn't meet each other. In the whole room, there was only slight sounds from the books in Darrow's hands because he was looking through papers from time to time. But it didn't make people feel embarrassed because of the silence or make people feel that something was wrong.

Instead, the atmosphere of the whole room was quiet and nice, and even time they spent together in the room seemed to have become different and charming.

The photographer was an old acquaintance of Becky who had cooperated with Becky several times. Becky was satisfied with the photos and had no objection.

Halfway through, when Becky saw herself smiling on the screen, she suddenly thought of Elsa.

Becky remembered one year when the four of them went to visit a neighboring city, Elsa took a lot of photos for her too.

On the way back that day, Becky and Elsa had been discussing what kind of special effects they wanted to use on the photos.

Becky and Elsa were not professional photographers and just added some light effects on the photos with their cellphones, at most making face flawless or making mosaics. They also kept talking about these happily.

However, Becky thought that Elsa said to her after Nicole showed her the truth four years ago, "Nicole didn't do anything unforgivable."

Elsa concealed and questioned her reasonably as if they were not good friends.

All of a sudden, the finger that was sliding the screen stopped. Becky asked in a daze, "Darrow, is it that all the mistakes are un

nd said, "I'm leaving." Clara stood up too. Looking at her back as Becky walked out, Clara thought for a while and called her, "Becky." "What?" Becky stopped and turned back.

"Nothing." Clara smiled and said, "I just want to tell you that Mr. Ji and I have the same thoughts.

Let bygones be bygones. Don't let it bother you any more. " She was biased in favor of Becky.

Hearing this, Becky smiled happily.

Becky said goodbye to Clara. She opened the door of her office and saw Darrow waiting at the door before she went out.

Darrow was still wearing the hospital gown with blue and white stripes. Her thin coat was hanging on his arm. He was standing at the door in such a long and handsome manner. There was no sign of impatience on his face.

Becky dazed for a second and naturally held his hand. She looked up and asked confusedly, "Why are you here?" "It's too late. I'm afraid that you might be afraid of going back alone, so I come down to pick you up." Darrow put the thin coat on Becky and looked through her shoulder at Clara, who was standing behind the desk. Darrow nodded to Clara politely as a greeting.

Clara smiled gracefully.

Becky held Darrow's arm, turned around and waved goodbye to Clara. Then Becky closed the office door and walked to the elevator with Darrow.

"Darrow, how long have you been here?" Becky asked.

"I went downstairs ten minutes ago. I thought you have almost finished talking." Said Darrow, as he reached for the elevator button.

"So long? Why didn't you call me?" Becky asked again.

After all, Darrow had a strong sense of time. Even when he went to see Becky's show, other time would be regarded as a waste by him.

"No need for that. You're not dating a secret lover. Why should I hurry you?" Darrow habitually touched Becky's head with great affection.

Becky was touched by his words, but at the same time, she felt glad to see him. Darrow had stood outside Clara's office and waited for her for ten minutes, or even more, because he was afraid that she would be scared if she went upstairs alone.

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