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   Chapter 65 There Is No If

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After laughing, Myron said, "I come here to see if you are still alive or not." Paying no attention to Darrow's tone, he said, "But it seems that you have recovered well." Look at Darrow's pale and frightening face.

Becky didn't even look at Myron. She stood up with the bowl and said to Myron, "I'm not done with you yet. You didn't mention a word about Darrow when he was sent to the hospital yesterday." "I'm wronged." Myron claimed with a serious face, "I was planning to tip you off as soon as I got the news. But someone told me not to do that." Seeing that Becky sat on the bedside with the porridge in her hands, Myron added, "Besides, you come back even if I didn't mention it." "That's because I am well-informed." Said Becky, handing Darrow the porridge, "Have some porridge first." Darrow didn't reply, but kept typing on the keyboard with his ten fingers.

"I want you to feed me." Darrow gave the order confidently.

Becky obediently fed him a spoon of porridge.

Darrow's eyes were still fixed on the screen, but he could always open his mouth and drink it in time when Becky handed him the spoon. It was a natural fit.

Taking advantage of the situation, Rita wisely excused herself, "Mr. Ji, I'm leaving now. I'll pick these documents up before going to work tomorrow morning." "Okay." Darrow simply responded.

After saying goodbye to Becky and Myron, Rita left the ward with her bag.

Becky fed Darrow a spoon of porridge. She thought for a while and then complained, "Why should I feed you who can even check the files, call someone and curse him?" Darrow could see the resentment on Becky's face.

He pursed his lips and said confidently, "I like it." Becky, "...." If Darrow was not a patient, she would splash the porridge on his face.

Myron, "..." 'Do you want to show off your love in front of everyone? There were other people in the ward!' Myron wondered whether he should leave or not?

Finally, Clara met Becky for her wish.

Clara kept a very happy mood on the way home from the hospital.

After a pleasant hot shower, Clara came out of the bedroom, wearing a pink dry hair cap and humming a song. She threw herself on the sofa and opened the TV.

The apartment Clara lived was a two-bedroom apartment, which covered an area of 90 square meters. After graduation, her parents bought it with the down payment.

Clara leaned on the sofa and watched TV. Suddenly, she thought of something. She reached for the phone on the coffee table in front of her and opened the address book. Her fingers stopped on Elsa's name, trying to call her, but she was suddenly hesitant.

She wanted to tell Elsa that she had been looking for Becky for a long time, and finally she saw Becky today.

She was trying to hint Elsa with that.

However, would Elsa think that she was showing off or just having some other meaning? 'Call Elsa or not?' Clara held the phone in her hand for a long time, and finally decided to dial.

When the phone rang, Elsa was just about to finish her part-time job at a convenience store

she was only a teenager. However, she had never had a crush on the future because she had been spoiled. She even didn't know what she wanted.

So being a doctor was just Clara's dream, not hers.

"But if I hadn't run away from home a few years ago, you probably wouldn't have met me." Becky suddenly looked up at Darrow and smiled.

If she didn't run away from home, it meant that her life would be developing according to the original track.

At that time, she was confident enough to enter the Medical University of T City. And indeed, she could indeed enter the Medical University of T City with her scores.

If everything went well, Becky would become a doctor like Clara and go to work on time every day.

Becky could even have a campus romance when she were still in college.

Then her life path would never have any intersection with Darrow.

As soon as Becky finished speaking, she felt that Darrow held her tighter.

"There is no if." Darrow said firmly.

He didn't want to make unnecessary assumptions. Now Becky was in his arms, and he had her all.

"I don't care whether you're a doctor or a supermodel. Whether you ran away from home or not, it's mine.

It's just a matter of time. " Darrow continued. His words were conceited, but made Becky hard to refute.

With a sudden smile, Becky grabbed Darrow's arm and raised her head to kiss his jaw.

In fact, Becky was not willing to make such an assumption. If her life was another path without Darrow, what would happen to her?

Because not only Darrow would be afraid of not seeing her, but she would also be afraid of not seeing Darrow.

If the person she met in her life was not Darrow, then she was sure that no one could make her love so deeply.

Besides Darrow, there was no other man who would make her want to be together for a lifetime. She would not feel that her heart would beat faster and faster when she looked at others. And that there would be no man who would love her like Darrow, even without the bottom line and principle.

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