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   Chapter 63 He Is Fine

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Clara thought a lot, but never thought that it would be in such an unexpected situation.

Her beloved girl was walking towards her, accompanied by a woman.

Becky was wearing a hat and a mask, so no one noticed that she was the famous Becky Ye, except for Clara Yang.

Clara could still recognize Becky at first glance after four years.

Becky didn't seem to see her. She walked to the other elevator with the woman.

"Becky." Clara called her subconsciously.

Becky stopped and turned around.

Becky's face was hidden by the mask, and Clara could not see her expression. Clara did not know if Becky was as excited as her for this reunion.

Becky stood still, without moving or saying a word.

Clara stared at Becky nervously and did not have any confidence at all.

"Miss Ye, the elevator is coming." Wendy reminded Becky.

Becky nodded and whispered something to Wendy. When the elevator arrived, Becky took the insulation barrel from Wendy's hand and went into the elevator.

"Becky!" Clara subconsciously wanted to follow Becky, but she was stopped by Wendy.

"Hello, Miss Yang." Wendy said politely, "Miss Ye asked me to tell you that it's not a good place to talk.

She has something else to do. She'll buy you a cup of coffee some time." Clara stared blankly at the closed elevator door.

Becky was only less than two meters away from Clara, but she let someone else pass on a message to Clara. What did it mean?

Did Becky really give up on Clara? Becky didn't expect to meet Clara here.

Becky saw the surprise and expectation on Clara's face. Clara did nothing wrong in the past, but was also kept out of Becky's boundary like everyone else.

Because of her previous caprice, Becky did not know how to face Clara temporarily, so she asked Wendy to stop Clara temporarily.

It was undeniable that Becky was also happy to see Clara.

After all, for many years, they were always best friends.

When Becky pushed the door of Darrow's ward, Darrow was talking on the phone. Becky didn't know what the person on the other end of the line had said, but Darrow coldly said, "If you still can't do it, go to the personnel department to settle your salary." As the door was slightly slammed, Darrow looked up and the coldness around him vanished when he saw Becky coming in.

Without saying a word, Becky took off her hat and mask, poured the porridge specially made by Wendy into a bowl, and sat beside Darrow's bed.

"I'll give you the last chance. If you can't submit a satisfactory proposal before 3:00 this afternoon, you'd better quit your job and go home." Then Darrow hung up the phone, leaving no chance for others to struggle.

A cup of warm water was handed to him in time.

Taking it over, Darrow glanced at Becky and asked, "Are you unhappy?" 'Didn't she go home? Who made her so angry?' Becky shook her head, watching Darrow drink some water and hand the bowl to him.

Darrow didn't take it. Instead, he looked at Becky up and down, trying to see through her mind.

Becky did

you again.

Four years had passed. You left without saying a word to me. I even wondered if I had done something wrong that made you hide from me. " Clara said softly. She picked up the napkin on the table and put it on her knees, with red eyes, "Later I knew you were in T City, but I didn't know how to see you, and I don't know if you also want to see me." Becky had been gone for a week when Clara knew that she was missing.

Nicole and Elsa made a phone call to Clara in tears, feeling guilty and remorseful. They also said that Ye family had called police, but the police couldn't find anything.

Clara was dumbfounded at that time.

After getting to the bottom of the matter, Clara scolded Nicole and Elsa, but it was too late to say anything back.

Becky lowered her head and tidied the napkin on her knees. She said indifferently, "I have nothing to say. That year, I was so sad by too many people and I was so angry that I wanted to leave at that time. I didn't want to see anyone again." Clara did not know what to say.

Although Clara did not experience what had happened at that year, she had a general idea of what had happened.

Becky was proud, stubborn and persistent. She always had a good life. Everyone spoiled her. Then how could she bear such humiliation and harm?

"It's all over. I'm fine now." Seeing that Clara did not speak, Becky said, "Let's have dinner first. I have to go back to the hospital after dinner." And Becky's tone was much softer, not as indifferent and alienated as before.

Darrow was waiting for her.

Picking up the chopsticks, Clara thought for a while and asked, "Becky, is... is he nice to you?" "He is fine." When mentioning Darrow, Becky's face was filled with softness and happiness. Becky answered without hesitation, not like lying. She was really happy.

Clara also smiled and felt happy from the bottom of her heart. "That's good." Fortunately, Becky was still alive and nice. She was together with people who loved her and spoiled her as usual.

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