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   Chapter 61 I Want To Go Back

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After seeing Carla and Becky off, Selin told her assistant several things she couldn't believe.

After all, her first sight of Becky coming to "Rêve" was because of Becky's beautiful appearance and Becky's status among Chinese supermodels which was listed on the world supermodels.

But she didn't expect that Becky would say her design concept and the meaning of every element she had chosen.

Becky was a beautiful woman, and she was also talented.

No wonder Becky could always surprise people.

Becky could understand the designer's philosophy, and thus she would be able to present the soul of clothes while not being suppressed by the dress itself.

Mrs. Selin felt like she had found the most valuable thing in the world.

Becky and Carla, who had just left Selin's home, were also in a good mood.

The joys they had just talked with Selin directly impacted their mood.

They were lucky to see the designs of the wedding dresses collected by Selin. Every single stroke was gorgeous and romantic, which even made every dress a legend.

Selin had promised to Becky and Carla that she would send one of the wedding dresses in the drafts to them, and she would add several elements of hers to make a unique collection for them when they got married.

"I didn't expect that Selin is so easy to persuade." Becky sighed.

After all, in Becky's impression, these masters were generally very difficult to deal with.

"She is captivated by your personal charisma." Carla laughed and teased Becky.

Most Becky's acquaintances liked her.

All of a sudden, Becky put on a proud look, with some expectations in it, "I'm looking forward to seeing what the wedding dress she will give me in the future." "Why don't you get married as soon as possible?" Said Carla.

Darrow could prepare a grand wedding for her as long as Becky wanted.

"Indeed, take her time to make it perfect." Becky continued, "I have to give Selin some time to prepare for the wedding dress. I can't just tell her that we are going to get married tomorrow." Becky had a lot of her reasons. Carla couldn't refute but only shook her head with a smile.

Becky leaned against the window and added, "I'm only twenty-two years old and I'm still very young. I just graduated from University, and I need to work hard at my career." "Don't you have enough business?" Carla smiled and asked Becky.

"Not enough.

I need to be stronger so that I can marry Darrow without any pressure. " Becky said seriously.

Hearing this, Carla was stunned.

"You are just too stubborn." Carla touched Becky's head and said helplessly.

Becky smiled at Carla with a completely relaxed look, "That's why I said two more years would be enough." After two years, she would marry Darrow and become his wife.

"So it is." Carla said.

Carla wondered why it was two years, not three years, or not one year.

Two years later, Becky would be twenty-four, the most suitable age to get married.

Neither too early nor too late, nor letting Darrow wait for Becky too long.

The weather of T City often changed recently.

It was raining cats and do

arrow should stay in the hospital for a few days. Darrow frowned, but finally said nothing.

After running up and down for the admission procedure, Myron returned to the ward. Darrow had already closed his tired eyes and fell asleep with even breathing.

Darrow had been really busy recently, without Becky by his side. He usually have to rest until two or three o'clock in the morning. He also went to work on time in the morning and only had breakfast normally. In the evening, he had to drink for socializing.

It was not strange that Darrow got sick this time as his stomach was not in a good condition in the first place.

Myron lazily leaned back on the sofa, touched his nose, pulled out his phone and watched the news to pass the time.

At the same time, it was already nine o'clock in the morning in France. Becky had already put on a delicate makeup. Wearing a gorgeous dress, she sat on the sofa, lazily playing the Weibo. When Carla who had just went out to answer a call came back, they had to set out for the activity site.

Today was just the second day of the film festival which lasted for a week.

It was still a few days before they came back home.

Becky pursed her lips and looked up, only to find that Carla walked in with slight frowning, holding the phone that had just ended the call.

Becky sat up straight at once and asked confusedly, "Carla, what's wrong? What happened?" 'Why did Carla look pale after she received a phone call?' Carla glanced at Becky, thought for a while and said, "Just now, Leah called me and told me that Darrow is in hospital." Leah was Carla's special assistant in l Z International Corporation. During the period when Carla was absent, she worked through Leah.

Hearing this, Becky's face suddenly changed. She asked anxiously, "Why is Darrow in hospital all of a sudden?" 'Didn't Darrow call me last night? Why is he in hospital all of a sudden? Was he caught by accident or just got sick.'

A myriad of possibilities appeared in Becky's mind in just a few seconds. Her face with exquisite makeup went completely pale.

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