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   Chapter 58 Her Retribution

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Although Darrow loved Becky, he preferred her clean and pure makeup, especially her cute expression.

After that, Darrow got out of bed and called Becky.

Carla answered the phone because Becky was still filming.

Darrow said a few simple words and then hung up the phone quickly. He logged in his Weibo account while washing up. As expected, he saw what Becky had posted two hours ago.

Good morning.

Becky added a sunny Emoji.

The words and funny picture, full of vital energy, caught Darrow's attention.

Though it was quite early, there were already more than two thousand comments.

Most fans felt sorry that Becky had gotten up early to work, and some visited Becky's account for a sense of existence, other fans made compliments.

Some fans even guessed when Darrow would appear in the comment area.

As everybody expected, Darrow forwarded it and wrote, "Morning, my fairy."

Darrow wasn't in the entertainment circle, and he didn't like to post on Weibo.

But Darrow was Becky's boyfriend, the youngest and most handsome CEO in l Z International Corporation. His Weibo fans had more than thirty million, even more than some of the stars in the entertainment circle who were praised by the fans.

As soon as Darrow's repost was posted, there were comments below it: In the early morning, you're lovey-dovey at the Weibo, but I'm happy to see it.

Or you two wanted to show off your love when you're in different places. This is outrageous.

When Becky took a noon break, she found that the Weibo posted in the morning had been spread on the hot topics. Many people was saying that Becky and Darrow were showing their love for each other.

Becky sat in the tent with a big smile. She picked out the spareribs from the lunch box to Cathy's bowl and called Darrow back.

"Taking a break?" Darrow quickly answered the phone and asked.

"Yes, we are having lunch now." Becky put all the spareribs in the lunch box into Cathy's bowl. Taking back her chopsticks, Becky poked the rice in her bowl unconsciously. "Have you eaten yet?" Darrow was still signing documents when he heard Becky's words. He replied, "No, I haven't. I will have lunch after I finish my work." "Don't forget to eat. Don't eat too late." Becky urged.

"Yes, I know." Darrow agreed. He closed the signed files, leaned back and called Becky carefully, "When did you get up this morning?" "Half past four." Becky grumbled, "It's still early when I finish makeup." Darrow imagined the possible expressions of Becky on the other end of the phone, curling the corners of his mouth, and said, "My little elf, very beautiful." His gentle and sexy voice caught Becky off guard.

Becky's heart thumped and her face blushed a little. She smiled and bent her eyebrows. Becky was like a little girl depending on Darrow now.

It was said that a woman would doll herself up for her boyfriend.

Becky was happy that her boyfriend could appreciate it.

Becky stole a glance aside where no one noticed her and quickly kissed the cell phone receiver, "This is your reward." "You should make it up when you come back." Said Darrow on the other side of the line.

Becky said with a smile, "That's for later." It was still a long t

were curved when she smiled, which made people feel warm.

Elsa waited at the door for a few minutes before Ada Liu ran out of breath.

Ada Liu took a few deep breaths to clear her mind. Then she patted on Elsa's shoulder and gave each other a pep talk. Then, they went to the company together.

The wall was filled with photos of Becky who attended banquets and activities. Elsa was not unfamiliar with these photos, but she felt a little dazed when she saw them at this place.

Four years had passed, and that gentle girl had become a bright star. And no one could catch up with her.

There was a clear boundary between Elsa and Becky, indicating that Elsa could not cross the distance.

But many years ago, none of them had ever thought that they would be apart till now.

There were many people who would go to the interview room. Elsa was a little nervous.

Ada Liu was also very nervous. Her palms were sweating.

Although the news that Becky was going to recruit an assistant was not spread in a large range, they had also gotten news from various channels, coming here for an interview one after another.

They were all young people in their twenties. Some wore heavy makeup, while some wore simple T-shirts and shorts. Some were college students who just graduated.

Speaking of the education levels of each of them, they are all better than Elsa who only graduated from specialized secondary school.

Compared with them, Elsa's only advantage was that she grew up with Becky when she was a child. Although Elsa did not know Becky very well, she was at least better than others.

And this was the only advantage, and it happened to be the biggest advantage here.

The interviewer was quite satisfied with Elsa's performance, but the interviewer still hesitated about Elsa's education.

The interviewer asked Elsa to go back and wait for the notice. Then Elsa would wait for Carla and Becky to come back from France for the second round of interview and the final selection.

Although it was only a position of assistant, the assistant had to work for Becky every day. No one could be careless in this recruitment.

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