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   Chapter 57 I Miss You

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It was in the evening then, but now it was in the morning.

What's more, the young man and Carla lived abroad at that time, and now they lived at home.

The young man pulled back his sight but could not help thinking of the scene that happened many years ago.

The scene that had long been faintly blurred in his memory became clear in an instant because he had met Carla again.

Carla was supposed to be under 20 years old at that time. There was still a trace of childishness on her beautiful face, but her temperament had become very calm and indifferent.

Carla used to be more lonely and cold.

Carla stood afar in the dark sky. She did nothing, but the dark sky was lit up.

When Becky and Carla came out of the tent, it was already dawn. The incandescent lamp was surrounded by a layer of white mist, and the entire forest was hazy. The two colors of black and gray were mixed together, making the best of each other.

At this time, the surrounding scenery could be barely visible.

The tall trees stood irregularly, and the leaves were so thick that the vines were messy. Apparently, they had been growing for some years.

The ground was covered with thick weeds and there was no color of soil. The ground was like a green carpet which was deliberately paved.

"It's beautiful." Becky took a deep breath and sighed.

Becky had changed her makeup into the dress required for the commercial shooting.

Under the title of "elf", Becky wore a white long dress with horn sleeves, decorated with lace and pattern of the same color.

Long brown curly hair fell over Becky's back, and a distinct tree crown was worn on her head. Becky was just wearing a simple make-up, with three small white flowers drawn on her forehead. She looked like an unworldly elf from the mortal world.

Becky liked the new dress very much and sent it to Darrow immediately. With a miserable expression on her face, Becky expressed how pitiful she was to get up before daybreak to work.

It was still early. Becky thought Darrow might still be sleeping, so she didn't wait for him to reply after sending the message.

"After all, it's one of the most famous scenic spots in A City." Then Carla smiled, turned to Becky and said, "Let's go there." "Yes." Becky answered and sent the photos to the Weibo. Then she walked towards the director's place side by side with Carla.

The young director, who didn't have time to greet them, walked towards Becky and Carla.

The young director was a very handsome young man with a pair of black frame glasses.

He was about 180 centimeters in height. Wearing a simple white T-shirt and gray casual trousers, he looked like around 26 or 27 years old, gentle and elegant.

"Hello, Miss Ye and Miss Ji." The young director reached out his hand to Becky and Carla, and said in a gentle voice, "I'm the director of the movie named "The Second Generation of Elf", Hubery Mo. Nice to meet you." It was the first time the young director and Carla met.

Indeed, it was their first official meeting.

"Hello, Director Mo." Carla, who was closer to the young man, shook her hand

nment circle are busy developing their career. The effect is good." Hubery Mo continued, "You can try to take Becky into the show business.

If Becky works hard, she could be as good as today, and definitely get a better job." Carla just smiled.

The show business was much more complicated than the model circle, and it was full of scandals. Becky was too simple to get along with.

Not to mention that the Ji family didn't lack money, Becky didn't need to work so hard. Even if one day Becky no longer had any popularity, it didn't matter.

Darrow wouldn't allow Becky, the treasure he loved so much, to act intimately with other men.

Of course, the most important thing was that Becky had no interest in acting.

Becky entered the entertainment circle and became an international supermodel just because of her own interest.

"Let's wait and see. Becky has no intention of entering the show business." Carla said.

"What a pity," Said Hubery Mo.

This was the truth.

Hubery Mo really thought that Becky had the potential to perform.

Hubery Mo was a new director with sharp eyes.

However, if Becky really wanted to get into the show business to achieve some achievements, she still needed to be cultivated. After all, no one had been able to reach such a great achievement in the show business for such a short time.

Most of the good acting skills were based on the experience.

Darrow woke up early and saw the picture sent by Becky two hours ago on his phone.

In a floor-length white skirt, Becky looked like a fairy.

There were a few pictures in a row. Some of which were taken by Becky herself, some of them were naughty and cute, and some of them were taken with others' help which were serious as if Becky was taking photos for a magazine.

The last message was a miserable expression, indicating that it was time to work.

Darrow curled his lips and casually set a photo of Becky's crinkling nose into mobile phone wallpaper, replacing it with a photo of Becky on the show of "Echoes", which he had just changed in a few days ago.

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