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   Chapter 55 Showing Off Love

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Every time she went out to work, he would find time to drive her to the airport no matter how busy he was.

After the breakfast, Becky went to get changed while Darrow was waiting for her on the sofa in the living room.

When she came downstairs, he was on the phone, but he still saw her immediately with his eyesight burning.

Becky usually wore plain white clothes, and today was no exception.

It was not that she was fond of the color. It was just that this color could make her beauty less obvious.

She applied light make-up and applied soft pink lipstick, no longer trying to stand out.

The servant moved her luggage into the car, and she walked towards him with her bag.

"Put off the meeting for an hour and a half. I'll be late for the company today." Darrow said to the person on the other end of the phone, as he watched her walk over.

Apparently, the person she was talking to was his chief secretary, Rita.

She blinked her eyes. Darrow continued, "help me make an appointment with CEO Chen of the Q Y Real Estate Company this afternoon. I have to meet him at 3:00 pm. just like that." He hung up the phone, pulled her into his arms and bowed his head to kiss her on the lips.

"Are you going to have a meeting later?" She put her hands on his shoulders and asked.

"Yes, at half past nine." Darrow replied.

"Don't bother to send me. I can ask Aesop to send me to the airport. When I arrive at the airport, Carla will pick me up.

You go to the company for the meeting first. " Becky said considerately.

She was not that kind of girl who would force her boyfriend to put aside everything at hand.

"I'll drive you to the airport first." Darrow replied firmly, "I've asked them to postpone the meeting." "That's not good. Many people are waiting for you." Becky continued to persuade him, "it doesn't matter if you don't drive me to the airport occasionally. You can pick me up when I come back." Hearing this, Darrow gave her a disdainful look.

Becky didn't know why, but she heard his arrogant words unceremoniously, "I'm the CEO, they had to follow me, since i said I would postpone it." Becky was speechless and helpless. She just smiled and said three words, " a· womanizing · monarch." "The monarch who is still running the country cannot be called a womanizing monarch." Darrow smiled and replied.

He would return to the company after driving her to the airport. Morning Shift was not over yet.

Hearing this, Becky burst into laughter. For a moment, she couldn't find anything to refute him. She had to say with a smile, "so my womanizing monarch, shall we go out?" "Naughty girl." Jean flicked her forehead, pulled her up and walked out of the door.

It was past nine o'clock in the morning. The stores on both sides of the street had just opened. The sunlight shone on the glass windows and the dazzling light mixed with slight colors gathered in the air, beautiful and hot.

It was in the rush hour. There were people in casual clothes or suits, who were in a hurry. And the bus vehicles that p

ruiting an assistant for a star in the entertainment circle had a lot of things to worry about than other industries.

Because she had to work together every day. If she was too careless to give anyone a chance, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Okay." Becky nodded.

"Selin, the famous wedding master in France, is going to hold a personal show in the middle of September to display her series of wedding dress named 'Rêve'.

She wants to invite you to be her wedding dress model. " Carla continued, and then opened the tablet, and found a picture and handed it to Becky, "this is the design draft."

Becky reached out for the laptop and glanced at the screen.

She fell in love with the wedding dress almost immediately.

It was a retro vertical collar design with a Chinese clasp with a phoenix tail shape.

The hemline was luxurious. The tail was at least 3 meters long, layers upon layers without any sign of cumbrousness, and the details are meticulous and original.

Knowing her for so many years, Carla had already been trained with the ability to judge her thoughts from her expressions.

"It seems that I can give her a definite answer now." She said, "after we fly to France, we can just make time to go to Paris to visit Miss Selin." "But doesn't she always admire their romantic style in the west? I didn't expect the wedding dress to be decorated with so many typical oriental elements. " "In fact, it's not just the main wedding dress. It's the entire series." "She stayed in our country for a while at the end of last year and may be attracted by our oriental culture, so she designed this series of wedding dresses when she came back." "It's very beautiful." "I like it," Becky replied "Miss Selin told me that you are the only one she wants to wear this wedding dress, so she is eager to know your answer." Said Carla.

There were too many typical oriental elements on this wedding dress, and only the oriental girls could show its beauty.

And the best candidate was no one other than Becky ye.

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