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   Chapter 53 I Have No Chance

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For the past four years, Becky seemed to have nothing to do with them.

'Clara must be very sad.' she thought.

In fact, Becky knew very well that Clara and Nicole were different, but she insisted on breaking up with the past, which involved the innocent girl.

When Darrow walked into the studio, he saw Becky sitting cross legged on the dark red couch, lost in thought.

Under the white light of the screen, her beautiful face showed some indifference and melancholy and some sadness.

He frowned slightly, walked quietly to her and sat down beside her.

Nearby location collapsed a piece. When Becky just came to her senses and tried to turn around, then she fell into his arms.

"What are you thinking? You seem absorbed." Becky heard a gentle voice.

Becky turned her head in his arms, and her eyes met his dark eyes.

"You are back." She moved in his arms and changed to a comfortable position leaning against him before answering, "nothing.

I was watching a movie just now. I'm in character. " She didn't say it was because she remembered the past.

She had never mentioned these things to Darrow.

She didn't hide it deliberately.

She just didn't know how to tell him the past, as it was too embarrassing to mention.

"What kind of movie is it?" Apparently, Darrow didn't believe that she was in character.

They had been together for so many years, and he knew Becky better than anyone else.

She had never paid any attention to such kind of shows. Not to mention that her whole body had been disturbed when she saw such scenes in the TV series.

Becky pointed to the screen where the ending song was being played, "this one is, 'Brilliant Legacy'.

It's real. Very good. " Darrow looked down at her. He could saw the complexity and a little sadness in her eyes.

But the feeling of depression only flashed across her mind for a few seconds, and she didn't even notice it.

He knew that Becky had a place in her heart for many years, that she hadn't opened to him yet.

He didn't know what kind of past it was, and what it did to her. She wouldn't talk about it so much that she didn't even tell him.

He stroked her hair and changed the topic. "James and William will come back from abroad today. We will have dinner together tonight." "Are you going out for dinner?" Becky asked.

"Yes, Myron has booked a restaurant. Go get ready. We will set out at six o'clock." Said Darrow.

"Oh, okay." Becky replied without any objection. Then Darrow held her hand and led her out of the room.

"Darrow, I signed a reality show today." Becky held Darrow's arm and followed him down the steps. Meanwhile, she was reporting to him about her new job she had taken today.

"What? Why do you want to take part in such a program? " Asked Darrow.

"I want to give myself a chance to try." Becky continued, "besides, it's said that the show will broadcast 12 jobs in different industries. I think it's interesting." "When will the show start?" He asked.

"I don't know yet. It's supposed to start shooting around next month." Becky answere

people came in and out of the bar, laughing and seeking simple pleasure; some were sad and got drunk to relieve their sorrows; some people went to the bar alone; someone held a beauty in his arms; some held a handsome man's hand; they teased each other without knowing whether it was true or not.

Various people.

In the private club, "Yun Clubhouse" was different from the former two kinds of atmosphere.

People coming in and out of this club are either rich or powerful, as well as stars, high officials, billionaires, gentlemen and socialites.

These people didn't have to stay in a noisy place like a normal small bar. They just wanted to have a place for fun, especially when it came to privacy and confidential work.

It was very quiet, compared with those chaotic bars.

In the private room, Nicole Lu sat on the dark red sofa, leaning on an old man who almost could be her father. She wore heavy makeup just like wearing a mask, so it was hard to recognize her original face. She wore a charming smile like a goblin, tempting him to continuously make him drink.

The old man's hand was placed on her thigh, and the hand with rough texture was brazen presumptuously caressing her skin, like a cold snake, slimy and horrid.

Although she felt sick, she had to get used to it and had to keep her tender and charming face all the time.

She needs a lot of money.

She had no choice but to degenerate.

"Here, Mr. Yu. One more drink." She could already speak fluently with coaxing voice, which rose at the end slightly, just like coquetry.

In general, the most attractive thing for a man like him was the way a woman behaved.

They liked to see women bow and follow what they did and please them.

"Sure. One more drink." As expected, the man had no resistance at all. He poured the glass of wine into his mouth.

"Mr. Yu, you are really a good drinker." Nicole applauded and bragged, with an expression of adoration on her face.

Satisfied with his vanity, the man laughed, turned around and kissed her on the lips.

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