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   Chapter 52 She's Tight-lipped About Something

Ecstasy Of The Heart By Xin Ning Characters: 10652

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"It doesn't matter." Becky said.

After all, Becky would not be idle during the fashion week.

Becky wouldn't be bothered by the incidents. Anyway, it was only for two or three days. She could take it as a vacation.

"Then I will reply to him later." Carla noted down the matter in the memorandum.

"One more thing." Carla continued, "Lola resigned. There is only one assistant left with you. Cathy can't attend to all the affairs by herself when she's busy.

There are no spare assistants in the company for the time being. The new product release of 'Echoes' is over. Since I'm free now, I'm going to recruit more people. I'll pick one of them to be your assistant and help Cathy." Before Becky could say anything, Cathy at the back row started to cheer, "Hooray! Carla is so nice!" Nobody knew how Cathy wished she could use the avatar skill frequently after Lola left.

Especially in the show!

Understanding is everything! Becky turned around and had a look at Cathy. Becky smiled and said, "That's fine with me." "Then I'll have someone prepare for recruitment." Carla nodded.

With a big smile, Anne pushed Cathy and said, "Congratulations! You can finally get some help!" "Thank you, Carla, and Becky." Cathy was Becky's delight. She got along very well with Anne all day long and was very outgoing.

Then Cathy folded her hands and made a pious gesture to express her gratitude.

Both Carla and Becky were amused by Cathy's affected manner.

Both Cathy and Anne burst into laughter.

The luxurious black nanny van, which was low-key, drove steadily on the crowded road with joy and laughter. When the van passed the intersection, it brushed past a bus full of people.

The two cars drove in two completely opposite directions, quickly distancing, and finally disappearing in their respective lines.

It was like to show two totally different fates, which separated quickly after a short encounter.

One towards high position and good wealth, and one towards poverty. They went in opposite ways, separated into an unbreakable distance between the sky and the ground.

It was the rush hour for school and work in the afternoon. The spacious bus carriage was now packed with people.

There was no space between them. People had to collide with each other.

The pungent smell of sweat mingled in the muddy air, including cheap perfume, high-end perfume, greasy snacks and all kinds of strange smell.

Elsa was huddled in the middle of the group, sweating profusely. She clenched the zipper tightly to minimize the distance between her and the person next to her in case she was stained with sweat.

It was a bus without air conditioner, so the air in the bus was steaming inside.

In the back seat sat two students like a couple. The boy kept fanning his girlfriend with a thin notebook in his hand, and the girl clung to his other arm and leaned against him without feeling any heat. The two talked all the way with sweet smiles and no irritability.

Standing in front of Elsa, the man in a black T-shirt was sweating on his back. The entire shirt was full of mottled white sweat stains. It seemed that he does manual labor.

had a new life in the price of blood.

Becky snorted. 'All the sad stories came from life.'

As Becky thought of this, her face gradually became distant, and under the light of the screen, there was a trace of coldness, mockery, and also sadness on her face.

The scene of two people sleeping in each other's arms four years ago when Becky opened the door appeared in Becky's mind again.

That was the only betrayal Becky had experienced in her twenty two years.

Her first love in name, Andrew, and her best friend, Nicole.

Becky and Nicole grew up together, but Becky never knew that Nicole had such a heart under the friendly appearance.

When Becky was confused, Nicole had already known how to snatch what she liked and what she wanted.

"Becky, I know you don't like him, but I do.

I like him so much, so what if you give him to me? You have no idea how much I admire you and how much I envy you.

You are beautiful, clever, and you are also loved by your parents. Everyone likes you and the boy I like has liked you for so many years.

I was so jealous when I knew you were together. About last night, I clearly knew what I was doing, but I didn't regret it.

I'm nothing better than you. You have everything. Even if I take him away from you, it won't have any impact on you, will it? I'm just going after the one I love. What's wrong with me? Even if he is the one you love, I will do the same.

Everyone has the right to chase after the one he loves.

As long as he is the one I love, I will definitely take him away from you." Becky remembered clearly every word that Nicole said that day, and every word of Nicole was deeply stabbed into Becky's heart.

Especially the last sentence.

In the incident, the most sad thing for Becky was not her boyfriend, Andrew, who got together with Becky because Becky lost a bet, but Nicole, who had kept Becky in the dark, and Elsa, Nicole's accomplice, who later blamed Becky.

It was the first time that Becky realized the vicious nature of human beings. Later, because of them, Becky even lost contact with the innocent Clara.

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