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   Chapter 51 Hire Another Assistant

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Carla was really happy for Becky from the bottom of her heart. Because it was Carla who cultivate Becky to what she was today.

After four years, Becky had become one of the most popular international models, the number one of domestic supermodels and ranked third in the world list.

Now Becky had reached the pinnacle of her career and was envied by thousands of people, and she was no longer the poor little girl who had nothing and homeless at that time.

"Yes." Darrow replied indifferently, and his sight did not shift from Becky on the stage at all.

Becky was also looking for Darrow.

The lights within the venue were off, but Becky could still find Darrow easily in the nearly dark light.

Their eyes met in the air, and they both smiled.

They had a good rapport with each other.

Seeing how confident and brilliant Becky was in her field on the runway, Darrow suddenly remembered how panic and helpless Becky was when he first met her four years ago.

Becky was only eighteen years old at that time. She was so innocent that she ran into Darrow's arms like a lost lamb.

Darrow and Becky could not be separated from then on.

In the quiet late night, the thunder was as if it had exploded on the ground.

Becky suddenly woke up from her dream. She sat on the bed in a panic. Her beautiful face was as pale as a paper, and cold sweat wetted her forehead. Her tan hair was soft on her white skin. She looked a little awkward, but more painful and helpless.

The light in the bedroom was always bright all night. Even if Becky woke up at night, it would not be the darkness making her flustered.

Before Becky could say anything else, a pair of big hands wrapped around Becky's waist and pulled her into warm arms. Darrow asked in a familiar voice with obvious concern, "Did you have a nightmare?" "Yes." Becky answered in a low and hoarse voice, burying her head in Darrow's arms and embracing his waist with her hands.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here." Darrow bowed his head and kissed Becky's hair. He gently patted Becky's back with his big hand and comforted Becky in a soft voice.

Becky gradually calmed down in Darrow's arms and slowly closed her watery eyes. The dream she just had kept on flashing through her mind.

Becky dreamed of the time four years ago when she ran away from home.

Her ex-boyfriend and her best friend's entanglement, her dispute with Elsa, the frame of aunt and cousin, the scolding of her parents, and the slap on her face by her father.

When Becky closed her eyes, she could clearly feel her grievance and sadness.

For the past four years, Becky hadn't kept these things in mind for a long time, except for the period when she just ran out of home and had frequent nightmares.

Becky almost forgot those people - good or bad.

As soon as the summer arrived, the outdoor temperature in the T City started to soar, at a place higher than 30 degrees Celsius. The sultry and the bright were like in midsummer.

The crew turned on the air conditioner, so the studio was not hot. Everyone was absorbed

it is not difficult." Becky gave Carla the tablet computer and said with interest, "It sounds interesting.

Are all the other seven guests confirmed? " "It's still under negotiation, but it's settled." As soon as Carla opened another document, she said, "They invited the first-line showgirl, Sunny Hua, who has just taken over the Television Queen of Sparrow, Rebecca, who is the top entertainer of Pineapple TV and the famous domestic hostess, Faye Wu, a dancer, who has been retired for ten years, Julia Lin, a singer, who won the champion in last season's music program "The King of A Song" at the Pineapple TV, and Ramona Ling, a young actress, who started out as a child star.

The rest two men are Jason Jiang and Sean Zhou from the classic group called 'Long Voyage'. Except for Ramona Ling who was still very young, others have already enjoyed a certain reputation in the entertainment circle, and it's worth learning from them.

Rebecca, Sunny Hua and Ramona Ling have given their affirmative answers." Carla continued, "But the name list has already been determined. It will not change again if everything goes well." "Okay, I can have a try. It should be interesting." Becky said.

Staying with so many seniors, Becky could learn a lot.

Carla added, "There is another thing that the late stage of the reality show may collide with the fashion week.

I'm afraid that you won't be able to bear it. " It was early May now. The crew of the program, from the preparations to the adjustment of schedule of the honored guests, needed to be from mid-June to the end of June. And shooting circle wouldn't finish until mid-September or end of September.

But every fashion week would be held in September or October every year. At that time, Becky had to be one month earlier to the fashion show for trial, makeup and rehearsal.

At Becky's current status, she no longer needed to attend the interview for selection. The invitations from various brands had offered Becky opportunities.

Although it saved a lot of time, Becky was still busy.

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