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   Chapter 50 First Domestic Supermodel

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"Yes." Becky replied in a soft voice. She put her arms around Darrow's neck and asked, "Why didn't you go to the company?" "No, I'll stay at home with you today." Said Darrow, as he picked Becky up and asked, "Are you feeling bad?" Becky shook her head and lay in Darrow's arms. Becky seemed very dependent on him.

It was not until Becky went downstairs for lunch that she saw the XY Entertainment Company's statement and Darrow's Weibo, as well as the hot topic at the top of the search board.

Myron, Ella, Vivian and others had all browsed the comments area.

Becky sat in front of the table, stunned for a long time. Then she looked at Darrow sitting beside her and asked sadly and angrily, "Why did I know nothing about it?" Wasn't she the client? Why was she the last one to know about it? Darrow picked up a piece of sweet and sour sparerib and put it into Becky's bowl. His expression didn't change at all, and it seemed that his tone was very light and natural.

"You were asleep." Darrow said.

"Besides, I have said it last night. Everyone should know that you are mine." He added.

Becky poked the rice in her bowl, "But we agreed not to disclose it, didn't we?" Darrow looked up and said, "I know what you are worrying about." Becky was stupefied again.

"What you worry about is not a problem." Darrow added, "Whether you fit me or not, it's up to me.

As for whether you're good for me or not, it doesn't depend on other people. The only thing you need to do is to stay by my side. You just need to remember that we are together because we love each other, not because of any benefit transaction." It turned out that Darrow knew it all.

Darrow knew what Becky cared about.

Becky wasn't a person who would belittle herself, but she met Darrow.

This man was so excellent that Becky couldn't help but raise her head to look up at him.

At the same time, Becky was very proud and stubborn. When she saw the gap between Darrow and her, she didn't want to retreat, but chase after him head-on.

It must be a long and difficult process, but Becky was not afraid of it at all.

Becky just wanted to make their relationship public when the gap between them was not so big.

In this way, there would be less malice and speculation from outsiders.

But Darrow told Becky that all she needed to do was to stay with him.

There was a feeling in Becky's heart but she couldn't explain it. Then, Becky heard Darrow say again, "And, I don't like to see your name match with other men." Darrow was so bossy, but also naive.

Becky burst into laughter.

Darrow looked at Becky and said, "Becky, don't be so cautious. Don't think too much.

You don't need to be chained or change yourself to be together with me. You know very well that one thousand people have one thousand thoughts. Even if there are rumors about us from the outside world, you don't have to care too much.

No matter what difficulties there will be, I will always be there for you. As long as you are with me, you can do whatever you want to do, and you can be who

ze the designer's philosophy, and predict the market value of the show.

They were also discussing what kind of surprise Becky would bring them.

Yes, surprise.

The world supermodel, Becky Ye, was beautiful and had various temperaments.

It seemed that Becky was born with a special charisma that could show the soul of the dress, expressed the design concept of the designer, but not suppressed by the dress.

Every time Becky played on the runway, she was beautiful and never repeated it.

Every time Becky gave people a new surprise.

Just as before, this time, the audience were also looking forward to the visual feast.

When the last model got off the runway, all the lights suddenly turned off and the venue was suddenly dark.

The music stopped abruptly, and the whispers around gradually reduced until there was no sound.

The venue was silent. The sounds of thunder and chaotic rain could be heard faintly.

All the people focused on the stage. Darrow changed a more comfortable posture and finally focused on the runway.

"Ding-dong, tick-tock." In the quiet space, the slow and long sound of water dripping into the empty valley drew the prelude of tonight's major events.

A dim green light was lit up on the runway. A girl was already standing under the light.

The woman was dressed in the amazingly beautiful one-shouldered yellow-green organza irregular dress. The design was bold and novel. And the makeup on her face made her look like an innocent fairy living in the deep forest.

A few golden hand-painted stars were decorated at the corner of her left eye, which made her look mysterious and ethereal.

"So beautiful!" Said Miss Lucia, the chief designer of Mantis Corporation in Britain, with full admiration.

Carla glanced at Miss Lucia and looked around the audience. Then she turned to Darrow and said with a smile, "Becky has been more and more brilliant on the stage over the years." All Carla saw was admiration and amazement.

Becky was like a star shining brightly in her field.

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