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   Chapter 49 Get Closer To Him

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He put her in his arms over her thin pajamas and felt his hands a little itchy and numb.

Becky quivered with his flirtation. Her reason had already collapsed. She could only follow her instinct to cater to him.

The winter night was long and cold.

But it was very hot in the room.

Becky was well dressed. Her dark brown eyes were blurred. It seemed that the man who held her in his arms was the only person in the world.

He placed one hand on her jaw, and the other on her shoulder, looking at her eyes, and finally at her lips, he asked her in a hoarse voice, "Becky ye, I love you. Give you to me, okay?" Becky blushed all over.

Her skin color was white and delicate, and against the white light of her crescent teeth, it seemed more delicate and charming.

She was so embarrassed that she avoided his eyes with thick layer of lust and nodded gently.

Darrow gave her a deep kiss again.

He put his hands on her waist and held her tightly.

It was the first time that Becky knew they could be so intimate.

She was too shy to open her eyes, but her facial features became clearer because of the closed eyes.

She could even feel his pulse.

Holding her wrist, Darrow slowly approached her ear and whispered, "Becky, open your eyes." "No way." Becky shook her head desperately.

"Honey, be a good girl." He coaxed her with patience, deliberately softened his voice and made it sounded extremely sexy with lust.

Becky's eyelashes trembled. She slowly opened her eyes and ran into his deep dark eyes.

His eyes, which used to be cold and indifferent, now seemed to be hot.

Then he bit hard on her body.

Becky's shyness was dispelled immediately by the pain she felt.

"It hurts." Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Just hold on. It won't take long." He coaxed gently. Darrow held her in her arms carefully to distract her attention, and then left marks on her body.

The night in winter was always depressing and cold, and the plain curtain was tightly closed, as if it had divided the inside and outside.

She could feel different temperature, half cold, half hot.

She felt completely strange.

Becky felt like she was floating in the air, bathed in clouds and unable to touch the thick ground.

Becky and Darrow seemed to have entered another world.

Only he and she were there.

All her senses and feelings were completely occupied by Darrow.

"Darrow, Darrow..." she called his name in a low voice and wrapped her arms around his neck.

She had called this name thousands of times, but at this time, she was even more excited.

"I love you." She said softly.

He was the first and the only man she had fallen in love with since she was born.

He was so excellent and unique. It seemed that all the men in the world would become weak and insignificant in front of him.

How could she not love him? Darrow froze for a moment, and there was a fire burning in his eyes.

He kissed her deeply and hugged her more closely, bringing her a s

eping." Replied Darrow.

"She is sleeping soundly. I was woken up by a lot of phone calls in this early morning. Everyone was asking me about you and Becky." "So do you. It was made public so suddenly and I was not informed at all.

It took me a long time to react after I got up this morning. " Carla didn't mean to blame them. In the meantime, her words were full of affection towards them and helplessness for the successive calls.

Fortunately, she had a good capacity to deal with the situation. Besides, she thought it would be better for her to announce the relationship between Darrow and Becky to the public, so she gave the positive answer to all the people's questions. She didn't need to be so busy.

Darrow paused and said, "she doesn't know yet." "She doesn't know?" Carla was a little surprised.

"Yes." Darrow replied slightly.

Hearing that, Peter could not help but laugh. He said, "so you've made it public without telling her? For the news last night? " She knew her brother very well.

Darrow didn't answer, so it meant that he acquiesced in it.

Then Carla continued, "I was still wondering why Becky said that she was not eager to make it public a few days ago, but why she went to Weibo without saying anything last night?" "But it doesn't matter. She doesn't have to keep her identity as a secret from the public." "Yes." Darrow agreed with her.

"I'll ask the company to issue an official statement later.

But you have to comfort Becky yourself when she wakes up. " Carla continued.

There was a touch of smile in Darrow's eyes.

"Okay, thank you, sister." He said from his heart.

"Yes." Carla didn't refuse and accepted straightforwardly.

It was almost the morning when Becky woke up.

Darrow had already dressed up. He sat on the bed with a blue folder in his hand.

Seeing that she was awake, he closed the document in his hand and put it aside. Bending over and pinching her soft and delicate face, he said in a low and sexy voice, "are you awake?"

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