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   Chapter 45 Are You Still Angry

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"Are you frustrated? Oh, I am sorry. I forgot that your ankle is still injured.

Is it hurt? Well, you deserve it. You want to stand on the stage and fight with your lame legs." Jasmine's voice was so low that almost nobody could hear.

The cold sweat on Becky's face became more and more dense, and some of them had gone down her cheek.

Becky clenched the bunch of flowers and kept telling herself. 'It doesn't hurt! It doesn't hurt!'

Becky took a deep breath, turned around and walked back step by step.

Behind Becky, Jasmine raised her chin proudly.

When Becky just walked behind, she saw Darrow standing under the runway waiting for her.

Darrow stood in the shadow and looked cold. There was no gentleness and pampering that he used to see on her.

Becky was stunned.

She thought Darrow had left to deal with something, but she didn't expect him to be waiting here.

All of a sudden, the lights at the venue were turned off and the field was pitch black in Becky's vision.

Before Becky could react, she fell into a familiar embrace.

It was Darrow.

Becky knew that.

In a few seconds under the dim light, Darrow came to the stage and carried her off the stage.

Maybe he knew that she was injured.

When they got behind the partition of the runway, the light on the stage turned on again.

It was brighter than before.

The host returned to the stage again, and his voice spread through the microphone and sound system.

Darrow headed backstage with Becky in his arms without saying a word. Under the light from the stage, Becky could only see his hard face and cold expression.

He didn't even look at Becky.

He was angry.

"Darrow." Becky called his name in a low voice.

"Yes." Darrow replied, still not looking at her.

A sense of grievance welled up in Becky's eyes.

She suddenly turned her head and buried her face in Darrow's chest, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Darrow still didn't say anything, but held her tighter.

He was indeed angry.

He was angry with Becky for caring so much about her own body, for her obstinacy and thoughtfulness, for her trembling with pain in his arms, but being able to smile like a blooming flower on the stage without a flaw.

But mostly, he felt sorry for Becky.

The more he got angry with her, the more he felt sorry for her.

Darrow took Becky back to dressing room at the backstage. Carla, Myron, Anne and other people all gathered around them.

"Becky, how are you?" Carla looked worried.

Becky held Darrow tightly, without raising her head. Only her trembling shoulders and crying revealed her current emotions.

Holding her in his arms, Darrow sat down on a chair. He reached out to remove the hemline of her dress and take off her shoes.

"It hurts." Becky shuddered and sobbed.

Darrow looked terrible.

Not only Darrow, but also Carla and Myron had the same reaction.

Becky's feet and shoes were all s

present is allowed to leave until we find out who did this to Becky." "Okay, Miss Ji. It's necessary." Noble agreed with Carla and assigned his assistant to work.

Sitting on the chair with his legs crossed, Myron dialed a number in a very relaxed manner. "Chief Qin, it's me. Yes, there's something I need you to lead the team here today. In the dressing room at the backstage of the show of 'DE'. It's in the Block 27. It can be said that someone intentionally hurt a model. Okay, I'll wait for you for twenty minutes." After hanging up the phone, Myron lazily raised his eyes and glanced at the restless crowd, with a tinge of coldness in his amorous eyes.

It was already afternoon, but the light was even bright when Darrow and Becky walked out.

The cold wind was bleak, but the sunshine was warm.

After carrying Becky to the car, Darrow bent over to fasten the seat belt for her.

Then, Darrow closed the door of the passenger seat.

Becky's eyes followed him all the time, watching him walking past the car and then opening the door of the driver's seat to get in.

She bit her lower lip and wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say.

At last, Becky simply didn't say anything.

Darrow glanced at her but said nothing. He just started the car and drove to the hospital.

It was a twenty-minute drive to the nearest hospital in the Block 27. When the car stopped at the hospital, Becky was too tired to fall asleep.

But her feet hurt so much that she could not sleep well. She frowned and her face was full of pain.

Darrow had just carried her out of the car carefully when she woke up.

Becky looked at the hospital in front of her and then looked at Darrow who was holding her in his arms. For a while, she nestled in his arms and closed her eyes again.

Becky had been busy the whole morning, and inadvertently got injured. She even took her injury to a show, and cried loudly. Now she was completely mentally exhausted.

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