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   Chapter 44 She's Hurt

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"Carla, it seems that you should pay more attention to many things when you choose work for Becky." Myron smiled and said to Carla, "Or else, Mr. Ji will be easily jealous."

All Carla did was for Becky. She wanted to protect Becky no matter what happened.

Myron didn't know what to say.

How thoughtful the sister and brother were.

When it came to the matter of Becky.

After a long while, Myron raised his lips and shook his head slightly. Then he turned his eyes back on the show which was half going on.

At backstage.

Anne helped Becky fix her makeup again before Becky went on stage.

"Becky, it's time for you to get ready." The staff in charge of the model fashion show gave a shout in the front. "Okay," Becky replied and put the phone on the table.

Then Anne withdrew her hand and put away the makeup brush.

Lola also squatted down and opened the shoebox in a hurry, took out Becky' shoes and placed them next to Becky's feet.

Becky thanked Lola with a smile. Then she lifted the hemline of her dress and put on her shoes.

After walking back, Jasmine sat in front of the dressing table in the back row and watched Becky's every move through the mirror.

Seeing that, a sly smile played at the corners of her mouth. Her trick worked.

Jasmine drew back her eyes. Then, she heard that Becky cried in pain.

Becky was wearing a heavy makeup. Although there was no change in her face, it was obvious that she was in pain. And a layer of mist quickly gathered in her eyes.

Lola was still in a daze for a second before she stood up. Then she looked at Becky's feet and took off the shoes Becky had just put on.

But it was too late.

Becky's high-heeled shoes were stained with fresh blood, and the sole of her small and white feet was also covered with bright red blood.

There were three bright silver needles in each of her feet.

They were almost the same size as the toothpicks and put it into her flesh. The blood was still flowing out.

"Oh my God! How could this happen? !" Someone exclaimed in a low voice.

The voice suddenly attracted the attention of the people around.

The crowd gathered around and discussed at once.

Then Anne took a box of tissue from the table and squatted down to wrap Becky's feet. Then she said to Lola, "Lola, tell the staff that something is wrong with Becky and she can't go on the stage now.

Then you go to find a first-aid kit. We should simply deal with it and then go to the hospital." "No way." Becky said before Lola agreed.

Becky's feet hurt like hell, and her voice was somewhat weak, but her tone was very determined.

"What? You can't walk like this. You will still have a chance in the future. " Then Anne raised her voice and said in an angry voice.

"Right! Becky, you will get another chance in the future. You can't go away like this!" Lola

ecky who was standing in the middle of the runway.

Becky stood there with a faint smile on her face.

The light, makeup and gorgeous dress gave Becky an incisive and striking beauty.

However, Becky got six silver needles in her feet, and each of them was stabbed into her flesh.

Enduring great pain, Becky calmly appeared on the stage.

"Anne texted me. She said that someone put silver needles in Becky's shoes. The needles are still on her feet." Carla said to Darrow in a low voice.

Hearing this, Darrow's face suddenly turned cold.

After taking a look at Becky on the stage, he suddenly stood up and left the audience.

Then, Carla and Myron also stood up and left, with a solemn expression on their faces.

Becky stood on the stage with puzzlement and disappointment.

She didn't know what had happened. Why would all of them leave in such a hurry.

She saw Darrow look over at her before he left.

She looked down and quickly hid her emotions.

Other models returned one by one and stood well according to the position of the rehearsal training before.

Jasmine happened to stand not far from Becky, wearing a bright red dress that was much more eye-catching than the smoky blue wedding dress that Becky wore.

Jasmine stood sideways, facing Becky.

Mockery and satire were written all over Jasmine's face.

"Look, Becky Ye. Have you lost your face? Mr. Ji and Miss Ji even didn't look at your show." Jasmine continued, "Are you worthy of their attention?" Becky didn't know why Darrow and others left all of a sudden and where they had gone. So she just kept silent and didn't say anything.

Not to mention that she was on the runway. She wouldn't argue with Jasmine, which not only ruined the show but also made people laugh at her.

"Why don't you speak? Weren't you so arrogant just now?" Jasmine waited for Becky's reply and continued in a triumphant tone.

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