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   Chapter 43 Protect Her

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The show of "DE" was held in Block 27, which was known as the first international art block in T City. The venue was sitting in a room. The style was slightly retro and elegant, showing the high-end brand positioning.

The show would be held in the afternoon, but the backstage had been busy from the morning.

The makeup artists, models, and the staff inside the venue were all so busy that they groaned around in chaos.

Becky had her own makeup artist, so she sat quietly in front of the dresser and seemed to be out of place.

Jasmine was the latest one. As usual, she glared at Becky. Sitting in front of the empty dresser, she pointed at Anne, who was giving Becky skin care, and shouted, "Hey, that makeup artist, come and make up for me." Jasmine didn't know that Anne was Becky's makeup artist and thought she was a makeup artist of "DE".

Jasmine pushed Becky out on purpose and wanted Becky to experience the feeling of someone stealing her resources.

Anyway, Jasmine though that Anne worked for the organizer. Even if she snatched Anne, Carla wouldn't say anything.

Besides, Carla was not here now.

Jasmine's arrogant voice drew many people's attention.

Becky heard a few new comers whispering, "Who is she?"

Turning a deaf ear to Jasmine, Anne continued to concentrate on her work.

Becky focused on the mobile game, pretending that she didn't hear anything.

"Hello!" Jasmine, who had been ignored, spoke again, "Becky Ye, I want the makeup artist by your side, you change another one." "No." Becky said casually.

"Why don't you think so? They were both from the makeup team that was invited by 'DE', so she was not on your side. " Jasmine snorted and said to Anne, "Come here. I'll pay you another reward when the show is over. I will give you as much as you want." Anyway, she had to get Anne back first.

Lola, Becky's assistant, fixed her eyes upon them when she heard this.

The assistant called Sherry Hu, who came with Jasmine reminded her in a low voice, "Jasmine, you'd better stop where you should stop. It won't do you any good if you have conflict with Becky Ye." "Shut up!" Jasmine interrupted Sherry Hu mercilessly.

Jasmine knew she was not as good as Becky, but she also didn't want others to point it out so obviously.

Sherry Hu hesitated for a while and said, "If Suzy knows that, she will scold us." "I told you to shut up!" Jasmine raised her voice.

Sherry Hu immediately bowed her head and did not dare to speak again.

Then Lola whispered to Becky, "Becky, I think I'm so lucky." She knew that Becky could understand her meaning.

Everyone understood what she meant.

Becky smiled and said, "Do you know how good I am?" "I always know that." Lola replied immediately.

"Hey, makeup artist, what's your decision?" Jasmine asked again.

After glancing at Becky, Anne said, "First of all, I'm Miss Ye's private makeup artist.

Secondly, if

People at the backstage could vaguely hear the voice on the stage.

As usual, the host first expressed welcome and appreciation to the guests at the venue, and then ridiculed a few words to warm up the atmosphere.

After that, the design director, Noble, began to speak. At last, the background music sounded.

Almost half of the people in the fashion circle came to the show of "DE", including journalists, politicians, businessmen, successful stars and so on. Almost all seats were occupied.

Jasmine appeared first.

She couldn't get the position at the end of the show, so she had to retreat and make a second choice to choose the opening position.

After all, on the runway, there were people coming and going. Only the two seats were more popular, which made it more eye-catching.

Jasmine was a beautiful woman, and her style was enchanting and sexy.

Today she was wearing a bright red strapless halter dress. The front part was a little lower than the thigh, and the back part was spread on the floor in an exaggerated and gorgeous way, which made her look sexy, bold and enthusiastic.

But the dress Jasmine was wearing was too eye-catching, which made her look less eye-catching.

Darrow in the audience couldn't help but frown when he saw Jasmine walking back to the backstage.

"Is Becky wearing the same dress?" Darrow asked Carla, who was sitting on his left hand.

Carla shook her head, "No, don't worry." On the other side, hearing Darrow's words, Myron smiled and said, "Darrow, it's too late to get nervous now, isn't it?" Darrow had been relieved by the answer of "no", so he gave Myron an indifferent glance and said, "It's not too late." As long as Becky was not on the stage, it was not too late.

"Then what else do you want? Stop her? " Myron asked.

"If it's necessary." Said Darrow seriously, showing no sign of joking.

Hearing that, Myron was stunned for a while. Then he burst into laughter.

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