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   Chapter 38 Meeting The Drillmaster Again

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He was happy for her, but he was also confused why she and Darrow would deny their relationship in front of the media.

Judging from Darrow's attitude at that time, it was not that he wanted to hide their relationship.

"Jonny, what can I do for you?" Becky asked.

She wasn't surprised, because there were many people who came to send congratulations to her today.

Some admired her, and some were jealous. They all thought that she got the honor because of Darrow.

She didn't care. Anyway, she would prove herself and tell them that she relied on her own efforts.

"I, congratulations." Jonny hesitated for a while and finally said this words.

Becky smiled politely and officially. "Thank you." The conversation seemed to be over.

Becky looked at her watch and said, "I have something else to do. I have to go now." Jonny slightly turned his body and let her pass in front of him.

After thinking for a while, he asked, "Becky, why did Mr. Ji deny your relationship in front of the media?" Or, they were not in a relationship.

The reason why she said that on that day was to irritate Iris, or to clear up the rumors about the mistress? He had a faint tinge of hope in his heart.

He was expecting her to give him the answer he wanted.

But he was destined not to get the answer he wanted.

"That's what I requested." Becky said indifferently, "due to my qualifications and identity, it is not appropriate to disclose my true relationship with him." Jonny's face darkened.

He should have known.

"I'm leaving now." Becky pretended not to see his sadness. With a slight gesture, she took her books and walked out of the classroom.

As she walked out of the classroom, she got a call from Ella. She wanted to have lunch with her.

"I wanted to have a date with you yesterday. We need to celebrate you sign the contract successfully. But generally the day when you signed the contract, there would always be a celebration party held by the company, or you would have a celebration with other friends, so I waited until today. " Ella said, "how about this? Do you like my idea?" "Yes, you are the sweetest." Becky echoed, "but I have to go to the company now. I can't go at noon.

How about tonight? " Becky had to go to the company.

Whether it would end soon or not, she had to accompany Carla at noon.

Carla was also in the company, so she would not go to other appointment.

"Okay, let's celebrate it tonight.

What do you want to eat? Tell me and I'll book a restaurant. " Ella agreed immediately.

"Nothing. It's up to you." Becky said.

"Okay, I'll inform you after I book the restaurant." Ella said.

"Yes." Becky replied.

"That's it.

I'll text you later. Bye. " "Bye."

In the early days of the XY Entertainment Company, all departments were so busy that they didn't even h

seemed that it was difficult to get close to him.

He was still holding a resume. He's probably here for a job interview.

Perhaps it was because he felt the gaze from Carla, Jacob turned his head and looked at them.

The first sight he saw was Becky next to Carla.

He could easily recognize her because of her pretty face.

He have seen it more than once.

She was given a hard time by him during the training.

She was more beautiful and eye-catching after she changed a set of classic camouflage uniform.

Brows furrowed, he asked, "Becky ye? Why are you here? " His tone was full of questioning.

He had never seen entertainment or financial news, so he had no idea that Becky had signed star and could not recognize Carla.

Becky glanced at him and asked casually, "why can't I be here?" Hearing her words, Jacob was choked and his face changed.

After a while, he asked, "are you here for a job too? You are just a little kid. Are you in such a hurry to make money? Or are you in a hurry to be famous and hook up with a rich man? " He said in a tone of satire.

With some displeasure in her eyes, Carla frowned.

"No, it's not." Becky answered indifferently.

"What?" Eric asked back. His eyes were full of disdain for Becky. He said, "what? Are you in a hurry to ask for money? Or do you want to settle down with a rich man? "

Becky stroked her forehead. She didn't want to argue with him, so she just said, "I don't come for a job. I work here." "It's still the same," "Why did you deny it? Girls like you... ".

"This gentleman, do you have any misunderstanding about my sister?" Carla asked lightly, with inconspicuous coldness and displeasure in it.

Hearing this, Jacob looked at Carla up and down.

She was also a beautiful vase.

All she knew was seducing men.

Disdain was obvious in his eyes. "You are her sister? You work here too? "

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