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   Chapter 37 Jonny's Thoughts

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Besides, she even threatened him with such an extremely mean method to force him to give in.

She turned to look at Darrow, only to find that he was also looking at her, with deep dark eyes.

Darrow was afraid that she would think he was a cold-blooded man and refuse to help.

But Becky didn't show any of it on her face.

"What's the point of forcing like this?" She curled her lips and said, "even if Darrow really agreed to her request at that time in order to prevent her from jumping off the building, he still didn't like her." She blurted it out without giving it a second thought.

However, most of them didn't think so.

Darrow looked at her and the look in his eyes changed.

Although she was not forced to be with him by him, she was absolutely not willing to be with him for love.

Her words made him feel that she was shooting themselves.

Even though they are forced to be together, he still won't let her... ".

"It doesn't matter. For her, as long as she can achieve her goal, that's enough." William also said, "as for love, it doesn't matter." "By the way, love can be developed. Her first purpose is to get the man called Darrow." Stated Myron.

"If it were another man, he would have fallen for it." Taking a sip of the red wine in his glass, James said, "it's a pity that she meets Darrow." Becky asked Darrow, "but were you not afraid that she really would jump down then?" If she did jump, would he bear a life?

"She did jump." Darrow said without any emotion.

Becky was shocked.

"Yes, she did jump." "But the air bag has been prepared downstairs when she was slowly making threats.

The so-called top floor is only six. If she jumped down, she must be dizzy because of the impact. " "She didn't really want to die. She arranged it herself." Said Darrow.

Becky's mouth twitched. After a long time, she said, "she's so boring." The point was that Darrow saw through her tricks, and she didn't get what she wanted.

"Exactly." Myron nodded in agreement. "Later, her father felt ashamed, so he flew to Italy in person and took her away." "If I had such a daughter, I would be very angry." James said with a smile.

"Not necessarily." "If you had such a daughter, I guess you would help her to kidnap Darrow back," said William with a smile "Let's see what kind of person he is.

If you want to tie someone like Darrow, you are just too weak. " Myron glanced at Darrow and teased him.

His words made sense for James and William. "You're right. Her status is lower than that of Darrow's. It's impossible to force Darrow." Darrow ignored their tease. He looked at Becky and asked, "have you finished your dinner?" "Yes." Becky nodded.

"Let's go back first." He added.

Becky nodded.

As soon as Darrow stood up, Myron protested, "what time is it? Too early! " "Hey, don't you know that he wants to

o Darrow's.

A thought slowly came into her mind.

She raised the necklace and looked at it more carefully.

After a while, she picked up her phone and texted Darrow directly, "Darrow, did you engrave my name on the necklace? Darrow replied her very soon. Without hiding anything, he replied shortly, "yes." A big smile appeared on Becky's face.

Darrow sent her another message, "why haven't you gone to bed? Don't you have to get up early tomorrow? " "I'm going to sleep." Becky replied, "Darrow, I like it very much. Thank you, good night." "Good night." She said she liked him twice, which meant she really liked him.

She was neither perfunctory nor polite.

She really loved him.

He could tell it from her surprised expression and tone.

In the dark, Darrow looked at the heavy sky and smiled. The air around him was warm.

The bell rang at the end of the class and the crowd was lit up.

Becky packed up the book and said goodbye to Ava aside. Becky was about to leave, but she found that Jonny was standing in front of her.

It had been a long time since he confessed his love to her last time.

Becky came to class in a hurry, and he didn't always come to the place where she was as before.

On one hand, she knew that she did not have a chance, on the other hand, she was afraid of being embarrassed.

However, even he had hidden from her for so long, he still could not let go of her. On the contrary, she was more and more important in his heart, and more clearly.

He couldn't help paying attention to her.

He watched her side face and back in class, and he always paid attention to all about her after class.

He knew that she had signed into the XY Entertainment Company recently established by the l Z International Corporation yesterday. Miss Ji and deputy CEO of LZ, Carla Ji, were personally responsible for her. It was obvious that she was highly valued.

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