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   Chapter 31 Secret

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During the whole process, Emma did not turn to look at Carla, and Carla did not look at her either.

There was no tenderness between the mother and the daughter.

"What do you want from me?" Carla asked directly.

"I heard that you are planning to set up a brokerage firm some time ago, and so far, it is about to be launched."." Emma looked out of the window and said slowly.

"Yes." Carla replied.

"I won't intervene in this matter." Then Emma continued, "but I absolutely don't allow you to work the brokerage firm in person!" Hearing this, Carla could not help laughing.

She looked at Emma, and asked back in an indifferent tone, "what position do you have to interfere in my affairs?" "I am your mother!" Emma said angrily.

"Now do you remember that you are my mother?" "But apart from giving birth to me, what else have you given me?" Emma's face turned pale.

"I agreed to come here today not to listen to your advice or orders," Then Carla continued, "since I have made such a decision, I will never change my mind."

"Have you forgotten who harmed our family?! Why did you choose to work in the entertainment industry? " Emma shouted to her in a loud and fierce voice, "I don't care if you are going to open a brokerage firm! But you can only hire someone to take charge of it. You and Darrow are not allowed to step into the entertainment circle! " Emma gave her order without any hesitation.

Carla rolled his eyes. After a long time, she said "I have never taken this place as my home." She was implying that she didn't care that someone had harmed someone.

Emma's face grew paler and paler. At the moment, Carla continued, "and, mother, you may not know that.

Darrow and I have grown up. We are no longer the children that could be docile and obedient to you fifteen years ago. " "Right now, Darrow is in charge of the l Z International Corporation, and he is in charge of the whole Ji family.

Although you are our mother, we are sorry that we can't accept your ideas. " With a livid face, Emma patted the table beside her and said through clenched teeth, "do you still regard me as your mother? !" All these kids dare to resist. After Darrow took over the power, he was so lawless that he couldn't even speak properly to her, his mother? "The only thing you need to do is to concentrate on being Mrs. Ji, and then you needn't worry about us anymore. " Carla said calmly.

They didn't have to worry about it in the past years, and now they had nothing to worry about.

Besides, she was not worried about them at all.

"I have something to deal with in the company. I have to go now." Said Carla lightly. She stood up and walked out without waiting for Emma's answer.

"Stop!" Shouted Emma, who was angry.

Carla rubbed between his eyebrows and turned around, "what else do you want to say?" "I don't want you to be an agent!" Emma emphasized.

"Your disagreement is of no use to me." "You can'

time or learned how to draw the design sketch.

She used to do these things here.

Becky was the kind of student who was very popular with her teachers. She was a conscientious student and a quick learner..

Of course, her friends were willing to teach her.

When she came back, it was Darrow who picked her up.

When he arrived, Becky was bending over the desk, painting something attentively.

Vivian and her friends were no longer nervous as they had met Darrow for many times. They greeted him as usual and then continued with their work.

Darrow replied as he walked into the room. When he walked up to Becky, he found that she was copying Emily's design draft.

Although she was not good at painting, it was still worthy of his praise as a new comer.

"Are you interested in fashion design?" He naturally rubbed her head, and his voice was so gentle that no one else can touch.

Becky raised her head, took a look at him, and then looked at the painting in her hand. She said, "not really. But since i are all here, I can just learn." And don't waste so many wonderful teachers and resources.

"Should we go back now or finish this painting first?" Asked Darrow.

"Let's go back. We can continue drawing another day." Becky said, putting the drawing in her hand and Emily's original on the table, as well as all the materials, back in their place.

After greeting the others, Darrow naturally took her hand and led her out of the office.

The five people standing behind looked at each other, puzzled.

Both of them clearly felt the difference between Darrow and Becky today.

Darrow had come to pick up Becky before, but he never held Becky's hand like this before.

They had seen Becky holding Darrow's hand before, but it doesn't seem to have been so...intimate.

"I think I have discovered some kind of secret." David was the first to speak.

He cocked his orchid finger and whined, It seemed that he was frightened.

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