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   Chapter 29 The Conflict In Previous Generation

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Hearing this, Carla's eyes turned red.

Darrow seemed calm, but he was really shocked.

When they was kids, their parents didn't care about them and didn't show any concern for them. Only living with each other, Carla and Darrow gradually became indifferent.

As for birthdays and festivals, they were accustomed to ignoring them and never remembered them.

But now, Becky could remember that.

She not only put it in mind, but also took pains to plan a celebration for them.

It was a wonderful feeling for Carla and Darrow.

At the same time, it is also moved.

"I'm really grateful to Becky." Myron said, "Otherwise, there are only three people who are on good terms with you, including me, James Xue and William Qiu.

The three of us are careless men, and we won't care about these things. When Becky called me, I was very surprised. She asked me about your birthday, but I thought there seemed no such thing as birthday in your world." Darrow and Carla didn't celebrate birthdays. It was absolutely true.

Myron, Carla and Darrow had known each other for more than ten years, but he had never taken part in the birthday party of Darrow and Carla.

It was not that Myron didn't remember their birthday. It was that Darrow and Carla themselves didn't remember the date, so he didn't know.

Becky smiled and urged, "Make a wish quickly and then blow out the candles." It was until then that Carla came to her senses.

Carla stood up and hugged Becky. Her voice was mixed with a slight sob, "Thank you, Becky." Becky smiled and hugged her gently.

Then Becky looked over to Darrow, whose cold face also had softened.

A warm smile was left in Darrow's dark eyes.

Suddenly, Becky felt that half a month's efforts for this cake was not in vain at all.

It took Carla a while to calm down.

It was the first time that she had not been easy to adjust her mood.

She thought that she would remember what happened today forever.

That was the first birthday she had ever celebrated in her twenty-one years.

The birthday was not grand and not lively. There was also no elegant dress, no dancing, and no cordial reception. But it was profound and irreplaceable.

In addition, Darrow was also attached to his heart today.

He thought it was his fortune to meet Becky.

How could he let her go.

Darrow's sight on Becky became gradually burning.

"Come on, let's try the cake Becky made." The light was turned on again. Myron looked at the cake and shouted, "It looks beautiful. I wonder if the taste is the same as it looks." "Of course." Becky immediately retorted, "My thing is never defective." "Don't brag!" Stated Myron in an expression of distrust.

Becky snorted to show that she would never brag.

Becky was very confident.

Sue then came to them and helped them to cut them cake. Becky directly asked her to take out the rest of the cake and share the cake with the housemaids.

Becky had cooked a large one and the four of them couldn't eat much.

It turned out that Becky didn't brag. Her cooking skills were praised by Darrow, Carla, Myron, Paul, Sue and other servants.

Even Darrow, who didn't like desserts, ate a piece of cake neatly.

In the evening.

Becky couldn't fall asleep. She was sitting on the swing in the garden alone, swaying in the wind.

It was as bright as day. Besides, it was very close to home. The servants were still working, so she didn't feel scared at all.

Becky had no idea when Darrow came to her. He looked at her indifferently with his hands in the pockets and asked, "It's so cold. Why are you sitting here?" "I feel so bored. I don't want to sleep now." Becky answered lazily.

Darrow looked at her for a while. He stepped forward and sat beside her.

The swing, which had been shaking slowly, became heavier all of a sudden. It almost stopped shaking after a while.

"Becky, this is my first birthday." Said Darrow suddenly.

He didn't look at Becky. He looked straight ahead and said calmly.

Becky didn't know what he wanted to say. She could only say, "Okay, I know." Myron had said that, and Darrow himself also had stated that.

"I didn't think my birthday would be meaningful, but today, you've let me find out that someone keeps my birthday in mind. It turns out that it's such a good thing." He added.

Becky turned to look at him.

His side face looked especially cold in the dark.

But she didn't feel it was far from her.

She also turned her head to look at the night sky. After a while, she said, "Someone will remember it in the future." She would remember for Darrow and Carla and celebrate it with them every year.

Darrow turned to look at her and heard her say in a calm tone, "Darrow, I heard what you said with Carla in the study that night." Darrow was stunned.

However, he couldn't figure out what she meant by her facial expression.

No anger, no joy, no unhappiness, no expression at all.

It seemed that Becky just wanted to tell him that.

So Darrow had to say

, "Um." Becky turned to look at him, and suddenly smiled lightly. She said as if she had made up her mind, "I'm willing to be with you." Darrow looked at her in surprise. Before he had a chance to be happy, he heard Becky continue, "Carla was so good to me, and she always thought for me. I don't want to put her in a dilemma." The surprise that had just emerged on Darrow's face was quickly replaced by disappointment.

Darrow looked at Becky coldly and asked, "Is that the reason why you promised to be with me?" "Then what else do you think there are?" Becky said in a relaxed and casual way, "I don't want to like anyone for now." Darrow's tone became colder and colder, "Becky Ye, why do you think I will accept the unwilling love from you?" His tone was full of anger.

Becky didn't expect that Darrow would be angry all of a sudden. She was stunned to see his livid face.

After a long while, Becky let go of her hand holding the handrail, stood up and turned her back to him, "Then forget what I said just now." She was about to leave after saying that.

All of a sudden, Darrow grabbed Becky's hand and pulled her into his arms before she could react.

Darrow's big hand pressed Becky's head. She was forced to lean against his chest. She couldn't look up. She couldn't see his face, but she heard his low and pleasant voice.

Darrow said, "Now that you have promised me, you can't go back on your words." His voice suddenly became gentle again.

No matter why Becky agreed to be with him now, Darrow believed that one day she would be willing to stay with him.

She would fall in love with him, too.

Becky, lying in Darrow's arms and listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat, bowed her head and did not answer.

Upstairs, after taking a shower and coming out of the bathroom, Carla saw Darrow and Becky embracing each other through the French windows of her room.

Carla was a little stunned and subconsciously remembered what Darrow had said in the study that night.

Without thinking too much, Carla just believed that Darrow had run out of patience and forced Becky to be with him.

Before she could do anything, Carla turned around and was about to leave. But on second thought, she changed her mind. After all, feelings were the business between the two of them.

Even if she could stop him once, Carla could not stop Darrow again.

Carla knew her brother very well.

Besides, even though she was Darrow's sister and had always treated Becky as a sister. But she was still an outsider between them.

As an outsider and bystander, Carla naturally couldn't meddle in their affairs.

She couldn't get between them no matter how they turned out in the end.

She stopped walking and let out a sigh. She decided to let things unfold in their natural course.

What's more, it was the first time that Darrow met a woman and wanted to be together with her for a lifetime.

Besides, Carla believed that Darrow would be nice to Becky.

Becky was with Darrow now.

Becky didn't make the decision on impulse.

She overheard Darrow and Carla talking in the study that night. After she went back, she thought about it alone for a long time.

After getting along with him for such a long time, Darrow was indeed impeccable.

Becky didn't reject him.

And there was Carla.

Becky couldn't imagine what would happen to her if Carla didn't take her in.

Becky didn't want to cause any problems between Darrow and Carla because of her.

Everything went on as usual the next morning.

Becky got up late. By the time she got up, Darrow and Myron had already gone to work. Only Carla remained at home.

Only Carla sat on the sofa alone in the spacious living room, with a laptop on her knees. She looked cold and quiet.

"I'm going to the old house later, so I didn't go to work." Said Carla.

Becky walked over and sat down beside her. She thought for a while and asked, "Carla, will your mother make things difficult for you?" She still remembered what Myron said last night. So she was a little worried when she heard that Carla was going back to the old house.

"Yes, she will." Carla said directly and didn't intend to hide the truth.

"But," She turned to Becky and continued, "It doesn't matter. I don't care what she thinks. I won't be affected by her." Becky was still worried.

"Becky, I haven't told you why Darrow and I have a bad relationship with our mother, right?" Carla removed her hands from the laptop and said to Becky.

Becky replied in a low voice.

"My parents got married because of commercial interests. My father, Barry Ji, has never had any feelings for my mother until he died." Then Carla continued calmly, "But my mother did like him at the beginning." Becky thought the story was not a good one.

From the very beginning, it was tragic.

"Do you know Tina Su, the hottest actress several years ago? My father loves her." Then Carla continued, "When Tina Su was with my father, she was just a B-list star and wasn't that famous."

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