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   Chapter 28 Happy Birthday

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On the other hand, Myron, who followed behind them, couldn't help but raise his eyebrows when he heard Becky telling a lie.

However, Myron's movement was caught by Darrow who was standing behind.

Darrow was sure immediately that Becky was hiding something from them.

But unexpectedly, he revealed that Myron was the only one who knew the truth.

Darrow looked at Becky.

But there was only a lovely smile on her beautiful face, which was flawless.

What was Becky doing? "Really?" Carla asked again with uncertainty. At the same time, she looked at the butler, Paul, passing by.

It seemed that everyone was more active than before? "No, just like usual." Becky said with certainty.

Seeing that Becky was so sure, Carla did not continue to ask her, taking herself as if she had seen too little.

After all, the servants who worked at her home were not under much pressure, and she wasn't harsh on them, so they didn't have any depression in the daily life.

Perhaps it was just because she was in a good mood that the atmosphere was more obvious than before.

Carla persuaded herself.

What Carla didn't notice was that Becky felt relieved secretly.

When Becky raised her head again, she accurately fell into Darrow's black eyes.

Darrow had been watching Becky for a long time, and he had seen more of her little tricks.

Becky looked away in a flurry and quickly walked into the dining room with Carla.

Becky didn't know why. She was calm when answering Carla's questions. But when she looked into Darrow's eyes, she was so panicked that she only wanted to dodge.

Darrow's eyes seemed to have a magic to see through one's mind. Becky dared not to look at him in the eye, for fear that he would see through all her deliberate concealment.

Darrow was more and more certain that Becky was hiding something from them.

After Carla and Becky had walked into the dining room, Darrow asked Myron, who was about to follow them to the dining room, "What happened to her?" Hearing that, Myron paused and said helplessly, "Don't be so smart. Okay?" Was Darrow a good observer?! "I am not smart." Said Darrow, looking at the direction of the dining room. He continued, "Becky can't hide anything." Though Becky looked flawless.

Becky's occasional petty action betrayed her.

After Myron looked into the direction of the dining room, Becky was no longer there.

Darrow was standing next to him and waiting for his answer.

If he told Darrow that Becky was going to celebrate the birthday for him and Carla and ruined her plan, Becky might take a knife out of the dining room and stab him? Myron tapped his forehead and said stubbornly, "It's not a bad thing anyway. Don't ask, and you'll know." Darrow raised his eyebrows.

Darrow's first reaction was that Myron did know it.

And his second reaction was that don't ask Myron again since he will know later.

"Then why did you know the thing first?" Darrow asked another question.

On hearing that, Myron looked as if he had seen a ghost. "Are you jealous?" There was a strong smell of jealousy in the air.

Darrow gave Myron an indifferent glance.

Myron immediately surrendered, but his tone was still casual. "Well, I know first because she told me first."

It was Myron's first time to see Darrow get jealous. He wanted to see more of it.

After all, human beings always had strong curiosity about new things.

Especially someone like Myron.

However, while Myron was thinking about his own business, Darrow didn't cooperate with him, showing the scene he wanted to see.

Darrow just glanced at Myron indifferently and was speechless. Then Darrow walked past him, entered the dining room and sat down in front of Becky.

Becky looked around but didn't dare to look at Darrow.

Darrow looked at her guilty look, and a faint smile gradually appeared on his face.

It was hard to notice the light smile.

"Becky, after you signed up with l Z International Corporation, I will be your agent." Said Carla.

"What?" Becky immediately came to her senses and looked at Carla in astonishment, "But won't you be very tired by doing this? You have a company to run at the same time. " "I don't like to do business at all.

The l Z International Corporation is stable now. Darrow can take good care of it." Carla said, "We had a deal before. When the company is stable, I'll quit and do what I like to do. What's more, I don't trust anyone else to take care of you." Becky looked at Darrow subconsciously.

Darrow just looked at Becky calmly. Apparently, he had known the decision of Carla.

And he also agreed.

Becky suddenly didn't know what to say.

She moved to the side of Carla, put her arm on Carla's shoulder and said emotionally, "Thank you, Carla." Since she met Carla, Carla had always been thinking for her.

"I will accompany you at every step you walk in the future. Don't be afraid." Carla touched Becky's head and said in a soft voice.

Becky nodded her head desperately and almost couldn't hold back her tears.

Hearing Carla's words, Myron sat down at the table and asked, "Carla, are you going to enter the entertainment circle? Even though it's only behind the scenes, I'm afraid that your old witch will get angry." As far as Myron knew, in Ji family, Mrs. Ji was extremely disgusted with th

e entertainment circle.

As her eyelids rolled, Carla said, "Does it have anything to do with me whether she gets angry or not?" The old lady in the Ji family, who was provided with a luxurious life, was only a stranger. She only shared the same blood with Carla.

Mrs. Ji had never fulfilled her duty as a mother. Therefore, there was no reason for Mrs. Ji to tell Carla what to do.

On reflection, Myron thought that Carla was right.

Anyway, the conflicts between the mother, the daughter and the son in the Ji family had lasted for a long time and Myron had been accustomed to it.

As an bystander, Myron thought that Mrs. Ji indeed didn't deserve to be a mother.

Therefore, he always supported Darrow and Carla on what they did and had no objection over the years.

Becky didn't know whom 'old witch' they referred to.

She sat up straight with an uncertain look on her face and didn't ask them.

Because she felt that it seemed not to be an easy topic to touch.

Sitting opposite to Becky, Darrow glanced up at her and noticed her confusion. He explained, "They're talking about my mother." "Okay." Becky replied.

Knowing Carla for such a long time, Becky had heard about the relationship between the mother and the children.

At least, Becky knew they didn't get along well.

They were unwilling to behave like this.

"It's okay. Don't mind my mother." Carla said to Becky, "She can't influence me nor change my decision." Becky nodded.

Later, they naturally talked about something else. No one mentioned Mrs. Ji again, so the old lady made no effect.

After the dinner almost finished, Becky exchanged a look with Myron. She put down the chopsticks and said, "I suddenly remembered that I forgot something in the kitchen in the afternoon. I'll go and get it." She stood up as she spoke.

"Since when are you interested in cooking?" Carla asked in bewilderment. "No. I felt bored this afternoon, so I went to see what I would like to eat tonight." Becky made up an excuse.

"What do you forget? Why don't you ask someone to bring it here?" Carla didn't suspect anything. Then she called a maid aside, "Go and bring the stuff Miss Ye left in the kitchen for her." The maid knew what Becky wanted to do.

The maid subconsciously looked at Becky, and didn't know what she should do.

"No, thanks." When Carla looked at her, Becky replied in a hurry and added. "It's okay. I'll take it myself." Then she left in a hurry without waiting for the answer of Carla.

From beginning to end, Becky didn't dare to look at Darrow sitting opposite to her.

"Why does Becky seem a little strange today?" Watching Becky's hurried back, Carla asked doubtfully.

There was no answer from Myron, and none of the servants around answered.

Darrow drew back his sight and said nothing.

He didn't know what Becky was to do, but from the beginning to the end, he didn't say a word, not mentioning Becky's lame excuses.

He was curious about what Becky was hiding.

A few minutes later.

In the dining room, Myron received a text message from Becky in the kitchen.

Myron glanced at Paul subtly. The lights in the dining room were all turned off the next second.

"Um? What happened? " Carla was surprised.

Darrow lowered his eyes and thought about how Becky and Myron had reacted today. He seemed to have guessed something.

But he was still not sure of it.

Soon, Becky proved Darrow's guess.

When the light was turned off, the dining room became dull, with only the dim light coming in from the outside.

But Becky in front of him was still clear in his eyes.

The bright yellow candle light made the smile on her face warmer and clearer.

The servants in the dining room began to sing the birthday song as soon as Becky showed up.

Carla was totally frozen, and so was Darrow. He just sat still, without any movement and words.

Becky greeted them with a big smile while pushing a small serving cart towards them.

Darrow's name and Carla's name was on the two layers of matcha mousse cake, which was in a unique style and exquisite.

"Mr. Ji and Miss Ji, happy birthday!" After the song, Paul led the servants to express their sincere and solemn wishes.

Becky tilted her head and gave a playful smile, "Happy birthday, Carla, Darrow." "Happy birthday, Carla, Darrow." Stated Myron smilingly.

It was the first time Myron had celebrated a birthday for his best friend.

In fact, Myron should give thanks to Becky.

"I saw your dates of birth in Carla's identification by accident.

But I have asked Myron. He said that your birthdays were always past. But I thought everyone should have a birthday." Becky said, "I've been thinking about it for more than half a month. At first, I wanted to ask Vivian and other friends to come with us to the party, but then I thought that the party was too noisy, and you didn't like it. Finally, I decided to invite Myron to have a meal with us together at home. It's simple, but warm. As for the birthday present, I don't think you are lack of anything, and I don't think it's interesting to give any jewelry to you, so I went to the bakery and learned to make this cake. Although it is very beautiful now, I learned it for half a month and wasted a lot of materials." Becky said the last sentence lightly and mischievously.

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