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   Chapter 26 Lifetime

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"Besides, Becky is not only Darrow's girlfriend, but also my sister. You'd better think twice before you bully her in the future." Myron said. Myron took a last look at John, only to see him nod his head and say that he knew what to do. Then Myron followed Darrow and Becky out of the classroom.

As soon as Becky walked out of the classroom, she took her hand back.

Although it was not the first time for them to hold hands, she felt uncomfortable after Darrow expressed his love to her.

That was what happened when Myron caught up with them.

Darrow and Becky walked side by side in a very close distance, but neither of them spoke.

After thinking for a while, Myron quickened his pace and caught up with them. He walked to Becky's another side and broke the silence, "Becky, why didn't you tell me that you were bullied?" "I'm not bullied." Becky snorted. Then she thought Myron came here anyway even if she didn't tell him the truth.

Thinking of this, Becky asked again, "Why are you here?" "When Darrow picked up your phone, I was in his office and had a talk with him. As soon as he heard that you went to find that woman, he rushed over here for fear that you were hurt or bullied. Before he left, he asked Rita to contact the police chief." Myron answered. Becky turned to look at Darrow subconsciously.

From this point of view, she could only see his exquisite side face.

Darrow looked calm and there was no embarrassment or praise in his face, as if he was just doing something very natural.

"I won't let myself be wronged so easily. I'm not a doormat, and I'm not stupid." Becky said, either to Darrow's or to Myron's words. Of course, she would pay them back in whatever way they treated her.

"Yes, you're right. Anyway, if someone dares to bully you again, you'll pay for it. Don't be afraid, you have Darrow on your back. If he is not strong enough, I will always be your support. No one in T City can beat us." Said Myron. Hearing that, Darrow reached out and pulled Becky to the other side of him and said to Myron, "I'm here for Becky. She doesn't need you." Becky's protector? It was enough to have Darrow alone.

He would protect her from any grievances and bullies.

Myron rolled his eyes and shrugged, "I'm not going to take Becky away from you. Why are you so nervous?" "I'm nervous about her." Darrow pointed to Becky easily.

Myron, "..." He thought that Darrow didn't have to answer so seriously.

Becky was speechless, "..." So what was she supposed to say now?

In the evening.

A news with the title of "reveal the secret", namely the spokesperson for the first show and the brand endorsement of "Echoes", by virtue of a new face, was suddenly spread online.

The article was all about the reason why Becky could get her position smoothly. It said that Becky was supported by Darrow.

The article was intending to describe how Becky worked and how Darrow loved her.

Even the first show model that the company hadn't been able to find out for the time being was to advertise for Becky.

Later, the company also wantonly selected new models to give people a valid reason for Becky's showing up.

However, it didn't take long for the news to come out and it was intercepted by Darrow's employees.

When the phone rang, Becky was reading a book in the room.

She hadn't gone out since she came back this afternoon.

It was getting colder and colder. The outside was filled with the piercing cold wind.

She sat cross-legged on the windowsill. The light was as bright as day, and there was no shadow at all.

"... Don't care about those comments online. They are just jealous." Ella comforted her on the phone.

Becky was confused, "Um? What? " "Haven't you read the news online?" Ella asked.

"No. What's wrong?" Becky was confused. She put down the book and turned on the laptop.

Hearing what Ella said, Becky realized something important had happened.

"There is news on the Internet that you are the mistress of the CEO of l Z International Corporation, Darrow Ji." Ella explained on the other end of the line, "And you can also become the spokesperson of 'Echoes', it's all because of Darrow." Becky was surprised.

It sounded so familiar?

In the afternoon, Iris seemed to have said the same thing.

Did Iris bring it up? But she had already been caught? Or anyone else in the class? "Don't take it seriously. People with discerning eyes all know that you get this opportunity because of your persistence. Just let others speak." Ella said.

Becky opened the website and asked, "Ella, when other people see this kind of news, they will ask me if I'm really the lover of Darrow as the news says. Why didn't you ask?" With a slight smile, Ella said, "Becky, everyone has his or her own life. We're friends, but I'm not qualif

ied to comment on your life. Besides, I don't know everything about you, but I know you are not that kind of person." Becky was touched by Ella's words which sounded sincere and sincere.

"Thank you, Ella." Becky said sincerely.

For this attitude and trust.

"It's okay as long as you are fine." Ella said, "Don't take those bad comments to heart. What others say is others' business. Take care of yourself and have no guilty conscience." "Yes." Becky replied, staring at the web page. There had been no news on it.

"Ella, why didn't I read the news?" Becky asked in bewilderment, "Where did you see that?" She did saw some topics, but she kept refreshing the page, which always showed that the page was wrong.

"It's on the Internet." Ella said and tapped it.

The page was wrong.

"It was there a minute ago. The news was probably stopped by someone." Ella said.

Becky immediately thought of Darrow and Carla

"Then I think I should know. I have something to deal with. Ella, I have to go now. Talk to you later." Becky moved the computer from her lap and wore her shoes.

"Okay, I'll come back to school a few days later and see you then." Ella said.

"Okay, bye." "Bye."

After Darrow sent her back in the afternoon, he was still discussing business with Carla in the study. So it seemed that he didn't leave.

Becky walked along the corridor to the study, but stopped at the door.

She suddenly didn't know what to say.

It was also true that Darrow protected her, so there was no need for asking more.

However, she couldn't respond to Darrow's equal love.

She held her cell phone tightly and leaned against the wall, looking a little frightened.

In the study, Darrow sat across the table from Carla.

He had just called to deal with the negative news about Becky, and was still holding his phone.

The black phone was thin. He was fiddling with it. No one could tell what he was thinking from his face.

Carla put down the pen in her hand and asked, "Can you find out the source of this news?" "I'm still investigating. It's hard to trace the IP address. It's an underground Internet bar with a bunch of people." Replied Darrow. Carla frowned and continued, "Becky is normally at school, home and company. And we are familiar with her social circle.

I guess the only person who would do this to her is in the school."

Just like Iris He.

Either out of jealousy or conflict.

"I agree with you." Darrow nodded and said, "I've asked my men to focus on the Communication University, especially her roommates and Iris He's circle of friends. It is possible that Iris He's friends have protected Iris He from injustice so as to avenge Becky." Myron had instructed the employees in the daytime not to disclose what had happened, and Darrow himself had also dispatched people to do the work.

But it was inevitable that there were still some people who were not afraid of Myron and Darrow, thinking that they could escape from their sight.

Seeing the seriousness on Darrow's face, Carla suddenly asked, "Darrow, can you tell how much you love Becky?" Did Darrow just have a crush on Becky? Or some occasional attraction? Or, it was true love.

Carla was a little worried that Darrow's feeling for Becky was just driven by curiosity.

Darrow paused and said, "I know I don't have a crush on her." He had never been exposed to anyone, but this time he did not hide anything from Carla.

"Becky is the first and the only one that made me want to be with her for the rest of my life." He said seriously, "Carla, I love her." It was more like an announcement or a promise.

Hearing this, Carla paused a little. Becky, who was ready to leave, was also frozen outside.

The soundproofing of the house was good, but the door of the study was not properly closed.

Becky stood outside and still heard what they were talking.

Especially when she heard Darrow say that he loved her and he was serious.

Becky had never thought that Darrow loved her so much.

She couldn't believe that Darrow loved her so much.

She had always thought that he just liked her.

At most, he liked more than Jonny and Andrew.

But he said that she was the first and the only one that he wanted to be with for a lifetime.

Not only Becky was shocked, but also Carla didn't expect that Darrow would say such straightforward words.

But what surprised Carla was that Darrow had always been introvert. She didn't know since when Darrow had been so deeply in love with Becky.

Carla thought differently from Becky.

Carla had been living with Darrow since she was a child. She knew her brother very well. He was never talkative or brag.

He meant it.

He was certain that Becky would be his girl.

However... Carla rubbed her brow and felt a little vexed.

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