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   Chapter 25 A Powerful Protector

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Some people seemed to always like to see others make a fool of themselves and embarrass themselves, so as to fill the emptiness and desolation in their own hearts.

Those who were irrelevant and even just watched the fun seemed to always like to explore the lives of others, to see others with the greatest malice, and to think that others could only be judged on the moral high ground and from God's vision.

Those people was blaming others or making fun of others.

They never care about how others felt, nor care about what kind of damage their words would cause.

Fortunately, Becky didn't care about that.

No matter what people talked about her, she still sat on her seat with a straight face, and she could even calm down to listen to the lesson and make notes.

She was in a gesture of calmness and frankness, turning a deaf ear to those harsh words.

In her eyes, she didn't care what the people who knew her said or done to her. Those couldn't make her sad.

While the people around her had different opinions on it.

Someone thought Becky was so thick-skinned that she turned a deaf ear to such obvious comments.

But some people thought Becky was really honest, forthright and fearless of anything.

On the contrary, it seemed that Iris with a gloomy face hated Becky to the core.

She was happy to see that everyone was looking down upon Becky.

But unfortunately, in such an environment, Becky didn't even change her expression.

Becky was like immune to all kinds of poison, and none of their moves worked.

How could Iris not hate!

Halfway through the class, the discussions about Becky didn't fade away.

The old professor, who always had a good temper, finally couldn't stand it. He banged the platform hard and said, "Quiet! What kind of topic is it? Why are you still so enthusiastic after half the class?"

There was silence for a moment before the old professor continued, "Get out of the classroom if you don't want to take class." What a coincidence.

A few seconds later, there was a knock on the door.

Everyone looked at the door, and then looked at each other. They were all puzzled.

Becky raised her head and looked into the same direction.

The man, John Qin who took the lead was the director of Public Security Bureau of T City, a handsome man who was over 40 years old but well maintained.

There were four policemen in uniform following him.

Even the professor was astonished, not to mention the students in the classroom. The professor asked curiously, "Chief Qin? Why did you come to the Communication University? Is there any case to be investigated here? " As she asked, the professor glanced at the students sitting in front of her. Suddenly, a thought came to her. 'Does it have anything to do with the students?' The man called Chief Qin nodded and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt your class." Then he waved to the people behind him, indicating them to take action.

Most people present were confused. When they saw two policemen enter the classroom with a serious face, some even swallowed nervously.

Everyone's eyes followed the two policemen.

They saw that the two policemen passed through the middle aisle and went up step by step.

Then the policemen stood in front of Iris.

"You are suspected of intending to damage Miss Becky Ye's personal finance, please come with us and accept an investigation." One of the policemen said.

His voice was loud and clear, and everyone present could hear him clearly.

Iris's face paled.

Becky turned back in front of Iris, with an understanding expression on her beautiful face.

It must be Darrow who asked the policemen to come.

"What finance? Why did you say it was me? " Iris feigned a calm tone and asked in reply.

"From 3:30 to 4:30 yesterday afternoon, Miss Becky's personal belongings, handbags, accessories and so on, have all been damaged by someone purposely," The policeman said, "According to our investigation, you had a dispute with Miss Ye back then, and you were still in your dormitory." "What? Does that mean I did it?" Iris asked, "What's wrong with me staying in my own room? Just because I was in the dormitory at that time, you suspected me? " People around looked at them. Iris clenched her fists and decided to deny it.

Anyway, she had been very careful, leaving no clues.

The policemen had no evidence, so they couldn't do anything to her.

Iris had a good plan, but it was destroyed soon.

"Our staff has just found a pair of scissors in the garden downstairs that damaged Miss Ye's clothes." The policeman said expressionlessly, "Make a test on the fiber staying at the edge of the knife. It perfectly matched Miss Ye's clothing fiber. And that pair of scissors is yours." There was a hint of panic in Iris's eyes.

She did throw the scissors into the flowers yesterday.

But how did they find that place? Why would the policemen think of going to the garden? "You think you can accuse me of damage just with a pair of scissors?" Iris retort

ed in a hurry, "Anyone can get a pair of scissors, and Becky might even plot against me!" Her voice was getting louder and louder.

It seemed that Iris was trying to embolden herself with her voice.

"Yes, it's Becky Ye.

She did it on purpose. She don't like me." Iris stressed, "She wanted to frame me. She was afraid that I would take her endorsement and revealed that she had an affair with Darrow Ji!"

"Do you think Becky is as vicious as you?" A lazy male voice came from the door.

People were shocked by all kinds of unexpected events. They looked up again, and then turned their heads to look at Becky.

What happened? Mr. Ji came here to stand up for his mistress? He also brought his best friend, Mr. Ling? Mr. Ling was also on Becky's side? How lucky Becky Ye was!

Becky, who had become the focus of most class, calmly put down the light pink pen in her hand to record notes. She was a little helpless, "Why do you two also come here?" Becky had thought that Darrow would never show up.

And, why was Myron here? To go along for the ride? "Mr. Ling, Mr. Ji." John Qin, who was standing at the door, politely greeted them.

Darrow nodded slightly in response, and Myron was busy replying Becky, "You must have been badly bullied if I didn't come." Myron took a meaningful glance at all the students present, and finally fixed his eyes on Iris, the only one who was standing.

"Is she the woman?" Myron raised his chin and asked John Qin.

"Yes, Mr. Ling." John Qin replied.

"Then why don't you catch her? What are you waiting for?" Glancing at John Qin, Myron asked, "You want me to arrest her?" John Qin heard this and quickly denied: "I dare not." At the same time, John Qin winked at the two policemen who were standing beside Iris.

The two policemen took action at once without saying any more words.

The people around Myron were just frightened by his eyes, and they were glad that they didn't mess with Becky. They could only look at Iris sympathetically, and naturally didn't dare to make a sound.

"Let me go! Let me go! I said I didn't do it. Why do you arrest me?" Iris was struggling and screaming. She didn't cooperate with policemen and shouted, "Becky Ye! You took advantage of your power to bully me! "

She said the last sentence with fury.

She didn't dare to shout Darrow, Myron or anyone else, so she could only vent her hatred to Becky.

Besides, there was enmity between her and Becky.

As soon as Becky came to the side of Darrow and Myron, she was too tired to refute. Becky simply admitted, "Yes, I am taking advantage of the power to bully people." It already happened here today. Someone would put the blame on Becky for "bullying others with their power", even if she didn't admit it. There was no need for Becky to deny it? Not to mention the feeling of seeing Iris humiliated. It was not bad.

Power was a good thing sometimes.

No wonder so many people desperately chased for this seemingly illusory thing all their lives.

She watched Iris, who was escorted to Becky, with an arrogant look on her face. It was like Iris was telling Becky that Becky couldn't do anything to her.

Becky looked pretty and charming under such emotion. Darrow glanced at her and a doting smile could be seen in his dark eyes.

A shiver ran down Iris's spine.

But she could not say anything.

Becky's few words were enough to block all what she wanted to say.

When Iris and the two policemen were about to pass by, Darrow, who had kept silent all the time, suddenly stopped them and asked indifferently, "What did you just say about Becky?" His voice was cold and emotionless.

Hearing that, Iris could not help but shudder.

Darrow didn't care whether Iris would reply or not. He continued, "I will only say this once.

Becky is my girlfriend. She is my only girlfriend for life." He looked at Becky, who was also looking up at him.

Darrow's eyes were full of sincerity and his face was full of deep affection. But Becky was shocked and astonished.

But in others' eyes, they had been deeply looking at each other.

Not only Iris, but also the people present, even including Myron and Becky, were dumbfounded by the news that Darrow suddenly threw out.

Then Darrow added, "I don't want to hear anyone slander her again and throw dirt on her." His tone was full of warning.

But the way he looked at Becky was tender and loving.

Darrow also rubbed Becky's long hair gently.

Becky felt like she was caught in his eyes.

It was deep and endless.

But he was tender with a sense of security.

Becky felt as if she were tempted.

It was very weak, but it did exist.

"What are you thinking about? Let's go home." Seeing that Becky was still in a daze, Darrow said and chuckled.

Then he took her hand and led her out.

Seeing that, Myron smiled happily too. He put his hands in his trouser pockets and was about to leave too.

Before leaving, Myron looked at Iris and said, "I don't want anyone to know what happened today."

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