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   Chapter 23 It's Not Love

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In their circle, it was too difficult for rich and powerful people to only love one person.

They never considered it a blessing to meet anyone.

For their face, for excitement and for novelty, they had to be together with such young and beautiful women.

When they liked someone, they would coax him or her. But after that, they would give him or her some money without hesitation.

But what Darrow said didn't seem to be a lie.

But one day he was bored when his girl was getting old? By then, who could ensure that Darrow would not dislike her?

Everyone here harbored evil intentions. But Darrow pretended not to see.

He didn't need to explain to these unimportant people how much he loved Becky.

All they needed to know was that Becky was his girl, the one he loved and protected. That was enough.

Darrow took a sip of the wine and turned around. He found that Becky was not in the hall.

Becky had just walked to the balcony. It seemed that she was bored and she needed some fresh air.

Darrow's face softened as he thought.

Becky did go to the balcony to take some fresh air as Darrow expected.

Unlike the romantic dress style in the hall.

Even the light was dim in the semicircle of the balcony.

Becky didn't expect that she would meet Jasmine there.

Jasmine wore a black low strapless dress, leaning against the handrail and smoking, with a touch of sarcasm and loneliness on her charming face.

Becky didn't want to stay with Jasmine any longer. But Jasmine saw her when Becky was about to walk back to the hall.

Jasmine put down her hand with the cigarette in it and looked at Becky from head to toe.

Becky was wearing a pink sheath dress, simple but elegant.

It seemed that Becky suited this style of dressing.

It was also not like that. Becky seemed to have the magic to bring her clothes back to life.

The clothes she was wearing fitted her perfectly.

No matter what style of her clothes was, she would always put on the look that she wanted to express.

In fact, Jasmine knew in her heart that Becky could be the spokesperson of "Echoes" because of Becky's own advantages, rather than as she told Iris that Becky had relied on Darrow.

But what difference did it make? Anyway, she hated Becky. She didn't mind one more person hating Becky even more.

Besides, Becky was Darrow's mistress.

"What do you want to say?" Becky asked impatiently as she found that Jasmine kept looking at her.

The night in late autumn was cold all over the world. Becky shivered with the cold wind even if she was standing at the door where the heater could reach.

She held her arm tightly, wondering that Jasmine didn't know it was cold at all? It was a cold night. Why did Jasmine wear a strapless skirt to smoke in the cold wind? Jasmine withdrew her gaze from Becky, and said sarcastically, "I didn't know that Mr. Ji likes this kind of taste." Becky's eyes grew sharp. She asked, "What do you mean?" "You disguise yourself well." Jasmine snorted.

Becky's mouth twitched and she didn't know what to say, "What am I pretending to be?" Jasmine took a drag on her cigarette and blew a beautiful smoke ring deftly. Then she said, "Becky Ye, do you expect that Darrow Ji will marry you?" "..." Becky asked, "Why should I marry him?" She didn't like Darrow and Darrow didn't like her either.

"You're willing to be his mistress forever. Anyway, people like us can't marry them." Jasmine said to herself.

Becky looked at her as if she was a lunatic, "Who told you that I was Darrow's mistress?" Jasmine looked at her with a take-for-granted expression.

Becky suddenly smiled and said, "Jasmine, not everyone is like you. Not everyone is willing to sell their bodies to achieve their goals. You are such a person, but I am not." Becky said word by word, "Don't think of the whole world as you. You are willing to sell yourself in a marked price." Becky had gone too far this time.

Jasmine's face turned livid with rage, as if she would explode at the next moment.

Becky curled her lips in mockery and turned around to walk inside without taking another look at her.

When Becky went back to the hall, Darrow was still talking to somebody.

She walked towards him and leaned against him obediently, seeming a little uncomfortable.

Darrow naturally hugged her and said apologetically to these bosses around, "I'm sorry, everyone. We have to go now." They all nodded. The previous manager Mr. Qin said to Becky with a smile, "Miss, since Mr. Ji is so nervous about you, you should cherish him."

Becky froze for a while. She thought that they may misunderstand her relationship with Darrow. So she just smiled and did not say anything.

Darrow turned his head and took a look at Becky's beautiful smiling face. He paused and then left the party, holding Becky's arm.

A few minutes later, they were on their way home.

Becky looked out of the window at the swift passing of the night and said lazily, "This kind of banquet is really boring

and meaningless." The comers were not only for the sake of their status as the host to curry favor with them, but also for the purpose of finding a partner or seeing someone seldom seen in general cases.

Few of the guests were acquaintances. Let alone celebrate this birthday.

It was all about the benefits and the cooperation. To put it bluntly, the birthday party just intended to provide a platform for these merchants to communicate.

"Darrow, will this kind of party also happen on your birthday?" Becky asked.

Darrow hadn't said anything since he got on the car. He seemed to be thinking about something and said indifferently, "I'm never a birthday party." Becky twitched her mouth and asked, "But why?" The party didn't have to be so influential and he just needed to invite some friends to have dinner together.

"It doesn't matter to me." Said Darrow.

Birthday didn't mean anything special for him.

And he gradually forgot about it.

Becky stared at his cool face and thought of the cake she made this morning. She planned to give Darrow and Carla a surprise at that time.

The car drove into the Begonia Garden and stopped outside the door of Carla's home.

Becky unbuckled her seat belt and raised her head to look at Darrow, "Then I'll go back now. It's getting late. You drive carefully. Be safe and have a good rest." After saying that, she turned around and was about to open the door. All of a sudden, Darrow called her, "Becky." "What?" Becky turned around.

In sight, Darrow had unbuckled the seat belt and leaned over.

Becky suddenly remembered what those people had said tonight, "Mr. Ji cherish you so much, you should cherish him. There are so many ladies who like Mr. Ji. It's rare that he only loves you." 'Did Darrow really like her?' Darrow didn't say anything more. He just whispered in Becky's ear, "Have a good rest. Good night." Becky raised her head and glanced at him. She didn't know what to do, so she got out of the car and went back to the house without looking back.

Darrow didn't leave at once.

He sat in the car and looked up at the villa in front of him.

In less than two minutes, the light in Becky's room was on.

He saw a familiar figure behind the curtain.

He smiled.

Becky was not surprised at all to suffer from insomnia.

She only took Darrow as a good friend, the same as Carla. She had never thought that Darrow would like her.

She lay on the bed and rubbed her forehead.

His kiss was still over there.

She didn't seem to push him away.

But she thought Darrow was just a good friend.

She didn't want to have any other feelings.

She turned over and buried her head in the pillow.

After a while, a long sigh came from the pillow.

It was not until midnight that Becky finally fell asleep.

However, she had a dream in which she saw Andrew was having an affair with Nicole.

"Becky, I like you. Becky, I was just drunk last night. I didn't want to betray you. Becky, I only love you." Andrew said he only liked her, but he was holding someone else in his arms.

Unlike Becky's nightmares, Darrow had been in a very good mood since he sent Becky back home.

Darrow couldn't help but smile when he thought of the stunned Becky.

The next day, when she went to the Mona's bakery, Becky seemed to be a little absent-minded.

Becky didn't sleep well last night. She was exhausted and had no energy at all.

Mona put some pastry into the oven and looked back at her with a smile. "Did you go out as a thief last night?" "Not really. I just couldn't fall asleep because I was thinking about something." Becky stared at the white flour in her hands and leaned against the wall lazily.

She finally fell asleep in the early morning with a nightmare, and woke up early. After that, she couldn't sleep.

Since she couldn't sleep well, she was naturally lack of spirit.

After taking a look at her, Mona turned around to wash her hands and said, "All right. You don't have to do the cooking today. Let's take a rest and go out to have a cake. Be happy." Becky smiled, turned around, washed her hands, took off her apron, and left the baking room.

Mona made two cups of milk tea and two pieces of chocolate cakes. They sat together in the shop. The milk fragrance in the air made them feel comfortable and cozy.

"Do you like him?" Mona asked her.

"I just treat him as a good friend," Becky said, "And I don't want to have a relationship for now." "Then you should refuse him," Mona gave an idea, "Don't hold back because you're friends. Love cannot be forced, or it is not good for either of you." Becky thought what Mona said made sense.

Maybe she should tell Darrow directly, "I don't like you. Don't waste your time on me." But she still felt it not proper.

She didn't have the heart to do it either.

"You will cross the bridge when you get to it. Don't think too much," Mona took a sip of milk tea and continued: "Since things have already happened, there are always solutions."

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