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   Chapter 21 She Is Darrow's Lover

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It was not surprising that Darrow fell in love with Becky.

Myron smiled and agreed with her.

Becky did deserve their love and care.

"Do you think that one day I can find such a beautiful woman and marry her?" After the joking, Myron' face returned to normal.

Carla laughed and shook her head resolutely, "No." "Why not?" Myron protested.

"Because you are not Darrow or me, there is no second Becky in the world." Said Carla.

Myron snapped, "you show off." "Absolutely!" Carla admitted frankly.

Hearing that, Myron could not help but roll his eyes.

Carla smiled, turned on her laptop in a good mood and went back to her work.

It was late autumn now. Leaves in T city were falling profusely and yellow leaves all on the ground.

Becky parked her car at parking space inexpertly. As soon as she pushed the door open and got off, her long silky hair was blown around by a gust of wind.

She reached out and smoothed her long hair that had covered her eyes. She tightened up the tight sweater coat and walked into a beautifully decorated bakery by the roadside.

The air was rich with the rich milk fragrance of desserts. The good smell made people intoxicated.

"Hello, welcome." Sitting behind the counter, a beautiful girl with a sweet voice greeted her.

"Hello." Becky greeted her with a smile, "I heard the cakes and desserts in your shop are very delicious, so I came here to ask if you can teach me to make a cake."

This place was a little far from both HX Communication University and Begonia Garden. However, Ella said that the cakes from this bakery were the best in T City, so Becky was willing to come here.

She had been looking for this place the whole morning.

"Here's the thing. I have two very important friends who will be birthday next month, so I want to make a cake for them by myself." Becky explained.

Carla saw Carla and Darrow's birthday was on the fifteenth day of next month by chance. She thought about it for a long time, but didn't know what gift she should buy.

She called Myron and asked him about it. Surprisingly, he looked at Molly and said, "birthday?" Apparently, he didn't know it.

She was a little speechless.

Didn't Myron say that they were good friends? Why was he so strange with Darrow's birthday? "Because Darrow and Carla have never celebrated their birthday." Myron stated in an innocent tone.

Since he knew Darrow and Carla, he had never seen them celebrate their birthday, so it was normal that he didn't know.

Unable to count on Myron, Becky had to think about it again.

However, Darrow and Carla didn't short of anything, so common gifts were meaningless.

Her mind was in a total mess. Later she had lunch with Ella, Ella reminded her that she could make a cake and give it to them herself. It was both thoughtful and meaningful.

Then Ella introduced this bakery to her.

"Sure." The young girl agreed without hesitation.

She walked out from behind the counter, picked up the apron hanging aside and handed her a apron. She asked, "what kind of cake do you want to make?" "Thank you." Becky took over the apron and thanked her politely. Then she asked, "I want to cook two layers of the meal. I hope not it will not be too sweet. Do you have any suggestion?" "It better not be too much trouble." She added, with a little shyness on her face, "I may not be able to do a too complex cake." That was also the reason why she had come to study here a month in advance.

The girl smiled and didn't mind.

She thought for a while and said: "Matcha mousse cake is good. You still have one month. Don't worry. You can learn it slowly." Becky tilted her head and thought for a while. Then she nodded, "okay. Thank you." "It doesn't matter." The girl smiled and said, "let's go. I'll take you to the baking room."

Becky followed her and saw her turn around. She smiled and said, "Oh, right. My family name is mo. you can call me Mona." "My name is Becky Ye." Becky said.

The girl nodded and opened another unlocked door. "Come in," she said

It turned out that Becky said, "It better not be too much trouble, I may not be able to do a too complex cake." Her words were true. Becky was so modest.

Mona said that she had never seen anyone who was so bad at cooking. Although the cooking was very simple, Becky had made a mess.

Becky felt helpless.

Although she owned a tavern, she had never been in the kitchen since she was a child.

But it was Clara, who had learned to cook from her family's chefs at different ages.

A week later, Becky finally made a cake grudgingly.

She jumped excitedly like a child and hugged Mona in her arms.

"Ah! Ah! I made it!" Becky shouted.

Mona smiled and hugged her for a while. "Keep working. There's still a long way to go from perfect in your design." But when Mona thought that how seriously Becky worked these days. She didn't give up, even though sometimes lost her temper.

Seeing that Becky had finally succeeded, Mona felt happy from her heart.

Becky had few classes recently and there were lots of things outside school, so she didn't often go to school.

There was an air of depression in the dormitory.

She pushed the door open and walked in. When passing by Iris, she inadvertently saw her red eyes, but Becky pretended not to see them.

During this period of time, Iris's hostility towards her became more and more obvious, but she didn't bother to care about it.

And even Iris wouldn't need her care.

Becky got her books that would be used later and was ready to leave for class.

When she walked to the door, Iris suddenly called her, "Becky Ye." Becky raised her eyebrows and looked back at Iris, speechlessly.

However, Becky's indifference increased Iris's hatred for her.

She wanted to tear up Becky's pride.

But she needed Becky's help.

She must put up with it.

She took a few deep breaths and tried to suppress the anger in her voice.

"I was at 'Echoes' today." Iris said.

Becky raised her eyebrows, waiting for her to continue.

She knew that Iris had gone out for an advertising not long after the new semester began, it was not surprising at all that she went to 'Echoes'.

After all, everyone had to climb up.

However, what made Becky curious was why Iris told her this thing"? To show off? But Iris's tone didn't sound like that. Besides, she was the spokesperson for the brand of celestial energy. What was there to show off in front of her? A simple notice? Not like that. After all, she didn't get on well with Iris.

"Really? For what? " Becky looked at her with a half smile.

No wonder she cried.

No wonder she talked to her.

It turned out that she was asking for her help.

"Say something for me and let me show up at the show of 'Echoes'." Continued Iris, gritting her teeth.

Becky laughed and asked, "why should I help you?" Iris's face darkened.

"We are in the same dormitory and class, so as long as you say something nice for me, then you can help me." Iris said, clenching her hands on the table.

Why could Becky become the spokesperson of the brand of 'Echoes'? And she had to humbly beg her for help.

Why only Becky! Becky could not neglect the emotion showed on Iris's face.

"But I don't want to." Becky said.

Her expression was full of irony.

Hearing that, Iris's expression froze, as if she had not expected that Becky would refuse so decisively.

Becky turned around and was about to leave. Iris shouted behind her without hesitation, "why not? Are you afraid that i will be your threat if you recommend me to your boss? " Becky stopped, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. She did not understand why Iris was so cheeky.

"Do I need a reason to refuse?" Becky retorted, "why should I help you?" She stood at the door, with her beautiful face covered with a faint gray shadow, against the light.

"Besides, why should I fear that you can become my threat? You haven't even pass the primary election. What am I afraid of? " Becky said lightly.

She didn't even bother to give a snort of taunt.

Without giving Iris another chance to speak, Becky took the book and left the room.

"Splash!" "Clang!" From behind came a harsh sound of porcelain and glass, as if shows a great rage.

Becky touched her forehead and thought about Vivian's suggestion that she was allowed to live outside.

In the dormitory, Iris was sitting in her seat, her eyes red and her face twisted in rage.

She dug her delicate fingernails into the table with all her strength.

Jasmine lazily leaned against the door of the balcony and looked at her. She put A cigarette in the middle of her fingers, smoking enchantingly.

She was in the dormitory room all day long, but she was in the bathroom when Becky came back, so she didn't see Becky.

But that didn't hinder her from listening to their conversation clearly.

With arched eyebrows, she gave a scornful smile and said to Iris, "Why are you so mean to Becky? You want to be a threat to her?" Hearing this, Iris flew into fury. "None of your business!"

"What did you say?" Iris was surprised.

This news was out of her expectation.

But it was also a big news.

"Becky Ye is Darrow Ji's lover. As long as she says, she can easily be the spokesmen of 'Echoes'. How can you compare with her?" Hearing it, Iris felt as if she had swallowed a fly.

She had thought Becky was from a rich family, and always tried to please her.

It turned out that there were luxurious cars picking them up to the school, driving the limited worldwide sports cars, and the handbags of the first-line brands that made her envious, all were good-looking surface, but they were essentially so dirty.

She always thought that Becky got the chance by her own strength.

She didn't want to admit it, but she had to admit that Becky was beautiful and graceful. She failed.

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