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   Chapter 17 Road Trip

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"No. And I don't have any plan for now." Becky replied straightforwardly. She already knew what Ava was going to ask, so she stopped her.

"Okay," Ava replied, "Oh, I'm wondering if you will consider about Jonny." She also wanted to know what kind of boy Becky liked.

"Actually, Jonny is nice to you. He is a warm-hearted and friendly boy. He sent you to the school infirmary when you fainted. Later, the instructor said something unflattering about you, but Jonny spoke for you, so he was punished," Ava added.

She didn't say that on behalf of Jonny, but gave an objective evaluation.

"I appreciate that Jonny speak for me. Ava, I don't care what others think of me." Becky said with a smile.

She had never cared too much about what other people thought of her. There were thousands of different opinions among one thousand people.

She also didn't care too much about what Jacob thought of her. She hated Jacob so much.

"It seems that there is really no hope for him." Ava was somewhat regretful.

Becky just smiled and didn't reply.

But she thought she would not consider finding a boyfriend for a long time.

Moreover, she had no expectation to love now.

And it was nothing to look forward to.

"We'll be late for the class. Let's go." Becky said.

Seeing that she no longer talked about this topic, Ava didn't continue, but only responded and quickly followed her upstairs.

Jonny had just entered the classroom when the bell rang.

The moment he entered the classroom, he saw Becky sitting on the third row.

She sat down with Ava, and the space around her was almost full.

He swept through the crowd, changed his seat and sat behind Becky.

"Hi, Becky. Long time no see. How are you doing?" He patted Becky's shoulder naturally and greeted her.

Becky turned around, smiled and said politely, "Thank you. I'm all right now." "That's good." Said Jonny.

At the back row of the classroom, Iris had noticed Jonny since he entered the classroom.

From his running to find Becky to witness the whole conversation, her comely face slowly filled with gloom.

Iris clearly remembered that night when she said she liked him, the look of surprise and apology on his face.

And embarrassment.

Iris deliberately dressed up and put on the new dress that she had spent the money she earned from the summer part-time jobs. But he just felt embarrassed and said sorry to her.

It was her first time to take the initiative, but he told her that he liked Becky.

The little girl who lived in the same dormitory with Iris was very beautiful and attractive. She had luxury car and a rich family. Every piece of clothing and bag in the wardrobe was a top class. But Iris had to do part time jobs to buy the most expensive dress.

Iris couldn't help but feel jealous and resentful.

There were still five minutes before the class was over, and Jonny asked Becky again.

"Hey, Becky, shall we have lunch together after class?" Becky remembered that he bought food for her during the training and sent her to the infirmary. And he accompanied her until Darrow came.

She had caused him too much trouble. At that time, she promised that she would invite him to dinner as a thank-you. And she can take this opportunity to do it now.

"Okay." Becky smiled and agreed.

But she remembered that on her way to the classroom, Ava had told her that Jonny liked her. To avoid unnecessary trouble and misunderstanding, she pulled Ava and said, "I want to invite you and Ava to have a meal with me. Thank you for taking care of me during the military training.

What do you want to eat? " The joy on Jonny's face faded immediately.

"You can choose any one you like." He said, showing no happy expression on his face.

Ava looked at him and then at Becky. She wanted to say something, but she saw Becky winking at her.

Ava realized immediately and swallowed all the words she hadn't said.

"I don't spend as much time in school as you guys, and I'm not familiar with this place. Ava, you choose one." Becky said.

"Well, let's go to the South Street. I know a nice restaurant. I've been there with my boyfriend before. I'll take you there later." Ava said and agreed.

"Okay." Becky promised with a smile.

Looking at Becky's smile, Jonny agreed with her.

For him, it didn't matter what to eat, the most important thing was that Becky was there.

After class.

The classroom, which had been almost fully occupied, was cut in half when the bell rang.

Becky and Ava tidied up their books and books unhurriedly. When they were about to stand up and go out, a figure flashed by quickly to Jonny, who was waiting for them at the door.

They looked at each other and stood where they were, not in a hurry.

Iris ran to Jonny, looked up at him and issued her own invitation. "Jonny, do you have anything to do later? Shall we have dinner together? " There was a sudden tinge of embarrassment on Jonny's face. He looked up

at Becky subconsciously.

Iris also turned to look at Becky.

"Sorry, I have an appointment with Becky." Said Jonny.

Becky and Ava both saw the undisguised jealousy and irritation in Iris's eyes.

Becky touched her nose innocently.

Was she in an unlucky year? She didn't do anything, but why does Iris hate her so much somehow? "I think I am innocent." She said to Ava.

Ava took a look at Becky, nodded and shook her head.

Ava thought that Becky was not completely innocent.

After all, Becky was the only girl that Jonny loved.

As for the arrogant and alienated Iris, no one knew that she was such a jealous girl who would implicate an innocent person.

While the two of them were whispering, Iris and Jonny were also whispering something. After a while, Jonny nodded, and then turned to Becky and Ava, "Becky, Ava, let's go." "Okay." Becky replied and walked down the stairs with Ava.

The three walked out of the classroom together. When they passed by Iris, Becky was given a dirty look.

Becky, "..." 'Was Iris out of her mind? She failed to catch Jonny. Why should she stare at me? Would Jonny fall in love with her because she stare at me? It was so weird.'

In the evening, Vivian made a call to Becky. She told Becky that her design department planned to have a road trip on the weekend to visit a well-known town in the neighboring city.

Recently, the design department had been managing casual clothing department for day and night. It was not easy for them to finish, so they wanted to relax and get inspiration.

So she called Becky to ask her to join.

Becky had no objection to Vivian's proposal and agreed happily.

They chatted casually after checking on the time. She asked Becky how she was doing at school, and Becky mentioned about Iris by the way.

"Vivian, do you think I had bad luck lately?" Becky asked nervously.

"Come on." Vivian sneered at her, "Why don't we hate you? Darrow and Carla, they also don't hate you. And you also had a good time with Myron these days." "So I'm not right for them in this dormitory room." Becky threw up her hands.

It was the first time in her life that she had lived in a university. She didn't expect that it was totally different from what she thought.

In the novel, the roommates shared the same feeling and looked like sisters. In fact, everything in novel was fake.

"This explanation is more convincing." Vivian nodded and seemed to agree with her.

"Becky, how about you move out? I can find a house near your school." After a moment of teasing, Vivian said earnestly, "It's not comfortable for you to have such roommates in your dormitory. Also, it is not safe to live in the dormitory.

At present, it's not that bad. In order to maintain a sense of mystery, you are only spokesperson for our 'Echoes'. Your popularity is limited.

But what about after that? 'Echoes' is constantly developing. Only half a year at most, the brokerage company will also be set up. Then you will begin to take over other work. As a result, you will be more famous, popular and it's not convenient for you to live in the dormitory." Vivian analyzed thoroughly.

They all knew that Becky was going to sign with l Z International Corporation.

Now they were waiting for the establishment of the brokerage company. Then the company would announce that they signed with Becky and focus on training her.

"Hmm." Becky thought for a while and said, "It's too troublesome, and I don't like to live alone.

Now I live in the dormitory and I'm not bothered by them. It doesn't matter. As for the rest, we'll see. It won't be so fast." No matter what happened, it needed a process.

The things about the brokerage company had been on the agenda, but it wouldn't go so fast.

"You." Vivian felt a bit helpless, but she didn't insist on it. She said, "Okay. But if you don't like living here, then tell me. Don't keep it to yourself. Okay? Don't let yourself be wronged." "Well, I know. I won't let myself be wronged," Becky replied, "Thank you, Vivian." "Don't mention it." Said Vivian with a smile.

Becky stood on the balcony of the dormitory, looking up at the starry night sky with curling the corners of her mouth.

"It's getting late. Good night. We'll pick you up at the school on Friday afternoon, and we'll set off directly from the school." Said Vivian. "Okay, good night, Vivian." Becky replied.

"Good night." After hanging up the phone, Becky did not return to her dormitory immediately.

She gathered her coat and leaned against the wall. There was a warm smile on her face.

She grew up with love and was optimistic all the time.

She wouldn't be influenced by the people or things around her. She wouldn't care about them as long as they are not important.

She was never short of warmth, and the kindness was more than malice she could see.

A week passed in a flash.

Becky's school life was quite good. She had friendly classmates and amiable teachers.

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