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   Chapter 13 Military Training

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"No, you go." Becky smiled and refused.

It happened that Ella had collected all the files she had just brought. She walked towards Becky with files in his chest and called out to her in a familiar voice, "Becky!" Becky looked at her, "Ella." Seeing that someone came to look for Becky, Jonny didn't insist on it. "Well, let's have dinner together next time." "Then we go first. bye, Becky." Iris looked happy.

Becky nodded.

Ella walked to Becky and looked at the back of Jonny and iris. She then turned to Becky and asked, "have you eaten anything? I'll take you to have the most famous pineapple rice in our school. " Becky thought for a while and agreed.

Ella was not only the first one she met after she went into the University, but also the only one she felt relaxed and easy to get along with.

She was willing to make friends with Ella.

"Let's go." Hearing that Becky agreed, Ella immediately put on an enchanting smile.

She held Becky's arm intimately and walked out of the classroom with her.

Ella also took her to South Street of the Huaxia media.

It was half past seven in the evening in summer. It was getting dark outside. The wind at night brought a little coldness and blew against people, relaxed and comfortable.

It was when people were crowded.

The smell of various kinds of snacks pervaded in the air, the steamed, fried, and boiled were all indispensable, and their color were attractive.

Clearly, Ella knew this place very well. She walked forward arm in arm with Becky. Occasionally, some acquainted bosses would talk to Ella.

"Ella, you are very familiar with this place." Becky looked around curiously.

"Yeah. The food here is delicious. Many people come here every night." She said, stopping in front of a restaurant, and then looked at Becky, "here we are." Becky took a look at the restaurant in front of her.

It was decorated from wood, with warm light and floor to ceiling windows.

It seemed to be very busy, and the space inside was almost full.

"Yes." She replied and went into the restaurant with Ella.

The proprietress was in her early thirties and she smiled amiably.

She was also a friend of Ella. As soon as she saw them, she greeted, "Hey, you are here!" "Yes, i specially take my junior to taste the pineapple rice in your restaurant. You gotta do what you can." Ella laughed.

The proprietress looked at the person beside Ella and smiled: "of course, pineapple rice is my brand name.

I promise I won't let you down. " Becky smiled and said, "thank you." "Let's go inside," Ella pulled Becky to sit down.

"Becky, are you a local of T city?" Ella asked while waiting for the food.

Becky shook her head, "no, I'm from B city." "Oh, okay." Ella nodded, holding his chin with one hand on the table. After thinking for a while, Ella added, "in fact, I've always wanted to know a question." "What? What is it? " Becky was curious.

"How did 'Echoes' find you? Your performance is amazing and perfect! " Ella become a fan of Becky.

How nice it would be if Becky was a boy.

Then she could chase after Becky.

"It was recommended by a friend." Hearing such a direct praise, Becky was a little embarrassed. "It's my first time to show off. I have received a temporary training and there are still many shortcomings." "It's fine." "Your friend really has a good taste." Ella said.

Becky said with a smile.

'of course, Darrow is discerning. He's a big boss.'

"Are you a local of T city?" Becky changed the topic.

"Yes." Ella nodded, "I'll show you around when I have time. There are many interesting places and great food in T City, and I'm sure of it." Ella loved to walk around the streets since she was a child. She could discover many novel places that others couldn't find.

"Great! Thank you very much!" Becky laughed.

"You're welcome." Ella shook her hand.

As they were talking, the waiter came up with two bowls of colorful pineapple rice and placed them in front of them respectively, saying, "please enjoy yourself.".

Ella looked at Becky expectantly and said, "have a taste. I like eating pineapple rice here most. I haven't felt greasy for so many years." Becky replied and took a spoon of food into her mouth.

The pleasant scent of pineapple could neutralize greasy feeling, but also stimulate the appetite

"Yummy." After swallowing the food in her mouth, Becky said to Ella firmly.

Upon hearing this, Ella smiled brightly and picked up a spoon to eat her own dish.

After dinner, Becky and Ella went back to the apartment.

They were in the same college and lived in the same dormitory, but on different floor. So they happened to go in the same direction.

Beacause she had to get up early for the military training the next morning, so Becky took a shower and went to bed early.

On the contrary, Darrow was at home alone. In the dead of night, he was still standing in front of the French window and looking at the dark sky outside, unable to fall asleep for a long time.

He was thinking about the words that Myron said before.

"... there are various

types of men in college. Aren't you afraid that Becky will run away when she meets someone she likes?"? "Will she run away? Becky.

Wouldn't it be too sudden for her to tell her he liked her now? He could see that Becky had no feelings for him at all.

She just treated him to be a friendly friend like David and other friends.

For the first time, Darrow felt indecisive. For the first time, he didn't know where to start.

The stars on the sky were twinkling just like her eyes.

It was so bright.

He recalled the first time he held her hand that night.

Although it was just her wrist.

Slender and soft.

For a moment, scenes about Becky appeared in his head one by one.

The way she cried was confused. She looked timid when it was dark. Her every move and smile which she usually did, and her stunning performance at the display of "Echoes".

Becky was actually a very sweet girl, and she would act like a spoiled child.

She was so picky about food that she refused many things.

She was afraid of staying in the dark.

She was as soft and proud as a kitten.

However, she was obstinate. She was well in arguing with others, which was out of others' expectation.

In just two months, Darrow found that Becky had completely integrated into his life.

Maybe, he should find a suitable time to talk things out with her.

At least he should let her know that he liked her.

As for her agreed or not? Time was everything.

He just felt that he should claimed his sovereignty earlier in case other men would have a chance.

After all, Becky was his.

After that, Darrow didn't feel annoyed.

He rubbed between his eyebrows and walked back to his bed, uncovered the quilt and lied down.

...The next day.

In the height of summer, the sun always rises early.

Becky was awakened by Ava. She sat on the bed with a quilt, and couldn't come to her senses for a long time.

"Becky, wake up.

We are going to be late. " Ava called her again.

"Okay, I know." Becky rubbed her own messy long hair, took off the quilt and got out of bed to wear her shoes. Then she closed her eyes and went into the bathroom to wash up.

After washing her face, she became much sober. She took a look at her watch. It was less than half past six.

It was already daytime.

"It's too early." Becky complained. Becky went to her wardrobe to take out her camouflage clothing and put it on in the bathroom. Then she casually tied a simple ponytail.

As she had to wear a hat later, it was not convenient to wear a high ponytail.

When Becky came out, Iris looked at her sourly and said, "you are really beautiful no matter what you wear." Becky looked cool and heroic in an ordinary camouflage uniform.

As for herself, Iris felt that she didn't suit her own clothes at all.

"Let's go." Becky ignored Iris's envy. She changed her shoes, grabbed her coat and hat and was about to go out.

Since Jasmine didn't come back last night, there were only the three of them in the dormitory.

Ava was also prepared. She put on her coat, grabbed her hat and stood up.

Seeing that Becky ignored her, Iris twitched her mouth with dissatisfaction.

"Let's go." She bucked her hat on her head and walked out of the bedroom first in a huff.

The sun shone brightly in the morning.

It was very hot. Becky stood in the crowd, wearing the thick military coat. She had been sweaty before long.

"It's so hot." Standing next to Becky, Ava frowned and complained. She took off own hat and fanned herself. "If we sun for half a month, will we shed a layer of skin?"

"I don't know if you're naked or not, but you're unable to escape from a tan." Iris replied.

"The future is dark." Becky took a look at the instructors who were walking towards them with a fierce face and said, "I'm so desperate." Becky had been spoiled since her childhood. During the military training in high school, she had asked the aunt who worked in the hospital to write a case certificate, so she hadn't attended the training.

But she couldn't make it this time.

The instructor with a fierce face didn't lived up to Becky's expectations.

He walked to them and said, "attention! at ease!" His voice was loud and imposing.

There were forty-five people in the costume performance class. Except for Jasmine who hadn't shown up, all of them stood up by reflex.

After the rank was sorted out, the instructor continued, "Hello, everyone. I'm your instructor. My surname is Hu. You can call me Jacob." He was about thirty years old, dark skinned, with a buzz cut. It was easy to see that he didn't smile much.

"I will be responsible for the military training for the next half month." "There are three terms." "First, all students are not allowed to wear jewelry or play cellphone during the training. Girls are not allowed to let hair down." "Second, I treat everyone equally and there will be no special treatment for girls." "Third, you must ask for leave if you have any problem. Don't leave without permission." "Or you will be punished." He said very simply and forcefully.

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