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   Chapter 12 Go After Her If You Like Her

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Since Darrow knew Becky, his smile seemed to be more than before.

After she went upstairs and completely disappeared from the stairway, Darrow started the car and drove away from the school of the HX Communication University.

The door was left unlocked.

Becky carefully pushed the door open, and found everyone was there.

"Hello." She greeted them in a good mood.

The Ava turned to her and gave her a tender smile, "Hi, you are back." "Yes." Becky smiled and sat down beside Ava, putting her bag on the table.

"Becky, are you a local of T City? You didn't live in the dormitory these two days. " Iris asked casually.

When she was talking on the phone at the balcony, she saw Becky getting out of a black sports car.

She had seen it on the Internet.

It was a limited edition worldwide. It was very expensive and out of the market.

So Becky's family must be very rich.

"No, I live in a friend's house." Becky answered without thinking.

On the other side, Jasmine sniffed harshly.

What friend? Isn't he the sugar daddy? Becky and Iris looked back out of instinct, only to see Jasmine's back.

Then Iris turned to Becky, but Becky just shrugged her shoulders and didn't seem to care at all.

Sometimes people had different thoughts.

For example, when Jasmine saw that Darrow held Becky's hand, she thought Becky had been determined to be a mistress. She had never thought of the second possibility at all.

However, the first question came to Iris's mind was whether Becky was from a rich family or not.

The environment of human being was very important to the development of their ideological concept.

"I thought you were a local. I happened to see you get off the car when I went to the washroom just now. I thought you were sent here by your family. I'm so envious of you." Iris smiled and explained. But Becky's friend could afford such a good car, so her family wouldn't be bad.

People always say that birds of a feather flock together?

Thought Iris.

Becky's smile froze.

Of course, her family took her to school.

If it was in the past, it must be like this.

Besides, she would come with huge family members, such as uncles, aunts, father, mother, grandparents.

What was more, there would be a big team, which made people envious of her.

But now she was without them.

Her family were very angry and disappointed with her.

They were in B City, far away from her and even didn't know she was at the HX Communication University.

Iris saw Becky lost in thought, she was confused and didn't think she said anything wrong.

"Becky? What's wrong with you? " Iris asked.

Becky just froze. After a while, she came to herself and saw the puzzled look on Iris's face. She forced a smile and said, "Oh, I'm fine. Maybe it's because I got up very early in the morning. I'm a little sleepy now, so I'm a little distracted. I'm sorry." She was telling a joke. In fact, she didn't get up early today.

When Becky finally got up, it was almost 12 o'clock in the afternoon. She seemed to take a nap as well.

But she still had to find an excuse.

She had no interest in telling a stranger about herself.

"Nothing." Iris replied with a sweet smile.

Ava on the other side turned around and said, "If you feel sleepy, you can take a rest. We won't start the roll call until seven o'clock. There is an hour and a half left. We will call you later." "Thank you." Becky turned around and thanked her.

Ava smiled and turned around again.

Becky smiled too.

In fact, in this dormitory room, she had a good feeling for Ava since the beginning.

At first, Iris was a little distant. But it was not that hard to get along with her.

Except for the girl whose name Becky didn't know. Every time she saw Becky, she looked like seeing an enemy.

Becky was baffling.

Becky bent over on the table and grabbed a pen to draw circles on the notebook to kill time.

At half past six in the afternoon.

Becky went to the classroom with Ava and Iris to sign in.

The School of Art and Design was far from their dormitory. It was also their first day here, so they thought it would be better to arrive early.

Jasmine had gone somewhere early, but no one cared about her.

When Jasmine came here, it seemed that she looked down upon everyone and hated them. She didn't want to talk with them and nobody was willing to talk to her.

The classroom was on the second floor. When Becky walked in, everyone's attention was apparently drawn to her.

She seemed to glow innately, so dazzling and eye-catching.

Ava and Iris looked at each other. The former smiled, and the latter was full of envy.

They envied Becky being the center of attention.

Shortly after they sat down, a boy came over to accost them.

"Hello, classmate." The boy sat on an empty seat in front of Becky and turned around to greet her with a smile.

He was in a white T-shirt and looked very handsome and sunny.

Sitting next to Becky, Iris's eyes l

it up at the first sight of the boy.

"Hello." Becky smiled politely and nicely.

"Becky? "Your name sounds very good. Is it made of 'a clear moon with a few stars in the sky and the black magpie flying south'?" Asked Jonny Yu.

Becky nodded, "Maybe." "What do you mean?" Ava asked curiously.

Isn't that a sure thing? But the answer was ambiguous? "Actually, the last word of my name is made of 'the dew is not dry', but not 'rare'." Becky said.

"So it is." Jonny Yu nodded as if he understood everything.

"Are you in the same dormitory?" He then went to ask Ava and Iris.

After all, it was necessary to please the people around her, if you wanted to chase after a girl.

Like roommates and close friends, if they were willing to do something for you, they could be your biggest asset in your chase.

So Jonny Yu naturally made acquaintance with the two girls beside Becky.

"Yes." A soft smile appeared on Ava's face.

Iris was still elegant and aloof. She smiled politely and said, "Nice to meet you. My name is Iris. She is Ava.

Nice to meet you. " Jonny Yu looked at her and smiled, "Hello, nice to meet you too." Then he turned to Becky and issued an invitation, "Have you all had dinner? I've heard that there are a few good restaurants in the South Street of our school. I'll invite you to eat something after the roll call, okay? " "No, thanks. I've had it." Becky refused politely.

She had dinner with Darrow before she came here.

Besides, she was not familiar with Jonny Yu, so she wouldn't accept his invitation.

"Sorry, I have an appointment with my boyfriend." Ava added.

Only Iris responded, "I haven't eaten either, so we can have dinner together." Hearing this, Jonny Yu was a little embarrassed. He looked at Becky, then turned his eyes to Iris.

But the fact was, for fear of embarrassing her, Jonny Yu had to promise to have dinner with Iris.

Ava didn't believe that Iris couldn't figure out that Jonny was going to ask Becky out, and that the two of them were only attached together.

But Iris deserved it so straightforwardly? Ava looked at Becky next to her.

Becky just sat there quietly playing with her cell phone, as if she didn't feel anything wrong.

Did Ava herself over think it?

A few minutes later.

The counselor called Daniel finally came.

The senior schoolmate, Ella, who was very enthusiastic with Becky on the sign-up day also came here.

She stood behind Daniel and swept her eyes around the classroom. Then she fixed her eyes on Becky and waved at her happily.

Of course, she waved stealthily, which was not too blatant.

Becky waved to her too.

The young counselor introduced himself. "I just graduated. This is my first job as a counselor. I hope we can get along like friends in the future. I hope you can take good care of yourself and teach me more.

If I do anything wrong, you can tell me. We can grow up together." "Let's name each other first." Suddenly, the phone on the table vibrated and the screen lit up.

Becky looked down at the message from Myron. It said, "Becky, is your college life colorful?" For a moment, Becky replied, "I didn't come to school until this afternoon.".

She didn't have time to find out whether the college life was colorful or not.

Myron's reply came soon, "Aren't there many people who want to accost you?" "You're not a gossiper. You're the powerful master of JONA Entertainment now."

Becky replied directly.

After a long time of acquaintance, she had no more qualms when talking to Myron. She was just direct and talked frankly.

"I care about you. I'm worried that you might be fooled by their honeyed words," Myron said quickly after Becky jested about him.

But on a second thought, he didn't think it make sense.

Myron looked at Darrow calmly and quickly, and then returned Becky's message.

"Hey, Darrow, why don't you tell Becky that you like her?" He asked in confusion.

If you like her, you should chase after her. What was Darrow waiting for? "It's not the time yet." Said Darrow lightly.

He was not in a good condition as he expected. Becky had just gone to university and just ran away from home.

"Not the right time? Then when should you start?" Myron sneered at him. Aren't you afraid that someone might get Becky first?" Darrow paused.

Myron continued excitedly, "There are so many boys in college. They are all kinds.

Becky has such a beautiful face and a pleasing personality. At that time, there will surely be many men chasing her. Don't you worry that she may run away if she meets someone? I'm afraid you won't be able to hold back your tears by then." Darrow looked up at him.

Darrow nodded and agreed.

After the roll call.

Ava followed her boyfriend who came to pick up her and left first. Iris and Jonny had made an appointment to have dinner together. Only Becky was left alone.

"Becky, are you really not going with us? You can eat less if you have already eaten." Jonny Yu was still unwilling to give up.

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